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Postby Krytenia » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:32 am


End Of A Century?
By Rami Niblick in Zoloroni, Mercedini

AS one noose loosens, another becomes ever tighter. Elidyr Lyndainium eased the pressure on himself as Mercedini head coach after a fine home win; for opposite number Valrauncion, however, the vultures are circling after an embarrassing defeat.

The worst thing about the defeat, though, isn't the hole it puts the Dragons in, or even the fact that the game was barely a contest from start to finish. It's that Valrauncion, and assistant manager Alex Sampson, just don't appear to have learned their lessons. The confidence of Messrs Brannan, Gray, Joel, and Scott must be through the floor right now, and though it would be wrong to say the defence were entirely blameless, they're not helped one bit by the player-manager's insistence to play a midfield press when they just don't have the personnel in the middle of the park to pull it off.

Mercedini, meanwhile, had no problem with this. It seemed that almost every possession began with either Josh Coquelin getting caught in possession and/or Roberto Juliano caught out of position, leading to the Krytenian defence overwhelmed in the numbers game. Three goals came in the first half; Daniel Dostalok's opener was clinical, slotting the ball past the overworked Marcus Washington. The second, from strike partner Ben Chillotov, was sublime as the Lajuno striker lashed the ball home from fully thirty yards and bast the dumbfounded Krytenian 'keeper. Things just got sad for the third, as though Thomas Scott managed to track back and tackle Dostalok, it was a clumsy one, and the Starling star despatched the penalty mercilessly. A fourth was addded on the hour, Johannes Nymark's effort just reward for his tireless efforts in midfield, and though the Golden Eagles sat on their lead and allowed Chris Naismith a scrappy consolation late on, the damage was done.

Well, most of the damage, anyway. Valrauncion's post-match press conference was a sight to behold. The obdurate elf was completely unapologetic about his team's performance, saying that it was a rebuilding process and that the press should trust him and the team to deliver, before refusing to answer questions from the press.

Valrauncion: "We keep going, we trust the process"

In a scant three minutes, Valrauncion seemingly turned a whole country against him. It's now not just his tactics, but his loyalty being called into question. The elf may have been a Krytenian citizen for almost exactly a full hundred years, but this display, in the words of one journalist, was "proof that his inner arrogance, his holier-than-though Starblaydiness, never went away." It seems to have struck a chord with a number of fans, with #sma - the hashtag representing the "Smug Mode Activated" movement that announced Valrauncion's arrival - being replaced by a new three-word phrase for those initials, of which "Starblaydi" is the only one printable.

One thing is for certain. If things don't improve drastically against Kandorith, it could be curtains for The Cock. Onward?

Dostalok 18, 42 (pen)
Chillotov 29
Nymark 61

Naismith 79
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Postby Xanneria » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:40 am

Free Fall to under .500
Steve Stevenson of Football.xan

Alenberg - Another game, another loss. I take back what I said in the Brencia match about the hangover being gone. It's still there. a 5-2 loss to relative mid pack nation Alenberg has left the team dragging behind. Even lowly Grod Island has scored a point! While I'm not one to make excuses, I am one to defend my home country from embarrassment. I will say that the awkwardly scheduled freindly match versus Saltsted, the Wednesday before this Sunday game in Alenberg, may have been a factor. While the Saltstead game saw a close fight between the world 28th best team, the game versus world 130th Alenberg was a blow out. The game was marred by several cases of players suffering nausea and headaches. This may have contributed to the loss, Evan Jefferson and Varg Miller both played in goal and both had issues, clearly suffering from the change in climate both gave up multiple goals with Jefferson giving up 3 and Miller 2. We did get a couple goals out of Devon'elle Laymore (Who scored our only goal in the Huelavia match) and Glenn Hailey but in the end the climate and two games in one week left a weary national team to struggle and lose 5-2.

Xanneria - 2

Laymore 59'
G Hailey 71'

Alenberg - 5

Forward ??? 21' 66'
MF ??? 15' 33'
MF #2 ??? 44'

The National Stadium Pt 1: XanAir National and the Saltstead game

Steve Stevenson football.xan

The National Stadium from the air

One of the two stadiums Xanneria will call home is the XanAir National Stadium. This concrete palace of 82,000 has been one of the host stadiums for the National Team in many sports such as Gridiron, Football, and Athletic events. While the stadium is one of the best in the UPX it does show its ages as its Concrete design is from a period that was most common in a short decade of the late 50s and 60s. Brutilism off the field and some say it's the on field product that matches as some nortorious tackles have taken place in the stadium. The most recent game in the stadium was a freindly match versus Saltstead, a game that for 10 minutes looked like a victory for Xanneria but that was quickly equalized and in the end Salstead won 2-1 after a late goal from Gajus Bleik. The early hero of the match was Chuckie Van Horn who scored the early goal against the defensively minded Saltstead Stallions.

Xanneria - 1

Van Horn 21'

Saltstead - 2
Jager 33'
Bleik 78'
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Postby Balqia » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:44 am

The locker room was already empty, only Rigo stayed after the team left. The sadness in his face was blatant, his eyes stared the ground in a melancholic scene. The player only moved his eyes when a shadow entered the room.
-You shouldn’t have come here.- He said with his tired voice. -I am fine, I am just rest…
-I just forget my wallet- Vladiqlav was a short man, his role as a reserve goalkeeper made his existence pass unnoticed due to the lack of use he had in games, usually he just delivered thing for the player during the game and talked to them. -However it seems like you’ve lost something more. What’s up mate?
The man sat in Rigo’s side.
-We have lost. I couldn’t score a goal, and when I could I didn’t. If we don’t get better we will return to home without anything but shame…
-Oh, don’t worry, at least we had fun.
-F-fun? This is the World Cup Gezan, this isn’t about fun, it’s about bringing prestige to the fatherland and inspire younger generation to take part in sports and a healthier life. If I wanted fun I would’ve stayed home playing with my brothers.
Vladiqlav looked at him with a half smile.
-Ok- he said -Let’s try something, I will describe the match and you will say to me what you did wrong.
-W-what? What kind of game is this?
-We started by defending, they didn’t do nothing and so we tried to advance, however their right middle, I think his name is Joffrey or something, well the number eleven intercepted Qalti and stole the ball. So he sent it to their back and they sent it to the middle, and then you advanced and stole the ball from their center and started to advance. What was your mistake?
Janus reflected a bit before answering.
-I kept the ball, even when encircled. I should’ve sent it back to Kalta.
-Right, they stole the ball as we all know, and advanced a little bit before our middle intercepted them and started to advance, then Matiq took the ball and started to run to the enemy field. You accompanied him by the right and Faj by the left. When he passed the ball to you however the Joffrey guy took the ball again and sent it to that Edison, and so they recovered the control of the ball.
-I should have advanced less, he took the ball because I was too far away in the front, I thought I could score a goal…
-Yes, the rest of the first half wasn’t much different. We advanced, they defended, we recovered the ball, they stole it. Until the end. You almost did a goal in the-
-Thirtieth minute, Faj sent me the ball. However I kicked it too early and missed the goal by centimeters.
-Yes. Then, during the second half you advanced right in the five minutes, just as Primlid said we should do. However when they stole the ball we couldn’t recover it. You stayed in the middlefield during their advance, waiting for the ball. However they scored the goal before Tiriq could reach their forward.
-I should have advanced more, but I prefered to stay where I was to score more easily if someone passed it to me.
-Yep. And when the match resumed we focused in advancing, so you keep advancing to their side even when we didn’t have the possession of the ball. In the end both sides kept doing the same things over and over again. We tried to advance and they blocked us. They advanced and we blocked them. In the end the match ended with a single goal, and from the wrong side.
-Yeah, so now we are ranked seven.
-Our rank don’t matter here. I want to know, what was your greatest mistake?
-I was too aggressive.
-Wrong.-Vladiqlav kept his smile until now.
-What do you mean?
-You are just obsessed with scoring mate. You wasted all the game trying to do a goal, even when you should be doing something more useful. You kept running to the enemy field over and over again.
-Yeah, that’s what a forward do.
-Well you should do something less forward and more usefull. I know you have that thing with your father and this obsession with passing Balto in popularity and Kaesar in renown. But you need to do this while helping the rest of the team, football is a collective sport for a reason.
Janus remained silent for a while.
-Thanks Gezan.
The reserve goalkeeper was leaving the room, he just turned his head and said.
-You’re welcome mate.- He left the room, and then returned.-Oh, go to the bus soon, we want to leave the stadium.
He left the room, and Janus soon followed him.
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Margin of Error, Part Five

Postby Oberour Ar Moro » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:55 am

And even the most advanced Oberour stadium pale in comparison to a stadium like Misei City National Stadium in energy- and resource-efficiency.

Brianne: I can not find current information on any sustainable building ratings for Misei City National Stadium, though I do know that the Parade Grounds, like all buildings owned by Oberour Ar Moro are exempt from being rated. Representatives from the Ministry of Culture refused to comment on the stadium’s efficiency.

But the Parade Grounds were not built for aesthetics or creature comforts, and in fact, was not even designed to maximize seating.

Brianne: A representative from the Ministry of Culture told me they want to seat as many fans as possible as comfortably as possible
Sieg: You and I both know that’s not really true.
Brianne: Versus everything else you’ve written?

It was not even designed: It grew like ivy or cancer.

The Parade Grounds have been put together as though a child were building with alphabet blocks.

Brianne: The Ministry of Culture objected to these descriptions.
Sieg: I’d be surprised if they did not. I’m not going to change them.

My tour passed by a bank of darkened offices. I asked if they were the offices for the FMC, or for Patrons. "Well, technically they are vacant right now", said le Loutterel.

Brianne: What once were management offices were officially removed two years ago.

When I pressed, he explained that they had been the offices for the Patrons coaching and management staff, but the team had moved to the Ministry of Culture.

Brianne: The headquarters for Patrons football club is in the Ministry of Culture office in Regium, though they are building a new training and management center, and are scheduled to move there next fall.

The FMC also at one point had some offices at the Parade Grounds but had also moved to the ministry, while they constructed a new dedicated headquarters and national football center.

Brianne: The FMC, along with the national team and the national coaching academy, moved from the Ministry of Culture to the Tourbillon Forest National Football Center in 1765.

But why had they moved out of their own stadium? Le Loutterel initially evaded my questions, but then clarified that Patrons management had found the offices uncomfortable to work in for long periods of time.

Brianne: I haven’t found anyone to verify if that is the case, though I see you spoke with Gilduin Roux about this in your interview.
Sieg: What I wrote is 100% true.

What would become the Parade Grounds started merely as parade grounds. Actual parade grounds, where Chancellors and Ministers and the public could observe military exercises, in the countryside miles outside of Regium.

Brianne: According to Portrait of Regium: The Places, The Faces, and The Times by Ruvonig la Crespinière, the Parade Grounds was created for the purpose of conducting military exercises, though athletic events were played there from the very beginning.

The Parade Grounds began as an empty field beside a forest, then added a row of seating for visiting dignitaries, and then extended seating, and then a roof over that stand. Then an additional public stand on the other side of the field was built, and then a roof was built over those. Lights were added to observe into the evening. Dressing rooms were added. Workspace and private boxes were constructed. The ends were closed, and then the seating was expanded again.

Brianne: Your notes show four different sequences of construction of the Parade Grounds.
Sieg: I’m very aware.
Brianne: Is this the correct version?
Sieg: I’m not sure there is one definitive version.
Brianne: How can that be?

The Parade Grounds as it is today is a work of immense impracticability and inconceivable difficulty and labor. Tunnels and corridors, stairways up to the private boxes and down into the basement, all constructed ad hoc.

Brianne: I am reaching out to the History Department of Peristephanon University, hopefully, they can find the correct sequence.
Sieg: I hope they can.

From: Brianne Talbourdet
Sent: February 22, 1762 at 9:20 AM
To: Sieg d'Ableges
Subject: Rolet le Loutterel response


Rolet le Loutterel wrote me back from prison today. He really appreciated getting mail. He wanted to complain about how he portrayed in your essay. He said they made him sound abrutis.

Beyond that, he said that the date of the tour was wrong. He believes the tour was in September, not July. He was on vacation in Côte d'Saphir the last week of July, which was when the game against Lochario was.

Yours Truly,

Brianne Talbourdet
Intern at Intitre Magazine
8 Rue de Immarcescible, Suite 702, Regium 773007
Office Number: 43 28 97 246, ext. 7187
E-mail: btalbourdet@intitremagazine.oam

From: Sieg d'Ablesges
Sent: February 22, 1762 at 10:48 AM
To: Sieg d'Ableges
Subject: Re: Rolet le Loutterel response


The parallel of the Parade Grounds with Misei City National Stadium made the change of date necessary. And changing when the tour was doesn't change the content of the tour or what the stadium is like on a game day.

Also, I've never known a fact checker to contact a man in prison, so no one can say you aren't going above and beyond.



From: Brianne Talbourdet
Sent: March 10, 1762 at 3:19 PM
To: Sieg d'Ableges
Subject: Re: Re: Rolet le Loutterel response


Rolet le Loutterel wrote to me from prison again. He recently realized that there was another error in the essay. He says that he didn't take you on a tour of the basement, because the Parade Grounds have no basement. here are trenches for wiring, and pipes out to the sewer system and the like, but not actual area underground you can walk in. Is this another parallel to give a mental image?

Yours Truly,

Brianne Talbourdet
Intern at Intitre Magazine
8 Rue de Immarcescible, Suite 702, Regium 773007
Office Number: 43 28 97 246, ext. 7187
E-mail: btalbourdet@intitremagazine.oam

From: Sieg d'Ablesges
Sent: March 10, 1762 at 3:20 PM
To: Sieg d'Ableges
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Rolet le Loutterel response


No, there is a basement.



Rakivland 4-4 Oberour Ar Moro
@ Rakivland

8': Josselyn Pessiere, Oberour Ar Moro
14': Rakivland striker
19': Rakivland striker
37': Eneour Pique-Pain, Oberour Ar Moro
44': Ruran l'Ermite, Oberour Ar Moro
50': Rakivland left midfielder
71': Nycollas Mauranghas, Oberour Ar Moro
87': Rakivland striker (penalty)

Oberour Starting XI
GK Laurens Desainctvictori
LB Gwion du Bourc-la-Reyne
RB Lunen Margas
SW Josselyn Pessiere, Captain
SW Marzhin Petit
LM Gurguy Durerie
RM Brevalan Gaspard
CM Jerian Pellier
LW Eneour Pique-Pain
RW Ruran l'Ermite
ST Kerrian Odierne

Oberour Susbstitues
53' Out: Gwiondu Bourc-la-Reyne; In: Guilhem Darragon
53' Out: Kerrian Odierne; In: Nycollas Mauranghas
77' Out: Marzhin Petit; In: Benedig de Croiseus

Eighty-Second World Cup Qualification Schedule

MD1: Overour Ar Moro 2-2 Eura
MD2: Drawkland 5-4 Oberour Ar Moro
MD3: Oberour Ar Moro 1-1 Lochario
MD4: Rakivland 4-4 Oberour Ar Moro
MD5: Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1) v. TigerSharkistan (2-0-2)
MD6: Audioslavia (4-0-0) v. Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1)
MD7: Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1) v. San Rocca (0-1-3)
MD8: Darkmania (2-1-1) v. Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1)
MD9: Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1) v. Kevagaria (0-1-3)
MD10: Eura (2-2-0) v. Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1)
MD11: Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1) v. Drawkland (2-1-1)
MD12: Lochario (2-1-1) v. Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1)
MD13: Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1) v. Rakivland (0-2-2)
MD14: TigerSharkistan (2-0-2) v. Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1)
MD15: Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1) v. Audioslavia (4-0-0)
MD16: San Rocca (0-1-3) v. Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1)
MD17: Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1) v. Darkmania (2-1-1)
MD18: Kevagaria (0-1-3) v. Oberour Ar Moro (0-3-1)
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:56 am


Welcome to Interdimensional Misei, Negolossauro Rex
The new team from Misei City has a name, the Interdimensional Misei Football Club. The name won on a landslide against other seven options, although names such as Misei Galactica and Misei Riftwalkers ranked high in the poll as well, causing the team to wish that they be also referred to as the Riftwalkers, while one of the stadium's stands will be nicknamed "The Galactica Place". The team has borrowed the clubs of the team they took the spot of, one Shaolin Saitama while their crest refers to the city's main tourist attraction, the Interdimensional Gateway.

When asked if there was any particular reasoning behind the new badge, one of the team board members replied with the following statement.

The crest of the Interdimensional Misei Football Club features a mix of references to the past, such as Shaolin Saitama's colours, which were promptly granted by the monks that ran the old team, and to the new reality of this team, including the renowned Interdimensional Gateway, for which the team is named after. Additionally, the colours blue and orange represent serenity and the will to improve, something we aim to be as a club.


The team also took the opportunity to announce their first signings, although, at the moment, they started out with locker room additions. The Riftwalkers' first manager is former Sunrisian national team striker Negolossauro Rex. The forty-year-old played his earlier days in Sunrisian football before being shipped off to Dainer and staying there up to that league's hiatus, he has since been a free agent, thus choosing to retire as a player in order to take the job at Inter Misei.

With him, also came Traveller's Trophy runner-up assistant manager Geoff Riley from Jeane Palace. The Morrissey born man has been working in Futurnian football for the past couple of years and the move to this new level is definitely a move of an ambitious man. Both were signed to rather small contracts in the wage department, with both hoping to earn more should Inter Misei do more. No major reports came from the Inter Misei camp, but it has been rumoured that they'll be looking towards signing three Starblaydi players that have been currently playing in the university levels at the Hinodejin Empire, believing it'd be easier to sign them as the international window has been deemed as closed at the moment.

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Postby Osarius » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:23 am

Francesca Panico sat at her desk, slumped forward, head resting on one hand. Pages and pages of diagrams and notes were scattered in front of her on the surface. It didn't make sense. She had known the last match would be a challenge, but a four-nil defeat was far heavier than anyone would have predicted. Especially after the promising start the Firebirds had had. She needed to do better.


Her telephone rings, a shrill sound cutting through the heavy silence of her study, startling her into an upright position.


She shakes her head and picks up the receiver, glancing at the ID panel. "Simi, what is it?"

"You know why I'm calling." The voice answers. Francesca says nothing, and swallows hard. "It's a big concern. Everyone on the board agrees."

"Is that it?"

"Of course not, Francesca. We're not fools." She stifled a laugh at that, the OFA board absolutely were fools. Simi was maybe the exception. Sometimes. "I've known you longest, and I've come up with a plan."


"I insisted that they give you more resources."

"You what?" That was unexpected. Apparently she did not know why he had called. She had known him since their teens, spent together at Utica University, and never in a million years would she have expected this. Simi always seemed more likely to "do his duty" and sincerely apologise while doing it... but never one to make a stand on behalf of a friend.

"More resources. The league is getting investment from overseas again, the revenue is there. Almost a billion total revenue last season, so it's strange that you still don't have a full staff, don't you think?"

"They don't think this is a shortcoming on my part? That I need more support?" That was something she'd contended with. Read about the struggles Serenity Lewis -- her idol in many ways -- had faced, despite being a respected player, coach and leader when she took the Osarius job. Naturally, Francesca had expected to face bigger problems, being not even half the player Serenity was. She'd agreed to take the position despite only a skeleton backroom being in place, and never asked for more, because she'd figured she should be glad even having the opportunity given her relative lack of pedigree. No need to rock the boat, right? They'd just track down Roque Acosta instead, or something.

"Of course not. Nobody thinks this is a one m-... woman... job." 'Nice save, Simi,' Francesca smirks silently. "Even when Jermain Lewis' team won the World Cup all those years ago there was a huge staff roster."

"That won't change the fact that we just don't have the quality to compete at that level right now, though."

"Maybe, maybe not. It's not so cut and dry, Francesca." Again, she remains silent. "You've seen how much improvement Danielle Jackson has made just from being overseas for a couple of months."

"I can't only select overseas based players, Simi."

"No, but you can recall some players who were in exile at the start of the Temporal War."

Great. That old argument again. Her selections for the past two Rabastor Unity Trophies had been criticised on this basis, too. 'Select proven talent, Francesca' and 'Why are you trusting a bunch of players who have never played at a high level?' ... because she obviously hadn't considered these things herself, of course. The simple reality was that it was awkward, nay, wrong to call upon Osarian nationals who hadn't set foot on Osarian soil, nor had any contact with the nation for the better part of a century -- even though it would be a relatively short six years from their perspective -- to represent a nation they realistically had zero connection to any longer.

"Are you still there, Fran?" She hated that. He only called her Fran when he thought she was upset. It was patronising.

"That's not my name."

Simi ignored that, and bulled past. "Some have returned to Osarius. It's not a big deal to recall them, right?"

'How about you let me do my job, Simi?' She thought, but couldn't bring herself to say. "Hm. I'll think on it."

Simi sighed audibly. "Alright," he conceded.

"I need to go. I have to plan for the next couple games, I'll let you know." Francesca hung up before he could reply, and slumped back over her desk, pressing the heels of her hands into her eyes.
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Postby Cobrio » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:50 am

Tukari Kaita National Stadium. Home of the Cobrio Panthers. Monument to (arguably) the greatest man in Cobre history. Also the site of perhaps the two best results the national team has ever recorded.

Until last night, the best result Cobrio had recorded was a shock 1-1 draw with Brenecia during last campaign's qualifying stage. A shock in as much as the visitors had thoroughly dismantled the Panthers in the reverse fixture months earlier, to the tune of a 5-0 defeat. In some ways, that is still the best result. But last night's will rival it, as Cobrio held the group's top seed to a 2-2 draw in front of thousands of Cobre fans.

National team manager Lieutenant Beresford Owusu -- who led Cobrio to victory in the Baptism of Fire, and a respectable 7 wins and 2 draws in World Cup 81 qualifying -- was quoted as stating that he was "satisfied" with the performance of the team, prompting widespread amusement on social media. The Lieutenant's former position in the Cobre Defense Force (CDF) is well-known, and his high standards are not surprising in most situations, however, the prevailing opinion this time is that he is perhaps expecting a little much. The interviewer also challenged him on this point, asking if he was perhaps "setting the bar a little high". Needless to say, the Lieutenant was not amused by the suggestion.
Lt. Owusu: Unamused

Since the post-game interview, the tag #LtOwusuWhen has been trending on the three main social media networks across Rabastor, along with a screencap of the Lieutenant's face when challenged by the interviewer (see right). Examples include "#LtOwusuWhen the food shop has no jollof #WhatIsThisNa" and "#LtOwusuWhen Tukari Kaita only united the Cobre nation, negotiated peace with Osarius, and won Cobrio freedom"

On the topic of Tukari Kaita, his spirit was evident in the Cobre performance last night, in the stadium named in his honour. A resilient display, in which all involved remained calm until the last. Methodically, Cobrio inched closer and closer to goal before their eventual equaliser in the eighty-seventh minute, much like Kaita's army methodically moved north to push Osarius out of Cobre land prior to the Temporal War.

Pundit Jamal Kibonge likened Didier Fontaine -- also a CDF veteran -- to Kaita with regard to his performance in particular. "Didier was instrumental, keeping everyone calm in the middle of the field, and taking control on every attack." Kibonge explained. "There was no urgency, even when the final ten minutes began. Only a clear plan, and a clear path to achieving it." Special praise was also reserved for captain Lewis Armstrong, who recovered well from being thoroughly beaten in the first half for the opener. "Armstrong recovered fantastically, he was a rock in the defence when the comeback began. It was like the first Cobrio goal drew blood, and he drank it, becoming stronger. The strength of the Irunashe was in him, I am sure."

The remainder of the campaign will see several more challenges for Cobrio, but if they can rise to them in the same way they did last night, the spirit of Tukari Kaita may well visit them from the Djalia, and bless them with his strength. Olugun knows they will need it for this fight.
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Postby Cosumar » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:57 am


Bryger Tidesson steps up to secure comeback win... and leadership role, Engström chimes in with cringey meme

by Akul Van Exel
World Cup Beat Reporter

Q U S M O -- The Cosumar national team went down 1-0 dishearteningly early in their litmus test qualifier at Mastad Qusma, but were able to recover and secure an ultimately comfortable 3-1 win. Bryger Tidesson was the catalyst for the turnaround. By setting up the equalizer and then talking down Romikk-freaking-Valgard to take the winning penalty, the young poster-boy demonstrated a hunger for greater responsibility to match his unquestioned attacking talent -- earning the approval of one legendary Anders Engström.

The home side were on Cloud Nine after a brilliant solo effort by Xilit-Zaxac Yol in the 4th minute, the striker driving at the Cosumarite defense before curling an effort inside the bottom corner from the top of the box. The 80,000 Qusmi’y at the national stadium seemed to erupt in jubilant shock the instant the ball rippled into the net. The players in blue-and-white looked stunned.

Unfortunately for Qusmo, they couldn't quite hold on until half time. The Vanquishers had been having a tough time penetrating their 3-5-2, which was actually functioning more like a 5-4-1 in their own half, in the run of play. So, it looked like a golden opportunity when Cunix-Betva Tla stepped on Tidesson's foot to bring him down just outside the top-right corner of the box. Sure enough, Tidesson whipped in an inviting free kick delivery, which big Horatius Chaumancer was able to get his head on the end of. It wasn't a powerful header, but it befuddled the Qusmi keeper just long enough. Goal-line technology showed that the ball did indeed cross the whole plain of the goal line before Xynat-Evela Cuf scrambled backwards and clawed it out.

Back on level terms, Cosumarite confidence grew in the second half. Tidesson came out looking like a man possessed (by some sort of lightning-quick demon, surely) and helped earn his team a penalty within five minutes. After collecting the ball in the middle of the park, he surged forward past Yunal-Julad Waz with a burst of speed, charging into open space in the final third. As the Qusmi'y defenders began to collapse towards him, he hit a no-look pass down the right flank to overlapping fullback Ville Pakkanen. Latching onto Tidesson's ball at the byline and cutting inside dangerously, Pakkanen then tried to find the feet of Tidesson back near the top of the box. Instead of hitting a first-time shot as he might've done earlier in his career, Tidesson patiently collected the ball before hitting an incisive one-two back to Pakkanen, who had kept running towards goal. The pass was inch-perfect, splitting two center backs. The Newrook City man was in the clear. Yelto-Alfan Ono really had no choice but to shove him over from behind. Immediate whistle.

As groans filled Mastad Qusma and Ono pleaded his case in vain, usual penalty taker Romikk Valgard strolled to his customary place at the penalty spot and ruffled his mohawk impatiently. That's when Tidesson stepped forward and attempted arguably his most ambitious move of the night. Claiming a penalty kick from Cosumar's alpha striker. It's impossible to tell what words were exchanged, but after briefly attempting to argue, Valgard simply nodded, handed over the ball and, with a slap of Tidesson's ass, joined the rest of the team outside the box. Can you imagine if that had been Airik Ruhl or almost anyone else? Sweet Satan. No chance Valgard stands down. Perhaps he recognized a certain steeliness in Bryger's eyes and demeanor that hadn't always been there. Or perhaps Bryger simply promised him the aisle seat and a banana on the flight back to Kaldukosic. Either way, it's a good thing Tidesson converted the penalty.

With the lead, Alexander Pearce opted to take off attacking players like Isla Sibučić and Arden Lemons (given the follow-up start after her hat trick last matchday) to stack more lively bodies (Couturiaux, Ojala) into midfield. The second goal seemed to suck the fight out of Qusmo, and they simply didn't have the creative juice to carve a way through the congestion or break down the tighter lines. With ten minutes remaining, Valgard made sure he would still get on the scoresheet penalty or not, side-footing a close-range finish into the roof of the net to seal the envelope with three points headed back to Cosumar.

Cosumar being back atop Group 11 and putting an aspiring challenger back in their place a bit is huge, yet the #1 takeaway from Matchday 4 oddly feels like it can only be Bryger Tidesson.

Sure, he's had gaudier stat-lines in the Dragonshirt than 1 assist and 1 penalty goal, but it was the Brinemouth dynamo who truly made the difference on the night in other ways beyond the scoreline. He radiated leadership, assuredness and authority for all 90 minutes - and that's something we haven't regularly seen from him. He was barking orders with confidence. He was closing down the hardest in defense. He was constantly asking for the ball and, all across the pitch, fighting to get on it. He was the only Cosumarite whose play didn't seem phased in the slightest by the early setback. In fact, his conviction only seemed to grow as the Vanquishers set off in search of a comeback. Everything flowed through him tonight, both literally and in terms of the team's psyche.

Like a true leader, Bryger Tidesson took ownership of this match. Whether Cosumar won or lost, he was determined to make sure it was because of him. It was remarkable to see.

Bryger might've just evolved as an international player before our eyes. Did it remind you of anybody? If you saw shades of Anders Engström in him last night, you wouldn't be the only one. Of course, Tidesson doesn't have the armband yet, but there are obvious parallels emerging between he and "Captain Andy". Both started their careers as fair-haired, bright-eyed "wonder boys" at prestigious academies. Both got stuck with the "soft" tag because of privileged upbringings. Both rapidly found success in the HL and became adored domestic icons. Yet both still struggled to shed a persistent caveat that they lacked a certain "edge" or "killer mentality" (despite winning titles). Both heard said voices and ventured to the Nepharim Premiership to prove their mettle beyond doubt. Shortly thereafter is when Engström truly took his international career to another level, transforming himself into a hardened leader in the Dragonshirt and taking on the moniker "Captain Andy".

Will Bryger's recent move to Brinemouth also prove to be a watershed moment for him, mirroring Engström's? If what transpired in Qusmo is any indication, his role and perception in the national team might already be changing. Just ask Romikk Valgard, or Engström himself. After Tidesson took the ball from Valgard and buried the winning penalty, the man placed 2nd in Cosumar's all-time goal AND assist charts sent out a Twii that jokingly displayed Tidesson as the "rightful successor" to the throne of Captain Andy, poorly photoshopping their faces onto a 'king and prince' meme from Game of Thorns - the best selling medieval book series from Balqia.

Engström rarely publicly comments on the national team anymore. He's busy managing Petroslovania's own Qualifying efforts and preparing his (rumored) campaign to replace 90-year-old Tomas Navarro as Fiefdom Soccer Federation President in next year's election. This ringing (if somewhat pixelated) endorsement of Tidesson's leadership capabilities, therefore, is pretty significant. But it can't be a one-off. After he became "Captain Andy", Engström brought the intensity and mental edge every match.

Matchday 5 will be a prime opportunity for Bryger Tidesson to step up as a leader once again as the Vanquishers welcome Pot 2 rivals Saltstead to old stomping grounds Leviathan Arena. With experienced leaders like Stig Söderquist (the actual captain) and Peter Svensson (longtime former captain) in the squad, it doesn't have to fall on the 26-year-old's shoulders, but last night's match proved that this team is undeniably better when its most talented player also acts as its fiercest leader.

Cosumar 6-0 Vartugia
B. Tidesson 33', Zeale-Riddick 36', Sibučić 51', Valgard 75', Pakkanen 81', Zeale-Riddick 84'
Assisted by Valgard, B. Tidesson, Söderquist, Aedelbrandt, Aedelbrandt, Aedelbrandt
Selection: Na'Kefir; Na'Kale, Svensson, A. Tidesson, Pakkanen; Söderquist, Mokumdarian (Fireblade); Sibučić (Abylon), B. Tidesson (Aedelbrandt); Valgard, Zeale-Riddick
Matchday 1 | @ Fire River Arena, Ramusok

Velestria 0-0 Cosumar
No scorers
Selection: Weschler; Va'Afaja, Na'Duha, Chaumancer, Pakkanen (Tricklebank); Söderquist, Mokumdarian; Sibučić, B. Tidesson; Valgard (Texström), Zeale-Riddick (Ruhl)
Matchday 2 | @ Hartford Park, Southampshire

Cosumar 3-2 Mattijana
Lemons 45+1', 49', 58'
Assisted by Valgard, Dyer Vry, Sibučić
Selection: Na'Kefir; Va'Afaja, Svensson, Chaumancer, Uribe; Viablaine, Mokumdarian; Sibučić, Dyer Vry (Abylon); Lemons (B. Tidesson), Valgard (Blaylock)
Matchday 3 | @ Crowley Memorial WC Stadium, Ramusok

Qusmo 1-3 Cosumar
Chaumancer 37', B. Tidesson 50', Valgard 81'
Assisted by B. Tidesson, Pakkanen, Couturiaux
Selection: Na'Kefir; Na'Kale, Na'Duha, Chaumancer, Pakkanen; Söderquist, Mokumdarian (Aedelbrandt); Sibučić (Ojala), B. Tidesson; Lemons (Couturiaux), Valgard
Matchday 4 | @ Mastad Qusma, Qusmo

Cosumar vs. Saltstead
Matchday 5 | @ Leviathan Arena, Kaldukosic

Sajnur vs. Cosumar
Matchday 6 | @ National Stadium, Javoser

Cosumar vs. Kavagrad
Matchday 7 | @ Crowley Memorial WC Stadium, Ramusok

Mytanija vs. Cosumar
Matchday 8 | @ Miagostadion, Miago

Cosumar vs. Alluersia
Matchday 9 | @ Orangi Stadium, Crawford

Vartugia vs. Cosumar
Matchday 10 | @ (Any field that dosent fit for football), Vartugia

Cosumar vs. Velestria
Matchday 11 | @ Crowley Memorial WC Stadium, Ramusok

Mattijana vs. Cosumar
Matchday 12 | @ Stadijo Dinamov, Petrovijanka

Cosumar vs. Qusmo
Matchday 13 | @ The Klyde Sportsplex, Klyde

Saltstead vs. Cosumar
Matchday 14 | @ King William VII National Park, Ashwell

Cosumar vs. Sajnur
Matchday 15 | @ Crowley Memorial WC Stadium, Ramusok

Kavagrad vs. Cosumar
Matchday 16 | @ Kavagrad National Stadium

Cosumar vs. Mytanija
Matchday 17 | @ Alesund Stadion, Samotath

Alluersia vs. Cosumar
Matchday 18 | @ Alluersia

Arden Lemons (3)
Vega Zeale-Riddick (2)
Bryger Tidesson (2)
Romikk Valgard (2)
Isla Sibučić (1)
Ville Pakkanen (1)
Horatius Chaumancer (1)

Zoë Aedelbrandt (3)
Romikk Valgard (2)
Bryger Tidesson (2)
Stig Söderquist (1)
Isla Sibučić (1)
Charles Dyer Vry (1)
Ville Pakkanen (1)
Will Couturiaux (1)

Maia Abylon (2)
Zoë Aedelbrandt (2)
Dakota Blaylock (1)
Horatius Chaumancer (3)
Will Couturiaux (1)
Charles Dyer Vry (1)
Harald Fireblade (1)
Arden Lemons (2)
Kai-Kai Mokumdarian (4)
Kadija Na'Duha (2)
Bacary Na'Kale (2)
Shjegrzh Na’Kefir (3)
Hakki Ojala (1)
Ville Pakkanen (3)
Airik Ruhl (1)
Isla Sibučić (4)
Stig Söderquist (3)
Peter Svensson (2)
Olvir Texström (1)
Alfred Tidesson (1)
Bryger Tidesson (4)
Dexter Tricklebank (1)
Thomas Uribe (1)
Q'orianka Va'Afaja (2)
Romikk Valgard (4)
Hansi Weschler (1)
Vega Zeale-Riddick (2)
Viablaine (1)
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Postby Filindostan » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:06 am

Tonyo (6)
Leomarie (5.5) -- Dina Satyawan [c] (6.5) -- Tobias (5) -- Casimir (6)
Juanda (6.5) -- King (5) -- Yakob (5.5) -- Damaris (5)
Onyok (5)

Subs used: Sutikno (5) for Yakob (64')
Mordecai (5.5) for King (64')
Ina (-) for Bochog (89')
Cassadaigua 4–1 Filindostan
Concord Heights Stadium, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua
Scorers: Mattison 14', Ranucci 25', Pierce 49', Schanke 86' :: Bochog 63'

It was the end of Twilight Striker's managerial stint for the Pula Garuda. The 4-1 loss to Cassadaigua at Concord Heights Stadium caused the Filindostan Football Federation to pull the plug on her managerial career in Filindostan.

It was a bland performance for the Pula Garuda, changing their formation for the third match running, from a 4-4-2, to a 4-4-1-1 with Bochog as the sole striker. The first goal scored by Sierra Mattison was preventable at least, but the ball went through the legs of Tobias, and for some reason, the spin of the ball from the Cassadagan caused Tonyo to spill the ball through his gloves and into the back of the Net. Mattison was unstoppable as she turned provider for the Fillies' second goal of the match just eleven minutes later.

At that point on, the match was effectively over, and Zack Pierce added finishing touches early in the second half. Bochog was the only player in the Filindostani side to keep the fight going, with a goal to possibly have a consolation, with Rachel Schanke scoring another to put Filindostan in further misery.

The very next morning, the FFF through an official communication, announced the termination of Twilight Manager's contract with immediate effect, now having a single win in eleven matches. The Equestrian, who started her stint in Filindostan's 6-5 loss to Ethane, had 57 matches in her name, with 30 wins, 11 draws, and 16 losses. In the same period, the Pula Garuda found the back of the net 112 times, and conceded 80 goals in the process.

Ethel Toh, handpicked by the FFF chairman to take the reins of the national team on a caretaker basis, will begin her managerial stint against Abristan at San Marco, who suffered a 0-2 loss against Starblaydia. Filindostan is dead last among Group 14 teams, and are the only team in the group yet to register a single win. Whether they can climb out of the hole they just dug very deep will depend on their next matches against weaker opposition and the set of reverse fixtures against all of the teams.

Schedule - 1st half of WC82Q
MD1: at Starblaydia - Jhanna (Stadii Di Bradini) - Draw, 1-1
MD2: at Polkopia - Peeto (Marshupov Arena) - Loss, 3-5
MD3: vs Omerica - San Marco (Filindostan National Stadium) - Loss, 3-4
MD4: at Cassadaigua - Concord Heights (Concord Heights Stadium) - Loss, 1-4
MD5: vs Abristan - San Marco (Filindostan National Stadium)
MD6: at North Quadana - to be announced
MD7: vs Tiiwark - San Marco (Filindostan National Stadium)
MD8: at Britaen - to be announced
MD9: vs The Sherpa Empire - San Marco (Filindostan National Stadium)
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:53 am

The footballer Jigme Sherpa had been brash and arrogant, sometimes a little obnoxious. Sometimes it was hard for Danu to believe that the world-weary monk he found at the monastery was the same man. But he was. When he talked about playing football as a boy, he seemed to remember who he was supposed to be and Danu could see the old fire flicker to life in his eyes. When they huddled in a broom closet to watch the World Cup Qualifier on Jigme's crappy little TV, it seemed to bring him more peace and contentment than all the incense, chants, and meditation in the world. The screen was tiny, the picture was grainy, and there was nowhere comfortable to sit, but none of that mattered.

The Sherpa national team was playing in North Quadana. The team was not quite that way Danu remembered them. Yu, Song, and Feng were missing from the starting 11. Instead, there were two highlanders and a German player that Danu had never heard of. In fact, there were no Chinese players on the team. Even the players who were familiar were not exactly the same. Some of them looked bulkier than Danu remembered them, and Sarang Lotsawa was uncharacteristically surly.

The first half ended without any score and the TV cut to a news report. Talking heads rattled off stories in rapid-fire staccato and headlines scrawled across the screen in garish angry-looking fonts:




"Oh, Holy Mother, you have got to be kidding me!" Danu said.

Jigme motioned for him to keep his voice down so they wouldn't draw the attention of the other monks.

"Sorry," Danu whispered. "I just thought if I came here I wouldn't have to hear about Kai Qiang anymore."

Jigme looked at him like he was out of his mind. "Are you shitting me?" he hissed. "Kai Qiang is big news! Is he still a terrorist in your world, even though the liberals are in power?"

"No, but I should have known he would stoop to that," Danu scoffed.

"What does he do in your world?"

"He's a race car driver and a drag queen."

Jigme was shocked. "You're shitting me!"

"No, I'm serious," Danu said. "When he's not out on the race track, he dances around in women's clothes and he lets his girlfriend tie him up and slap him around. It's completely disgusting, but people act like it's the coolest thing in the world."

Jigme had to clamp a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing out loud. "I don't believe it!" he said when he had composed himself enough to speak without raising his voice or bursting out laughing. "He's got the SS crapping their pants and all the housewives clutching their pearls afraid he's going to leap out of an alley and kill them... I always assumed Kai Qiang was a man among men!"

"No, dude!" said Danu. "You were a man among men! Kai Qiang is a national embarrassment! He looks better in drag than he does as a man, and I don't think he's ever gotten laid without being tied up and whipped first."

"He has the fascists quaking in their boots while we are hiding in a broom closet," said Jigme.

"So get out of the closet and do something about it!" said Danu. He leapt to his feet and stormed out of the closet. Another monk saw him stomping around in a huff and asked what the matter was, but Danu didn't answer.

The Sherpa Empire defeated North Quadana 1-0 after Ding Zhang scored the only goal of the game.

Scherpareich and North Quadana fought each other to a scoreless draw.
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WC82 MD2 & MD3

Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:54 am

Three Things
Just call us Rejistania. Over the past two matches, the Black-and-Reds have put up a positively Karelan display, smothering Fevhader and Najaf, the two lowest ranked teams in the group for a pair of one-goal, clean sheet victories. One might have wished to see them put up more goals against this level of opposition, but in the end the full points are all that matters, and critics will have to work very hard to find fault with the defensive performance.

One Nil at Home
The first home match of qualifying took place far from the predictable venues in the big cities of Megabrantis and Algolia. In the more intimate setting of the Civic Arena in Brasta, Sivolvia, 37,500 gathered to watch the Black-and-Reds take on unranked Fevhader, who were defeated in their opening match at Gutulia. Temperature at kickoff was a balmy 75 degrees with a light breeze: a perfect evening for football.

There was definitely a feeling out period early on. The Black-and-Reds appeared content to maintain possession as much as possible, trying to draw their opponents out and to discern their tactics. Defensively, Donnell's players were very quick to react and close down Fevhader possessions, seeking to deny them the ball as much as possible. Gradually, the Black-and-Reds began to press further forward, moving the ball around the exterior of the Fevhader defense looking for openings.

The opening (and as it turned out, only) goal came most of the way through the first half. After running onto a lead pass down line from Damot, Zonde launched a massive aerial switch with his first touch, finding Vladcik near the far corner flag. Vladcik sent the opposing right back the wrong way and made a run inside along the end line. As a center back approached to close him down, and the rest of the defense adjusted their positions in reaction to this new angle of attack, Vladcik found Damot in space at the top of the box, and fed him a low cross. Damot's shot was back to the left, against the grain, and caught the goalkeeper wrong footed as he was adjusting his position to the right.

The second half was a story of missed opportunities, as the Black-and-Reds twice hit the woodwork, and tested the Fevhader keeper on more than a few occasions. Breaking loose just a few minutes after the second-half kickoff, Vladcik hammered a shot that rebounded off the crossbar and high into the crowd. The other post hit was late in the match, when Przemors Dzetker, who came on for Ajao in the 80th, fired a low shot across the face of goal only to see it rebound off the far post and eventually over the touchline for a defensive throw-in. The Fevhader keeper would probably argue that he'd have made the save if the shot were on target though. Overall, the match was certainly not the snoozefest the scoreline might suggest, and the crowd (away fans excepted) went home with smiles on their faces.

Squornshelan Remnant States  1 - 0  Fevhader
Damot (Vladcik) 32'

Venue: Civic Arena, (cap. 37,500), Brasta, Sivolvia, SRS

SRS: Munib; Dzarkhin, Raktsov, Oleb, Ulcviecel (Delu 71'); Djanetic, Damot, Zonde; Vladcik, Ajao (Dzetker 80'), Jzvanic

One Nil Away
Following the win, the Black-and-Reds set out to try for their first road win of qualifying in Najaf. Najaf are not quite the unknown that Fevhader were, having participated in the most recent Baptism of Fire Cup. Since they were eliminated in the first round, however, there was limited information available about their tactics and players, and Donnell and her staff had to make do. She did introduce one change to the lineup, starting Ozol Gebara in place of Gezan Djanetic at left midfield. While some will interpret this to mean Djanetic is on his way out of favor with a second manager, it is probably unwise to read too much into things at this early stage of qualifying.

Perhaps as a result of unfamiliarity, the match began similarly to the previous one, with the Black-and-Reds testing out the Najafi side, trying to glean a few details about their tactics and players' capabilities, while keeping their own cards close to the chest. As the home crowd grew restless, hoping their team was capable of the upset, the Black-and-Reds settled into a rhythm of probing forward, mostly along the wings, and then falling back to regather possession before carefully bring the ball upfield again. Najaf by this time had begun to closely mark the forwards, so it was left more to the three midfielders to create opportunities. Damot did just that in the 27th, launching a shot from well outside the box that dipped, swerved, and nearly fooled the Najafi keeper, who made an excellent adjustment to parry it wide of the net. The ensuing corner kick saw Zoban Ajao gain enough space from his marker to get his head on the ball, but the shot went high, leaving him shaking his head.

It would not be until the first half was nearly spent that the Black-and-Reds would break the deadlock. Damot's service on a 44th minute corner soared over the heads of everyone in the box, and was gathered up near the far touchline by Zonde. The winger wasted no time in pressing back toward goal as Najaf tried to quickly reestablish their defensive lines. In the end, the left back was overeager in charging out to challenge Zonde, and allowed the winger to slip by him. Zonde's attempt to fire the ball past the keeper on the short side struck the post and rebounded out into the penalty area, striking Jzvanic firmly in the chest. Keeping his wits, and his balance well, the striker sidefooted the ball on the volley, sending it into the net before anyone else had much chance to react.

Weathering a storm of Najafi attacks to begin the second half (full credit to their manager for an excellent pep talk), the Black-and-Reds fairly quickly settled into a defensive posture, with Donnell sending Strepol on to patrol the midfield in place of Damot after less than 20 minutes. She also brought on Vrenz Tambura for Ajao, rearranging the forward line slightly. Jzvanic moved to the center, while Zonde slid forward to mirror Vladcik on the other wing, with both playing somewhat lower down than Jzvanic. Tambura took Zonde's place at right mid alongside Strepol and Gebara to leave the formation looking more or less the same, but decidedly more defensive in nature. Gebara and Tambura being much more centrally inclined players than Vladcik and Zonde, they played a more interior defensive role, while the wingers dropped back much further than they normally would to add themselves to the defensive formation, with only Jzvanic remaining upfield. The home fans were not particularly entertained by this course of events, or pleased with their sides inability to break through, but it worked, and the Black-and-Reds took full points away from home, which is an accomplishment no matter who the opponent is.

Najaf  0 - 1  Squornshelan Remnant States
Jzvanic (Zonde) 44'

SRS: Munib; Dzarkhin, Raktsov, Oleb, Ulcviecel; Gebara, Damot (Strepol 63'), Zonde; Vladcik, Ajao (Tambura 71'), Jzvanic

Coming Up Next
The next match is a crucial one, with 74th ranked North Prarie coming to visit. If the Black-and-Reds want to keep a hope of overachieving alive, they need to steal a point at the very least. North Prarie, on the other hand, will also be regarding this as a crucial game for their own hopes regarding final group position, as we are undoubtedly the biggest threat to their chances of finishing in the top four.

Following that, the Black-and-Reds head to Sorrentopia for an important away match. While the Sorrentopians are definitely the weaker team on paper, it will be crucial for the Black-and-Reds to keep their good form and focus, and not allow themselves to look past the match to the looming Matchday 6 showdown with Sargossa at the Lutenstaad. These early matches are all the more important given the backloaded schedule the Confederacy must play, facing Pasarga and Sargossa away, and Crystalline Caverns at home as three of their last four matches. They'll need to pack away the points now, as they might be hard to come by later on.

Matchday Schedule and Results
MD1:  Devonta 2-2 SRS
MD2: SRS 1-0 Fevhader @ Civic Arena (cap. 37,500), Brasta, Sivolvia, SRS
MD3: Najaf 0-1 SRS
MD4: SRS v North Prarie @ Ralph Wilson Memorial Stadium (cap. 48,700), Han Dold City, Han Dold, SRS
MD5: Sorrentopia v SRS
MD6: SRS v Sargossa @ The Lutenstaad (cap. 75,000), Lutenblag, Molvania, SRS
MD7: Crystalline Caverns v SRS
MD8: SRS v Pasarga @ Megabrantid Financial Field (cap. 64,275), Brantisvogan, Megabrantis, SRS
MD9: Gutulia v SRS
MD10: SRS v Devonta @ Albrechtsson Park (cap. 65,400), Damogran, Algolia, SRS
MD11: Fevhader v SRS
MD12: SRS v Najaf @ Westflanarena (cap. 31,200), Zarss, West Flania, SRS
MD13: North Prarie v SRS
MD14: SRS v Sorrentopia @ Flanoil Arena (cap 50,350), Traal, East Flania, SRS
MD15: Sargossa v SRS @ Estadio Generalissimo Joaquín Delgado (cap. 108,879), Soluca, Sargossa
MD16: SRS v Crystalline Caverns @ Chernov Stadium (cap. 57,600) Viltvodle, Megabrantis, SRS
MD17: Pasarga v SRS
MD18: SRS v Gutulia @ Sunergy Field (cap 37,550) Hunian, Algolia, SRS
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Third Place: WC20, WC25
Semifinalist: WC18, WC27
Quarterfinalist: WC5, WC11, WC12, CoH6, WC22, WC30, WC32, WC33, WC34, WC40, BoF68, CoH73
Second Round: WC6, WC7, WC9, WC16, WC21, WC23, WC24, WC28, WC36, WC37, WC39
Qualifier: WC8, WC10, WC13, WC17, WC19, WC26, WC29, WC35, WC41
Worst Day of My Life: WC14

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Postby Taeshan » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:03 pm

Looking at qualifying things are very interesting for the Purple Knights of Taeshan. While the group sets up well to be a three team race with the Knights, a familiar opponent in Darmen, and Free Republics all rather well placed within their pots so far there has been a strong push from a relative unknown in Cobrio, and a returning nation once well known in the international stage, The Macabees. For their part the Knights got an unlucky draw facing the Free Republics and Darmen at home in the first half of qualifying, and visiting their higher ranked opponents in the return legs. For their part they got only a single point in those first two matchups. The good news is they are in the first part of both halves of qualifying which means that they have a lot of time to make up for those matchups over the rest of the campaign. As for the first four matchdays the Knights currently sit tied for 2nd place on 7 points after two strong road wins, and the tie and a loss at home.

The goals have not come for either side in the Knights matchups as is tradition. For three straight matchdays the Knights defense has held their opponents scoreless. After the opening day loss to Free Republics the young side has done a great job of playing well as a team. Three straight games and 7 points has kept the team in everything early this season. With a lot to play for many people think this will be a strong campaign for the Knights. The group looks like a chance for the team to qualify, but that will require a strong finish. With needing to finish top two the Knights will have to get all of the points they can at home, and hope that Free Republics and Darmen drop points. This has not gone well in the last few qualifiers, and the Knights often have lost points in games they really should not have. Maybe this can be the time for the Purple Knights to finally qualify back to the World Cup.
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World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals)

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14

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Postby New Lusitania and the Algarves » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:22 pm

STL|Serviços de Transmissão Lusitana
Sport | Football|
World Cup 82 Quals

New Lusitania 1-0 South Covello
Estádio Nacional do Jamor, Jamor/Lisboa (Att: 74,365 - additional seating added)

New Lusitania was still without a win and things looked bleak when their next opponents were South Covello. Bringing their A-Game, Patríce in goal, Guerreiros, Carriça, Cancela and Cédric Silva in defence, Nevais in defensive midfield, Fernando, Mário and Gama in midfield, Silveira and Jota in forward. South Covello also with their main team. With the Selecção including an extra defender, the match was underway. The first half was uneventful, except for one great chance by Silveira and a goal that was ruled offside for South Covello. In the second half, on sixty eight minutes of play, New Lusitania launched a counter attack, Nevais hoofed it up field, with Fernando passing it to Mário who eventually crossed it to Silveira, who slotted it in. South Covello managed to play most of the game from there, taking the ball at every opportunity possible. In the end, it was a magical win at home which turned beliefs around. FULL TIME: 1-0

Around the Grounds
In Group 8, Baranil kept the top spot after a draw (3-3) against Osarius away, with Juvencus going up to second after beating the Alpine Union 4-2. The other matches were two draws, a one all between Saint Émelie and a goalless one between Zuiopien and Bjornoya.
Elsewhere, LOM got their first win against Acapais, away as Eastfield Lodge and The Eternal Empire battle for the top spot in Group 3. All in all, eleven teams remain without losing a point including the Equestrian States and Qusmo, as well as Cup of Harmony hosts Mriin. Top ranked Eura has scored plenty of goals (11) but stands in fourth in their group. Farfadillis however are who have scored most, an impressive 21 goals in three matches.

I: Victor, a great result for you. What's your take on the game
VSC: We played really well this time round, it's a cause for celebration and we're trying to get up there. We need to focus on our objective though, we've understood that this group has extremely volatile standings and you can't exactly get a safe foothold.
I: You're up against the Alpine Union next, what are your initial thoughts?
VSC: The Alpine Union are a rising nation and it'll be hard to knock them down. We've shown we can take on bigger sides on our day, and we're hoping we can get them this time.
I: Thank you, Victor

Goals: 1/0
Shots: 7/3
Shots on Target: 4/2
Corners: 5/2
Fouls: 1/2
Cards - Yellow: 0/0
Cards - Red: 0/0
Posession %: 40/60

GOALS: André Silveira (2), Gama (1), Jota (1)
ASSISTS: Silveira (1), Fernando (1), Luz (1)
BOOKINGS: Mário (1Y)
INJURIES: None to Report.
SUSPENSIONS: None to Report.

World Cup 81 Quals
Top Goalscorers: Silveira, Gama (11).
Assists: Fernando (9)
Cup of Harmony
Top Goalscorer: Silveira (2)
Assists: Fernando (3)
IDU Championships
Top Goalscorer: Gama (2)
Assists: Fernando (2)
Top Goalscorer: Silveira (4)
Assists: Fernando

Matchday: Internationals
coverage of the best
STL1 22:00 GMT
World Cup 82, The IA Championships 6
The best of the action on STL, your National Broadcaster
New Lusitania in exclusive.
Reach us with your reactions:
#STL #forçaselecção #WC82 #LUS
STL in association with FLF
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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:25 pm

Hitting roadblocks

In absence of a few World Cup 81 veterans, the Dragonflies are continuing their qualification cycle. Results are poor, and after the 1-0 wins over Libonesia and Spokane, the team has lost to both of the direct rivals for the playoffs. 1-0 to Ethane, 3-2 to Damukuni. As those two nations have also had a rough start to the series, Freeport and especially Bongo Johnson have established themselves as challengers. In the case of the latter, they've even gone on to win all of their four games so far and they are already in clear command of Group 5.

Exidio Varela contributed to the defence in the last AOCAF and the previous World Cup. Age has gotten to him a little bit, with his performance for Miradela diminishing - although they did win the title this year. That was mostly on the excellent crop of youth that has broken through for the southeastern side, and Varela was a perfect captain for them. In midfield, we had Mira as a starter and De Villepin on the bench in AOCAF, yet both are now at home preparing for the new season with their teams. In their place are Odell (32 years old) in the starting XI, yet the average age of the substitute midfielders is 21 years old. The offence is geriatric in comparison, with just Vaugrenard starting as an exceptional talent, alongside Tsuchida (31) and a benched Vallotton (28) as well as a leftfield selection in Xaime Novoa (29). Novoa has only just made his debut, coming on for Tsuchida, at age 29.

One of the challenges in coaching the Dragonflies is balancing the experience levels of the various players. The defence is always our best line, but apart from Dalton we have to rely on a host of u23s, which isn't bad but it always comes through at some point. Brogley plays on the other wing, and he is a relatively new discovery - making his NT debut at age 30. That said, we are in for a golden age if their development keeps going as it goes right now, but until that there will be tough times with simply sub-par matches, and we've had two of those so far. It seems like Ko-orenite players go from age 24 to age 30 while skipping everything in between. Either we have a veteran, or we have a newbie that still shows growing pains. Both Dalton and Brogley don't really have leadership qualities, and Ko-oren are left without a clear captain.

Either way, we have faced the two hardest and the two easiest opponents on paper. What remains for us is the revitalised Bongo Johnson and Freeport squads, the Euran AO territories, Holy Marsh and Siovanija and Teusland. The latter were said to challenge the top few teams, but they are sitting second-last (but then again, they are three points out of third place).

Maybe Juliasterinthen has tried to reduce the average age just a little too much this time. There is always a little bit of finetuning involved: an older player here, some speed over there, and a quick learner somewhere in between. For a while, this went excellently as Ko-oren flew up the ladder all the way to 23rd place, but maybe we are hitting the boundary of what we're capable of right now.

Surely there are some players at home right now who think they are a perfect match for this team, that they are the key to getting that WC81 form back and to run into the World Cup with ease. Just think of De Villepin, Mira, or Nathan Didier who was dropped in between the previous World Cup and AOCAF. There is quite a big group of players who are all around the national team level, and it's not easy to pick one over someone else. Juliasterinthen has decided, and we can only hope that his selections will prove to be right, as he has been in the last few years.
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Postby Santa Regada » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:40 pm

Turnaround in sight? Nation apprehensive to get excited over recent WC results

Santa Regada is now ranked 6th in Group 3 after having fallen to last place

Across the nation, the atmosphere surrounding Santa Regada’s qualifying campaign for the 82nd World Cup has started to change in light of the Super Eagles managing to scrape 4 of the 6 points from their last two games. After two crushing defeats that brough the nation to the verge of immense civil unrest out of sheer fustration with Santa Regada’s systematic qualifying misfortuntes, hope is gradually being restored in the national team. However the Regadan people are exercising great caution and with valid reason; there have been too many times when the national team started to perform only to fail spectacularly after winning back the trust of the nation. For many the two recent results are a sign to them that Santa Regada is still in thr fight to qualify for the World Cup, however others still firmly believe that the Eagles are set to fail and disappoint the nation once more.

• Santa Regada 4–4 The Holy Empire

It was a result that sent a somewhat euphoric yet reserved shockwave around the nation; sitting miserably at the bottom of Group 3, the Super Eagles had somehow managed to force a draw with a nation ranked 12th in the world. A game that experts - including Santa Regada’s own - would have more likely than not been sure that the hosts would lose. It was a protracted and bitter fight to the death as the Super Eagles - perhaps driven by the immense pressure on their backs to deliver - refused to surrender on the pitch. Despite having to deal with the demoralisation of conceding first, the Super Eagles were quick to equalise and by the 40th minute were ahead of The Holy Empire by a goal. However their luck did not last long as play resumed and by the 80th minute The Holy Enpire had not only evened the score, but pulled ahead by two goals much to the utter dismay of the Regadans. An 86th minute goal followed by a late header in the last minute of stoppage time turned the game on its head once more and forced The Holy Empire to accept gaining only a point from the fierce clash.

• Libertas Omnium Maximus 1–3 Santa Regada

All of the goals scored in what is the nations first win of its World Cup 82 qualifying campaign came in the second half as the Super Eagles were able to grind down and shatter the Maximusian defence. Having approached the with a more aggressive offensive style than usual, the Regadans played on the counter, inviting the Maximusians into their half of the pitch before winning the ball and hitting them on the break repeatedly. The constant did its job of fustrating the Maximusian midfields and forwards - causing them to make more mistakes in the Regadan half allowing for a flurry of unrelenting blitzkrieg counterattacks hammering at the Maximusian back line. By half time the Maximusian defence visibly looked shattered and as play resumed this was clesr in their lackluster attempts to contain a Regadan midfield that was now pressing high and creating chances on the ball rather than waiting for the counter. Despite this the Maximusians dug deep and after a serious defensive miscalculation, managed to score a goal, temporarily lifting their spirits as they went a goal ahead in the 64th minute - however 58 seconds later the ball was firmly slammed in their net as the Regadans attacked straight from the kickoff. By the 74th minute the Regadans had scored twice more, sending the nation into a frenzy and slamming shut the lid on the rest of the match as the Maximusians capitulated.

With these two results, the nation holds its breathe as the Super Eagles go marching into the next game with Dritten Asopie, well aware that now that the nation had seen that they were capable of performing, the Regadan people were expecting them to continue performing at this standard. It is arguably true that the outcome of the entire qualifying campaign will be decided in the first half of it, thus, Regadans that still have hope in the national team have their fingers crossed and hope that the Super Eagles will keep the momentum going against Dritten Asopie. However only
time will tell as to whether it was merely luck or if the national team has finally got itself together.

Regadan qualifying campaign, WC 82:
10 Mar: Santa Regada 2-3 Quakmybush
11 Mar: Qasden 3-1 Santa Regada
12 Mar: Santa Regada 4-4 The Holy Empire
13 Mar: Libertas Omnium Maximus 1-3 Santa Regada
Today: Santa Regada vs Dritten Asopie
Tomorrow: Eastfield Lodge vs Santa Regada
16 Mar: Santa Regada vs Brusseldorf
17 Mar: Acapais vs Santa Regada
18 Mar: Santa Regada vs Sulsuland
19 Mar: No matches (mid-qualifying break)
20 Mar: Quakmybush vs Santa Regada
21 Mar: Santa Regada vs Qasden
22 Mar: The Holy Empire vs Santa Regada
23 Mar: Santa Regada vs Libertas Omnium Maximus
24 Mar: Dritten Asopie vs Santa Regada
25 Mar: Santa Regada vs Eastfield Lodge
26 Mar: Brusseldorf vs Santa Regada
27 Mar: Santa Regada vs Acapais
28 Mar: Sulsuland vs Santa Regada
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Postby Eshan » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:30 pm

Things were finally, thankfully making themselves clear. Rumblings from across the great seas, a tide exploding from the Glorious South West, a wave rushing across all of Atlantian Oceania until it crashed upon the great shores of Eshan. A single word and immediately cogs began turning in a great machine that sprawled across continents, countless time zones, projected prosperity and strength throughout the multiverse; the machine of the Echani Republic. It’s funny how that one word, oil, can dictate the fate of nations. Some properly take advantage of the power and wealth under their feet, some nations crumbled, weak and unable to deal with the greatness bestowed upon them, and there were others yet who stumbled in the face of a great foe, a stronger nation that has come to take, to burn, and to dominate. Black gold changes everything.

The discovery of oil in Banija had come to the Echani Republic almost instantaneously, no surprise considering the special relationship that existed between the two great nations, no surprise considering the vast reach of the Echani Republic and her informants. As word came to Revan of his allies discovery, the question of what next was already in the process of deep contemplation.

Obviously, any sort of action would be solely in support of Banija and their discovery, always a phenomenal ally to Eshan and chief beneficiary of the Echani Path to Prosperity. Eshan was always on their side and it would be the same here. However, Revan knew that not be the case with other nations, and it fell to Eshan to ensure the new discovery played out peacefully. With that in mind, Revan had almost immediately ordered a small naval force carrying Echani ground forces to steam towards Banija, nothing offensive in mind, but a projection of force in support of their allies and to tell other countries with nefarious intent to stay away. It certainly helped that Eshan had a substantial military base and plot of land in Banija proper as part of Revan’s legacy program, the Echani Path to Prosperity. He would use this naval force and the Echani force already stationed in Banija to ensure security while the Banijan government figured out what to do with their newfound resource.

Kabaka Albert III had sent an invitation to Revan’s government, asking the Foreign Minister to Banija to discuss this most interesting development. On paper, this was absolutely perfect. A great opportunity to provide support and shape how a great ally used an invaluable resource, and the Foreign Minister was the perfect person to negotiate that. In practice, things were a little trickier. If it were Revan’s prior Foreign Minister, his dear friend Malak Orringa, there would be no problem. Revan and Malak were cut from the same cloth, both staunch supporters of Echani superiority and building the Republic into an international superpower, something the duo had been very successful in, and Malak had been instrumental in carrying out Revan’s will in acquiring thousands of miles of territory all across the multiverse. But eventually enough had been done, Malak was tired and asked to be released to spend time with his family in peace and tranquility, leaving the battles and pain he was responsible for happily locked in his memory’s museum.

By that point there were factions arising domestically in opposition against the aggressive expansion of the Echani Republic, with some stepping up their anti-expansionist rhetoric and action. He couldn’t just sweep them to the side and make them disappear, but he could elevate someone palatable to them to the newly vacant position of Foreign Minister. After a good bit of clandestine communication and meetings, Anthony DiMartini was appointed as a compromise between Revan and the dissident factions. This was precisely as Revan had wanted.

Anthony was a man of talk. Talked about working together, talked about placing other nation’s interests ahead of Eshan, talked about how he was completely invested in a fair and just world where Eshan exists in peaceful harmony with every other nation and everything is good and happy and nobody acts in their own self-interest and life is good and easy until the end of time. He was perfect, incredibly eloquent, but he was not a man of action. The reality of the situation is that Anthony found himself lacking in conviction whenever his talk and Revan’s tendency for strong action clashed. Anthony was a source of frustration to Revan, but his inability to stand his ground meant his usefulness as a placating device to certain segments of the Echani population made him a tolerable presence.

Revan got up from his desk and laid down on the nearby couch. The TV was squawking in the background, carrying with it results from the World Cup. Revan’s attention was briefly drawn to the sporting world as the good results of the Echani national team were read out and dissected. A 3-1 win against Grod Island, two goals from Villar Dakari and a freekick strike from Magnum Cerelius, with a 35 year old Marco van Ciavatinni running the show from midfield. Revan muted the TV. A win always made matters of life so much easier, even when such affairs decided the fate of nations.

He sighed to himself, bringing his attention back to what mattered. He would send Anthony DiMartini to meet with the Kabaka of Banija under strict orders to relay everything back to Revan and not to offer any conditions without Revan’s approval. The naval and ground force would continue to steam towards the Echani base in Banija and be placed on standby, Revan didn’t anticipate anything major breaking out from this but humans have done crazy things for matters far less important than oil.
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Postby Starblaydia » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:30 pm

OOC: For the people who haven't been keeping up with my RPs since 2004 (guaranteed to be 100% of readers, I'm sure), there's been a few loosely intertwined threads to an overall, grander story of Starblaydia as a nation. I appreciate that just providing 32 links going back 4 cups isn't particularly helpful to dissect this story, as some of the (necessarily immortal) characters have been developing over the course of 65 in-character World Cups over almost 15 RL years. The grand picture, however, looks something like this:

World Cup legend and author avatar Simeone Di Bradini has lived for the past 40-plus World Cups as an immortal construct of the Dreamed Realm, thanks to Arch's generosity. In this time, he's saved the multiverse on several occasions, and has also travelled in time, accidentally becoming Starblaydia's version of King Arthur, the once-and-future King Oberyn Starblayde, in his country's ancient past. The Starblayde family, who currently rule Starblaydia, have all been killed off through various ways and means by the evil vampire Lady Viannor, who is currently masquerading as Lady-Protector Korra Starblayde, the hitherto completely imaginary daughter of the former Lord-Protector Julius Starblayde, and is ruling the nation as much as a constitutional monarch who was once the head of the secret services and intelligence agencies can.

Simeone has been informed, by the late "Best in the World" World Cup goalkeeper and prophet Lucas Cable, that Viannor is Korra Starblayde, and will enslave the entire nation. Simeone, together with Starblaydia national team manager Ázëwyn Fëanáro the elf, along with time-travelling dwarven scientist from the future Dalnir, plans to stop Viannor by recruiting a rag-tag band of commandos, via the process of essentially making their own Dreamed Realm constructs of some characters from the past, including Lucas Cable.

Tons of stuff has come before, which one day I will put all together in one place as the grand story arc of Starblaydia across the ages, but World Cup 78 was the start of a specific arc with a vague plan in mind, rather than just going wherever the narrative happened to take me on a given day.
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He dreamed that night.

Simeone had presumed, long ago, that in the Dreamed Realm he would dream every night. That wasn't the case. When the world that surrounded him was already an impossible, mesmerizing array of huge, squat buildings with their dazzling golden domes bathed in the sweetest haze of sunlight, encrusted with the finest cut and inlaid jewels that couldn’t possibly exist, was there really any need to dream? The world that had been created was so unrealistically perfect that after he’d been away from it for a while, it always hit him with a jarring combination of feeling like an utterly alien film set constructed without quite knowing what a real city was like, yet always had for him the innate relaxation of a place completely familiar, comfortable and homely.

So when, instead of waking with the slow realization that another day had dawned and one should judge by the light in the room roughly what time it was and whether it was time to go back to sleep, doze drearily or get the hell out of bed right now, Simeone Di Bradini awoke with wide, alert eyes, a racing heart and the sticky layer of sweat of a man running. Whether he’d been running to or running away from something, he wasn’t entirely sure.

He’d dreamed of the stars. Not five white stars around a single navy blue one on cyan, not twenty-two flanking a single large one, nor were they in a pattern next to a dragon, surrounded by red and gold, nor set in a clear blue sky over a golden map. These were the real stars, incandescent balls of burning nuclear fusion burning at fifteen million degrees or more. Tinged yellow and red and blue, they all appeared as pinpricks in the pitch-black field of space, white diamonds scattered across the deepest, thickest velvet sky. Sometimes they streaked by like a rainbow javelin, soaring past him at impossible speeds and incalculable distances as he stared blankly out of the window at the head of his ship’s bridge. Other lights surrounded him, too, the steady yellow-orange glow of the displays on the arms of his chair and of the control panels at strategic points within his field of view, manned by officers in those perfect dark grey uniforms, watching the cold blue light of screens that told them whatever they needed to know. But Simeone preferred the stars; always had done. Though you couldn’t instantly calculate your position in the galaxy by looking out of the window, it was still a much more humanising experience to see your place in the universe and internalise varying degrees of humility or hubris over the comparison in sizes of geography and ego alike.

Simeone also dreamed of the rain. The heavy, constant, dampening rain of a downpour that has brought the clouds with it to the very ground, sapping the colour and the life out of everything, seeping through your silks, through your boiled leather, your thick padded gambeson, your undershirt and down into your very bones. Even as the rain collected in rivulets that flowed over the smoothly polished and oiled curves on his folded steel armour, creating tiny waterfalls off his pauldrons, dripping and dribbling onto the sodden, muddy ground. The type of ground where the moss green grass has been trampled into the mud already and sits flat, matted and covered in the brown sludge. Resting a gauntleted hand on the hard, heavy pommel of the sword sitting loosely in its scabbard at your waist, feeling the mass and balance of it as the belt around your breastplate distributes its weight to where you can’t feel it, not until you peel the blood- and mud-stained plate and chainmail off your tired, aching body and realise just exactly how much your muscles had been doing to hold all that metal up, protecting you even as every step sapped your strength and stamina.

He dreamed of the feel of a pistol in his hand, whether wooden or metal or plastic or some post-plastic future compound that he couldn’t identify. A sword was a sword, though, whether leather grip holding metal, or again the futuristic material holding the energy chamber for a crackling laser sword, or the wickedness of mono-filament wire and the outright brutality of a roaring, buzzing sword with sharp teeth that would spin and rotate and kick in your hand as it parted flesh and carved up both bone and powered armour with equal ease. A sword was a sword was a sword, no matter what it was made of.

There was ice cream, too, with a long walk on the beach. Thirty-two misaligned flavours of bright colours and artisanal pride, all happily sold from inside a little van by a jolly chap who retained his cheerfulness even in spite of how much the pitch had cost him during this most high traffic of events on the silken white sands of the most desirable city on the coast. There were the finely balanced flavours of a dinner by candlelight, reflected sharply in the purest elegant glass, the finest polished silver and the entrancing, beautiful eyes of a soulmate.

But there was no roaring crowd. No surrounding sea of the faceless masses In their bright colours, with their flags and songs and chants and shouts. No purest cut grass beneath his feet, with only the slipper-like shoes between him and the field, studs cutting in for grip as he sprinted, twisted and leapt. There was no tight white or purple or even golden shirt around his chest, nor a team behind him or the three white pieces that made up the opposing goalmouth in front of him. He couldn’t hear the stadium announcer shout his name and that of his ten colleagues, along with eleven adversaries. No trophy was his to try and lift at the end, or glory to be won and lost.

Because everything was lost.

Everything was crushed by a black boot, dripping in blood, mud and tears. The world, it seemed, was under an electronic eye at all times of day and night - a tracking, reporting and cataloguing overseer that saw all and missed nothing. There was blood on the streets and blood in your mouth and blood on their hands. Fear and suspicion ruled your waking hours, and terror and paranoia seeped into your unconscious thoughts, those moments when the unreal felt real, and what used to be called dreams became the stuff of unbridled nightmares. The choices were few. Run and live. Stay and die.

So you ran.

Ran away from the red and blue lights, ran away from the sword and the starship and the gun, away from the all-seeing eye and the skybeam from above that could obliterate a city in a moment, hide from the ravagers, the hunters, the seekers and the law of the executioners. But you could only run so far before they caught you, before the wall marked no way out and you were surrounded by the fleet and the fleet of foot alike. It couldn’t always be the time to run, could it? One day you had to stop running and cease to be the fugitive. One day you had to stop running, and you had to turn and stand.

And fight.
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Postby Polkopia » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:37 pm

03. Giovanna

Giovanna wasn’t sure how long she had spent in solitude. Three hours? Four? She hadn’t the faintest idea, but she couldn’t help but to lose herself in the rhythmic pitter-patter of the raindrops against her window. Giovanna’s hazel eyes, meanwhile, were lost in the amber flames as they licked the crumbling logs in hearth and she could almost feel the delicate ashes caress her cheeks as if she were being kissed by the gentle peck of a snowflake on a brisk winter morning. Suddenly, Giovanna heard a gentle knock on the sturdy wooden door, where she immediately snapped back to reality.

“Come in!” Giovanna shouted toward the sound. She cleared her throat and brushed the ashes off her nightgown and turned toward the figure entering the study.

“Good evening, Lady Diga.” Arthur quietly closed the door behind him and bowed toward Giovanna. In his hand was a small piece of paper. “A message from Peeto arrived earlier this morning. My sincerest apologies that I was not able to deliver this sooner, my Lady, however-”

Giovanna promptly stood up and approached Arthur. “There’s no need to apologize, I trust your intentions were as good as ever.” She took the note from his hands, and stared at the seal. “Ah…” she said, looking back up at Arthur. “This comes from the Halfacres?” Her thumb traced the indentations of the olive branches on the moss-green wax. “I haven’t spoken with Gulliver in ages, what could they possibly want?” She seemed puzzled for a moment and hesitated.

“My Lady?” Arthur asked, staring at Giovanna’s discombobulated expression.

It took Giovanna a few moments to acknowledge that she had completely lost focus of the conversation at hand. “Sorry,” she said, holding her forehead with her free hand. “Yes, the letter.” She broke the letter’s seal and began to read to herself. Arthur watched as Giovanna’s eyes darted along the paper and sighed.

“My Lady, shall I bring you a glass of water?” He asked, almost impatiently as he waited for Giovanna to finish reading the letter.

“Actually,” her eyes removed themselves from the fine parchment to stare at Arthur. “Would you fetch me my medicine?”

Arthur stared blankly back at her. “Of course, my Lady, but I feel as if though it is my duty to remind you that you’ve already taken enough to last you until the evening.”

“Yes, but my head has been troubling me all day.” Giovanna answered. Her grip tightened on the piece of paper, and Arthur heard as it crumpled in her hand. “Oh, won’t you please bring me my medicine! I simply cannot sit here and read with this ferocious throbbing in my skull!”

“Of course, my Lady.” Arthur subserviently bowed and exited the room. Giovanna sighed and pressed the note to her thigh, running her hand along the paper to remove any creases she had made.

Giovanna held the note up and reread the script. She let out an impulsive laugh and held the note to her breast, clutching it and letting her eyes close as she imagined herself in the capital after so many years.

“My Lady!” Arthur’s voice had startled her, and she held her hand to her head, wincing in pain as her icy palm touched the sheen of sweat that had appeared on her forehead. She opened her eyes to find him having reappeared at the doorway.

Giovanna motioned to the cherrywood desk positioned at the far end of the room. “Would you leave it there?”

The sound of the glass base slamming against the desk’s wooden surface seemed to echo throughout the otherwise silent room. “Thank you.” Giovanna said without moving. “You may leave now.”

Arthur stood in the doorway and turned around to face Giovanna. He opened his mouth as if though he were about to say something, but hesitated. Instead, he grimly smiled, bowed, and left the room, closing the wooden door behind him. Giovanna heard the sound of his heavy leather boots clunking against the hard, wooden floor, and waited until the sound faded away.

She made her way to the desk, and sat at her chair, looking at herself in the mirror. Loose strands of her long, black hair had stuck to her forehead and she slowly picked each one off of her skin one by one and wrapped them around the bun atop her head. Giovanna sighed and looked at the bottle of morphine on her desk. She unscrewed the top and let the glass head fall to the floor below. The fumes of the container’s contents immediately caused her to wrinkle her nose in disgust, but she grasped the neck of the bottle anyway, holding it to her lips. The sound of the rain seemed to cease, as her mouth grazed the lip of the bottle and the only thing she heard was her quivering breath as it left her throat. She felt the all-too familiar sting of tears as they began to well up in her eyes and leave trails down her cheeks. She lifted her hand and allowed the harsh fluid to fill up her mouth and escape down her throat, and nearly slammed the bottle back on the desk, covering her mouth with her other hand. The vile fluid burned her mouth, but she allowed herself a few moments to let the sensation pass.

She took a deep breath and looked at herself once again in the mirror. Her head still ached, but she felt happier, as if though she knew that it would only be a matter of time before the sensation passed. In the wake of her self-reflection, Giovanna exhaled slowly and stood up, pushing her chair back as she adjusted her nightgown and exited the room.

Her eyes were trained on the flaxen wallpaper as she walked barefoot down the hallway. Portraits of the Diga family disappeared from her view as quickly as they came, and the sound of her feet slapping against the floor ringed in her ears. Faster and faster, each step louder than the rest, as Giovanna’s pace quickened from a walk to a run down the ever-growing hallway, until she flew through the wooden double-doors at the end of the hallway and into the foyer. Giovanna’s wide eyes were trained on Amaraas, who had just proceeded through the front door. Panting, Giovanna smiled at her husband.

“Oh, my sweet husband has returned from his long journey! How did you fare?” Giovanna asked, running up to Amaraas and taking his hands into hers.

Amaraas eyed his wife carefully. “Yes,” he began, “Quite alright. The peasants are as dull as ever, I’m afraid.” Amaraas spat the word ‘peasants’ as if though the word disgusted him. He broke Giovanna’s grasp on his hands, took off his black top hat, and handed it to the same servant who had opened the door for him, before proceeding toward the marble staircase.

“Wait!” Giovanna cried out, extending her hand toward him
Without uttering a word, Amaraas stopped in his path and turned around to face Giovanna. He raised his eyebrow expectantly, looking at Giovanna’s trembling hand, and then to her face.

“T-There was a note!” Giovanna gasped, pointing to the entrance to the hallway in which she had just appeared from. “I’ve left it in the study, but it was sent to us from the Halfacres!”

Amaraas took one step toward Giovanna, but instantly turn and hastened through the double doors and into the hallway. Giovanna immediately turned around and saw Fiora and Pyotor emerge through the doorway, and she beamed toward them, running at them in a full embrace, hugging them closely.

“How’re my two beautiful little poppets?” Giovanna said, placing a kiss on each of her children’s cheeks.

Fiora chuckled as Giovanna kissed her, and Pyotor gave a playful shove as his mother embraced him and proceeded to wipe the spot where he had been kissed on his cheek.

Suddenly, Giovanna heard a loud crashing noise at the other end of the house, and she whipped her head around toward the hallway, where the wooden doors flew open and Amaraas emerged, clutching the bottle of morphine in his hand.

“You damned woman! Devil take you!” Amaraas roared as he threw the bottle on the ground, instantly shattering it and sending millions of glass shards scattering about the marble floor. Giovanna felt her children’s grasp tighten on her forearms before they were whisked away to an adjacent room.

“You are… incomprehensible!” Amaraas panted, slowly making his way toward her. “What am I to make of this? I get word that we’re invited to a royal ball, and you’re here…” Amaraas paused, as he tried to find the right words. Giovanna, meanwhile, had held her breath, wincing at every word Amaraas spat at her. Her fingernails, which had been buried in the skin of her own elbows, began to draw blood, and droplets of the metallic liquid splashed on the floor beneath her. Amaraas huffed and turned his back toward Giovanna, wiping his face with his hands.

Upon seeing his frustration, Giovanna tentatively approached him, feeling the sharp pain of glass digging into her flesh as she walked forward. She reached out and placed a hand on his shoulders, but as soon as she felt the fabric of his coat touch her skin, Amaraas whisked himself around and met Giovanna’s face with the back of his hand. The sheer force of the blow sent Giovanna sprawling to the ground and Amaraas stood over her, his eyes filled with sheer disgust. He knelt beside her, and Giovanna, who was still recovering from the blow, lay on the ground silently whimpering to herself. Amaraas didn’t wait for her to stop crying before he spoke.

“If you even consider bringing along any of your opiates on our journey,” he began, “I will be forced to keep you confined to the periphery of this estate for the rest of your days. I refuse to be seen with a narcotized hussy in the presence of royalty. You should consider yourself lucky that I’m permitting you to accompany us to Peeto.”

Amaraas stood up and began to walk up the stairs, but stopped in his tracks and turned his head to the side. “Also, I will see to it so that whoever had brought you the morphine will be punished as I see fit.” He turned his head forward and proceeded up the stairs.

Giovanna remained on the ground for some time, repulsed at the fact that she had allowed herself to succumb to temptation. Her skin suddenly felt foreign, as if though her mind and soul were placed in somebody else’s body. She felt numb to the sense of touch and didn’t even notice that some of the glass shards were cutting into the palms of her hands until the blood caught her eye. She adjusted herself to a sitting position and wiped her nose.

She had no idea how long she had been sitting on the ground, but she allowed herself to stand up. Once she was on her feet, she noticed the grand chandelier that dangled lowly from the ceiling, and how unusually bright it appeared at the moment. Tens of thousands of crystals were reflecting the sunlight that was beginning peak through the clouds outside, and the rays shone against the brilliant golden waves painted on the walls around her. Giovanna saw speckles of dust lingering in amber ambiance around her, but her focus lay on the light fixture itself. She didn’t know how it happened, or where it came from, but Giovanna immediately felt a powerful surge of optimism, and the dull throbbing that was felt on her cheek moments ago had suddenly ceased. She calmly sighed as her eyes fell shut, and she looked ahead at an immense landscape of nothingness, but it was in this vast nothingness where she felt at ease for the first time in ages.
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Postby Darmen » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:08 pm

Darmeni win and Republican draw sees gap close

Darmen 2-0 Geektopia
@ Stadion Hungaria, Kingsville

DAR: Campo - Virgo, Abbey, Lyne (Maddox 79') - Goldschmidt - Ó Cuilinn (Armbruster 79'), Cardoso (Svendsen 74'), Butler, Stafford - Hurst, Blackwood
GKT: Lumblut - Kamīn, de Ande, Artribervill (Thatell 55'), Grīdgalah (Thabelloved 55'), Kent - Anīc, Trīalata (Tope 74'), de Andes, Runīn, Grīd

1-0 Hurst 41'
2-0 Svendsen 82'
In front of over 30,000 fans at the Stadion Hungaria in Kingsville, the All Greens cruised past Geektopia with relative ease, winning 2-0 following goals by Skylar Hurst and Víedharr Svendsen. Meanwhile in Cobrio, the home side kept the visiting Republicans in check and secured a 2-2 draw. The results bring the All Greens and Republicans closer together in the table; they are now separated by just three points. Darmen isn't the only team with a 2-1-1 record though, as Cobrio and Taeshan are behind Darmen due only to tiebreakers.

The first half of the match saw Darmen control possession for close to two thirds of the playing time, stringing together long sets of passes while they searched for weaknesses in the Geektopian defense. With the visitors playing five at the back (questions remain about whether the All Greens faced a 5-5-0 or a 5-0-5), the main challenge was in finding out which of the five was the weakest link.

Skylar Hurst was the first to find that weakest link, sneaking past Artribervill and Grīdgalah to receive a through ball from Abraham Cardoso and propel Darmen into the lead before the half. The two Geektopians responsible were substituted early in the second half, after Craig Blackwood exploited the same weakness to enter the box uncontested. Blackwood came away empty however as his chip shot not only cleared the keeper but the goal too.

Two substitutions were made in the 74th minute, one for each team. The Geektopians introduced Tethra Tope, a legend in his nation but unknown to the rest of the multiverse, in the hopes that he could turn things around for his team. The forty-one year was completely outmatched however by a much younger Darmeni midfield and back line, who crippled both Tope and the highly touted Russ de Andes and denied either a shot on goal for the entirety of the second half.

While the Geektopian substitution did not pay off as they had hoped, the Darmeni change did. 19 year old Víedharr Svendsen, in only his third appearance for the national team, scored his first goal, heading into goal an Alberich Goldschmidt corner kick. The young Svendsen's goal and Cardoso's earlier assist of the Hurst goal only go to further the fact that Darmen's strongest position at present is the left-center midfielder. All four of the LCM's currently on Darmen's 35 man roster are quality options, and each of them will be clamoring for playing time as qualification progresses. Against Gladom Newion, it appears as though Godefroy Abascal will select the experienced Marcellinus Winton for the start, but 21 year old Buddy Pickle could make an appearance as one of the subs.

Lineup vs. Gladom Newion
Campo - Espinosa, Coghlan, Spalding - Goldschmidt - Mac Pharlain, Winton, McNeil, Freud - Firmin, Russell
(SUBS Abram, Wilkie, Ramírez, Ó Cuilinn, Pickle, Byrnes, Lucanus)
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Postby Tinhampton » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:45 pm

OOCly, I apologise in advance to Guido Fawkes, Qusmo, Saltstead, and Antony Flew for the contents of this post ;P All comments in this RP are IC and would never reflect my actual views on the nations in question!
Put simply, we're fucked.
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The only thing that Louise Cowshed needs to be promoted to is Personal Assistant. I'll let Therald speak for Joe S. Tincan:
Tinhampton collapsed to a 3-0 home defeat by Walenstein in what was described by Tinhampton FA chairwoman Naomi Talbot as "the single worst moment in our national team's history..." Louise Whitbread, otherwise most renowned for scoring the first goal in the last Cup of Harmony final, had the chance to equalise just before the hour mark but slipped and sent the ball well over the bar... A coalition of Tinhamptonian footballers spearheaded by Chris Richard, who did not get off the bench, are starting a campaign to remove Rachel Coltfield as manager after just 17 games in charge, despite protests from the higher echelons of the TFA about the efficacy of such measures.
This is the exact same roster of 23 that swept asides allcomers to win the most recent Cup of Harmony and we can't even get the 223rd-best team in the multiverse's goalie to have a mitt on one of the penalties... what says I'll be dying of cancer when we finally make it?

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Hmmm... isn't Louise Whitbread one of our club legends? We can't have her being poached! Eleven Retinues SC has extended Whitbread's contract until Megaleague Season 2,381
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I too can create an algorithm that tells completely unwarranted jokes simply because somebody happens to be namedropped, but I won't (and I'm only fluent in Pseudocode anyway... well, that, English, and Tinhamptonian-dialect gibberish)
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My home was also destroyed by a lightning strike during the summer of 2016. To see effectively your entire life burned to a crisp is bad, but not nearly as horrible as what happened to this lot
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Are you sure you were supposed to post this one on "Mother Nature still hates Gladom Newion"? The only stormclouds I see here are the ones hovering over the FA
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We are a city, but I suspect we are a bit more than that. This is the city that has given to the world Steve Douglas, to it once-plentiful supplies of silvery metals, to it a stable and unavowedly resilient and courageous government. We have our shopkeepers and our defenders of freedom, yes, but beyond all of that, we have a football team. It has - WE HAVE - boundless history, a microcosm of the city and its endless struggles for success - and how it got there in the end. It has - WE HAVE - the ability to recover from the most horrendous of setbacks and a belief that if WE are put into it, then WE will succeed in passing through it. THIS IS TINHAMPTON! OUR TINHAMPTON! THIS WE SHALL OVERCOME!
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Our next match is against the even less significant ROBOSTANIANS. Who will win that game depends not upon past form or future glories, but upon how much of a flying monkey's Julia Atherton decides to give on that day!
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Hmmm... isn't Julia Atherton one of our club legends? We can't have her being poached! Eleven Retinues SC has extended Atherton's contract until Megaleague Season 4,138
date posted: 13th March 2019, 9:34pm ~~~ location: Tinhampton, Tinhampton ~~~ REPLY
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Heh, I guess we still haven't recovered from what happened against Oscioru...
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Our football team's history is not boundless but you are right about absolutely everything else
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We have Retinue greed to blame for all of this, they have monopolised the top positions in all of Tinhamptonian football and now we have zero hope whatsoever of succeeding. Bring back the good old days when footballers were mere footballers
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I see that my comment has three downvotes after about ten seconds. Hello there, Julia, Louise and Lydia...
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We're not Tinhampton any more, we ceased to be that when we started accepting immigrants. Thank goodness Anderson and her successors have brought the situation under control
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Potassium, it is ironic that the 11R Contract Negotiator is the only person you haven't managed to trigger by posting that, which is more than can be said for their players out there tonight
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To the ignorant among us, Mayor Lydia Anderson is an unavowed Retinues supporter. Whether or not she is here is a question that can be answered with a straightforward "H to the E to the double ECK-NO!" Margaret, on the other hand?
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Postby Mercedini » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:55 pm

82nd World Cup Qualification MD1
Mercedini vs. Krytenia
@ Zoloroni Sports City Stadium - Zoloroni, Mercedini

Good evening and welcome back to the Zoloroni Sports City Stadium, we are under lights tonight as Mercedini and Krytenia face off in Zoloroni for the fourth match qualification. It has been a mixed campaign for both team so far with Krytenia unbeaten but without a win in three, while the Golden Eagles go into the game with two losses out of three, sitting one spot ahead of tonight's visitors in seventh place. Pressure was high for both managers as the match build-up begun in the stadium, with the pressure almost guaranteed to ramp up for at least one of the managers in contention here tonight. The Equestrian States seem to be coasting to an early qualification in the Group with three wins in three from their games, capped of with an impressive 3-1 win at home to Mercedini in the last match. Enough chit-chat, let's see whether Mercedini could go full circle and beat the host's of the World Cup in which they debuted, seven cycles ago.

World Cup Qualification: The Circle Of Life


Dostalok 18, 42' (P), Chillotov 29', Nymark 61'
Naismith 79'

Zoloroni, Mercedini
Attendance - 68,373
When Mercedini began their World Cup journey during the cycle of the 75th World Cup, the COCANEFA union fronted by Krytenia and Audioslavia were at the helm, with the successful thirty-two nations heading all over the host nations to fight for the title of World Cup title. Sadly, Mercedini were not on that flight, few expected them to, but it started a fire which had been raging inside the sport-crazy which has been raging ever since. The latter of those nations was bested during the stellar Cup of Harmony campaign which saw the Golden Eagles claim their first major World Cup cycle trophy in Vilita & Turori against Audioslavia on penalties. Now, the circle has been completed as Mercedini ran riot inside the Sports City Stadium against a declawed Krytenian side by four goals to one, with the match pretty much done and dusted by half time thanks to the Mercedinian front line.

It was one way traffic for the Mercedinians as they seemingly attracted the ball to their feet as they moved forward to attack the already peppered Krytenian goal. Dostalok and Chillotov were out there once again to get Mercedini further up the table following a mixed start to qualification. Their experience with each other's company on the pitch proving to be the edge for the Golden Eagles and they linked up themselves and their supporting wingers to rush forward as a single four-man bloc. The warning signs weren't heeded by the Cyans, with Starling striker Daniel Dostalok opening the scoring just before the twenty minute mark with a precise finish on the edge of the six-yard box after the striker was fed through by Garzallo on the left-wing. That was that life that the host craved, as a collective sigh of relief was heard around the stadium. It wasn't long until the Sports City Stadium erupted yet again as Chillotov long range blast stunned the tens of thousands in attendance with as the Mercedinian striker, playing in Eura, released a shot from about thirty-yards away, past the diving goalkeeper and into the side netting off the post, an early contender for goal of the season has revealed itself.

For then on, Mercedini were comfortable and could take solace in their early two-goal lead given to them by their homegrown stars turned international travellers. Following their two consecutive losses at the start of this qualification campaign, the team had been seeking a quick start to put their nerves to rest for the rest of the game, but like in the Kandorith game, things can quickly go south for the team, with even the relative safety of their national stadium not enough to save them from a surprise loss. The games wasn't won yet, with Krytenia stirring from their early slumber to become a force in this game.

Krytenia worked hard to give the team a scare, but a clumsy tackle undid all of that work to give Mercedini a way out of their rut via a penalty in front of the travelling fans. A brief conversation between the two previous goal scorers was settles which a quick game of rock-paper-scissors on the penalty spot, something which was criticised during the post-match recap of events due to the lack of respect it represents from the hosts. Dostalok won that mini-duel with a strong scissor at the second attempt following a double-rock draw, and made no mistake from the spot to add a third to proceedings and leave the fans smiling as the referee blew his whistle for the end of what was an eye-opening first half.

The second half soon found it's way back into the Sports City Stadium as the players made their way back onto the pitch, oh to be a fly on the Krytenian wall. The players in cyan came out all guns blazing to try and cut the deficit that the hosts made for them in the opening three-quarters of an hour. Plenty of pressing play from both sides ensured neither side held onto the ball for long before they were forced into a mistake or a clearance, giving the ball to their opponents to start the cycle once again. An insurance goal was added to the Mercedinian pile when central-midfielder Johannes Nymark got in on the scoring action with a low, curled effort on the hour mark to add a fourth to the game, ensuring that Dini kept their run going of never scoring less than four goals in a match at home during this qualification campaign.

The match was already won, but a dogged but tired Krytenian side gave their fans something to savour for their long travel back to Emberton as Chris Naismith bundled the ball home from a poorly-defended corner, to celebrate with the travelling fans and giving the visitors nothing more than a consolation goal. It was turning out to be a good night for the Mercedinians at home, a 4-1 victory against a former juggernaut like Krytenia is nothing to be sniffed at, with point proving to be hard to find during these early stages of the campaign. The Golden Eagles will be hoping to grow from tonight's performance in Zoloroni as hey rise up the group table. Lyndainium will be pleased as it finished Mercedini 4, Krytenia 1.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:58 pm

National Team break through
Frank Armitage
The Daily Mail Chief Soccer Writer

Reporting from Ezriquay:

The Commonwealth National Soccer Team notched their first victory in World Cup Qualifying, 2-1 over Dreamplanet here at the Queen Victoria Stadium. The win breaks an 11 match winless streak, third longest in FAC history.

Daisy Callum and Antonio Sotolongo netted for the home side, as the Black squad built upon the positives they showed in the loss against Nephara.

Manager Pam Scott believes that getting a successful result will brighten the spirits of the entire player pool. "I think we've stressed over and again, this is going to be a real challenge, because everything is different this time around. We didn't play that poorly against Nephara, and we improved upon that effort tonight, which got us over the hump. We'll be going back to back with this group for the next match, so we'll be able to build some momentum. The rest of this first stage will be against all of the lower ranked teams in the group, so we will look to pick up points and hone the edge a bit before the break."

That next match will be away to Walenstein, who currently sit ahead of BP in the table. Scott is looking forward to a change of scenery for this group. "We've played both home matches, so it'll be good to go and get in front of a hostile crowd. They've had some good results so far and they might sense some blood in the water since we've been struggling. "

lineup vs Walenstein: (Pelltier; Brown, Ackerman, Stephens; Yeomans, Shaw (C), Ohler, Whitestone; Bozeman; Sandoval, Agahambri
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Postby Mattijana » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:02 pm

Stature, Snezn and Standing in: Who is Sami Jorgenson?


By Milena Kracowicz, North-East Football Writer


Imagine this. You're a young centre-back in your first World Cup qualifying campaign, with no competitive international minutes, let alone starts under your belt. All of a sudden, your team's captain goes down injured after twisting her ankle making a potentially match-saving clearance and the manager points at you to get warmed up in case she has to go off. Your captain is without doubt the best defender your country has ever produced and it appears she won't be able to continue. The manager gives you the nod and you are thrown onto the pitch with 50,000 passionate home fans and an equally raucous group of 9,000 away fans watching on. The match is tense, tetchy and vital for your nation to get a result from.

For most of us mere mortals, this would be an incredibly daunting situation. This, however, is exactly what happened to 21 year-old centre-back Sami Jorgenson in Mattijana's 1-1 draw with Mytanija in Petrovijanka.

Jorgenson has gone on to play in a 3-2 defeat to Cosumar and a 2-1 win against Vartugia after it was announced Mattijanan captain Katija Burnisovic would miss at least three qualifying matches. Burnisovic is expected to resume her starting role after the away game with Velestria, but the question is now about who will join her at the heart of the marmot's defense for the following game against Alluersia and subsequently for two crucial matches against Qusmo and Saltstead.

That may well be Jorgenson. The Snezn player has impressed many onlookers with his solid performances and it may well be Rikard Illicic who stands down when Burnisovic returns.

I met up with Jorgenson at Mattijana's training ground near Puljanka to discuss his debut, how he got there in the first place and his ambitions for the future.

The youngest of 3 siblings, Jorgenson grew up in Snezn. His parents were the first to move from rural Danskia to the region's capital and Jorgenson says his success is partly down to his parent's bold move.

"Life used to be pretty tough in the rural areas of Danskia, but you never know if you are going to make it in the city either. My dad was lucky enough to get a job in the docks in Snezn to keep us going. It meant as a teenager I could spend less time working and more time playing football which is really important for where I am now. It must have been a really brave move for my parents to make though and I'm glad it worked out for us."

The journey made by Sami's father, Jannik, and mother, Karolina, was a common one amongst those from Danskia as cold winter weather made living conditions difficult and employment opportunities limited. Despite making up only 15% of Danskia's borders, sea-based industry is responsible for 83% of the region's economic output. Many were drawn from towns and villages inland to the coast, but not all were lucky enough to find work. With Mattijanan unemployment benefits deliberately basic as an incentive to find work, many struggled, especially during the bitter winters.

"The Mattijana welfare system works brilliantly in the south where there are more than enough jobs for everyone, but in the north where there were fewer opportunities, it was a disaster" says Sami. "At the same time as I was growing up, there were people burning anything they could get their hands on to stay warm."

The regional government fortunately realised it would have to change tack on welfare, something that has drastically reduced scenes like those recalled by Sami, as well as breathing some life back into the rural areas that were being deserted by those in desperate need of money.

Away from life on the streets however, Sami's footballing career was blossoming. The then 15 year-old was spotted by a scout from FK Snezn's youth academy whilst playing for local side Stargaard and jumped at the chance to join not just the biggest club in Snezn, but also in the whole of the North-East.

"I can remember the day the Snezn scout came to the Stargaard game really well. We had just beaten Mariberg (coincidentally midfielder Katarina Jakupovic's old team), I think 2-1, and a man was standing with my father as I came off the pitch. I assumed he was just one of my dad's work friends - a lot of the kids playing were the sons or daughters of dock workers - but he introduced himself and gave me the forms I needed to fill in to join on the spot. It's one of the happiest days of my life so far."

Snezn's academy taught Jorgenson the skills he needed to supplement his already useful stature. At 196cm (6, 5"), he is by far the tallest in the Mattijanan squad and is the tallest outfield player in the Mattijanan PrvaLiga. Following 6 years of intense training, 4 of them at professional level, he now has the heading technique, ball control, speed and fitness required of a national team player.

Fast forward to the Mytanija game, 3 years and 2 months after his senior debut for Snezn (against Weststrand, if it ever comes up in a pub quiz), and Jorgenson is pulling off a pair of very long tracksuit bottoms in preparation to come on for his international debut.

"Everything with Katija happened so quickly that I didn't have time to be nervous. If I'd known I was going to start or even come on after a certain amount of time, I would have had time to think about what could happen, but I had to rush to warm up and get ready to come on and when you get onto the pitch, you have to get your head down and think about the team's situation."

"After the game, the fact that I'd just played a competitive match for Mattijana started to sink in and I realised I wanted more of it because the first 60 minutes I played were really thrilling. Playing for my home club really means a lot and you have the responsibility to make the city proud of its team, but when the whole country is cheering you on, that responsibility is as high as it can possibly be."

Jorgenson got his wish as Burnisovic's ankle ligament damage was confirmed, along with the fact she would have to sit out at least the next three matches of Mattijana's qualifying campaign. With an hour of international football behind him, Jorgenson started the match against Cosumar. Things didn't go according to plan however.

"To be 3-0 down at half-time was really dissapointing. The adrenaline of the Mytanija game and the fact we were having to do a lot of defending meant everyone just slotted into place, but gainst Cosumar, we were a lot more stretched and our defensive shape wasn't good enough to cope."

"The manager gave us a pretty stiff talking to in the dressing room, but he also explained what we had to do better really clearly, so that allowed us to be stronger defensively and get 2 goals back in the second half."

Despite having only just broken into the squad, Jorgenson has ambitions to go further in his international career. Mattijana's attacking strength in depth is often commented on as being impressive, but the recent retirement of war-horse Edvard Crajasovic means that there is now a gap at centre-back that needs to be filled. Jorgenson has a lot of admiration for the woman he has temporarily replaced though.

"Katija is an incredible player. To be able to move so quickly and still have the strength to make the tackles she does is testament to her fitness as well as her skill. In my opinion, she's the best player ever to have worn a Mattijana shirt."

"I grew up watching Mattijana when she broke through into the side and it was such a joy to watch. She added a completely different dimension to the Mattijanan defense and really improved the side. I always tried to work as hard as I can on my speed and fitness because she showed just how important it is by the things she was able to do."

Many around Snezn think that Jorgenson will nail down a place in the starting lineup for Mattijana sooner rather than later and some have even predicted that he will become Mattijana's first choice centre-back, ahead of even Burnisovic.

Snezn's under-21 manager Marko Kjell is one of them.

"Katija's main strength is her speed and with it the ability to stay with even the fastest attackers and make tackles. Sami isn't far off her pace at the moment though and he is still young. With the aerial threat he presents on top of that, he could be a crucial player for Mattijana in the future, perhaps even as soon as the next qualifying cycle."

Whether Sami Jorgenson will manage to break into the Mattijana first team for the remainder of the qualifying campaign is yet to be seen, but on his current trajectory, it won't be long before he does make a starting role stick. Either way he is one to keep a very close eye on.

And at nearly 2 metres, he isn't hard to miss.
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Qusmyr refers to the monarch of Qusmo; they are its head of state. Qusmi Bez translates literally as “first Qusmi.” They are the head of government of Qusmo, like a prime minister or (in some countries) a president. They lead a coalition in Qusejzym, the parliament (or legislature) of Qusmo. The royal we is used by the Qusmyr.

Chapter I.

“My Qusmyr.” Their thoughts were interrupted. “Qusmi Bez is here to see you.”

Qusmyr Qaq remembered the date. “Of course. Send them in.” Qusmyr Qaq wanted nothing more than to send Qusmi Bez away, but it was their duty. Qusmyr Qaq waited &, sure enough, they soon heard the sound of two sets of steps echoing towards them.

“My Qusmyr, I present you Drolx-Dalox Aka, Qusmi Bez.” Qusmyr Qaq steeled themself for the meeting to come.

“It is my great honour to be received by my Qusmyr; you, truly, are Qusmi Bez.” It was all part of the game; nothing more, nothing less. If Drolx-Dalox Aka thought it would help them, they would look you in the eye & stab you in the back. “For what purpose have you called me here today?” A Qusmyr always invited whoever they would receive to their residence; no one ever called upon the Qusmyr. It was custom. It was tradition. It was a charade.

“Drolx-Dalox Aka, our parents, their parents, & their parents before them have ruled this great nation for one thousand ninety-three generations.” It was the same speech that Qusmyr Qaq had given so many times before, including to Drolx-Dalox on three occasions. “However, our continued authority depends on its acceptance by the people of this country.” It was the same speech that generations of Qusmyry had given for centuries to hundreds of Qusmi’y Bez. “To that end, as a leader of our people & for our country, entrusted with the confidence of all Qusmi’y through the process of democratic elections, we would like to invite you to submit recommendations for the speech we shall deliver to Qusejzym in one week’s time to guide this year’s session.” & every year, Qusmyr Qaq parroted what Qusmi’y Bez told them to say.

“My Qusmyr, I am deeply humbled & honoured by your invitation.” Drolx-Dalox’s knowing grin told otherwise. “As your subject & your servant, I shall, of course, endeavour to do whatever I can for my Qusmyr & for Qusmo.” Just as long as it was good for the polls, of course. “There are a certain number of matters which I believe to be of especial interest to the nation.” Qusmyr Qaq softly sighed but silently nodded their assent.

“We shall take these proposals into consideration.” We both knew that we would take them into more than mere consideration. “Infrastructure is always a noble goal, as is education. Public transportation is a somewhat novel goal, but one which we believe would be in the best interest of our country. I believe your initiative to open foreign markets for Qusma businesses is overdue. These are well-founded goals.”

“Thank you, my Qusmyr.” Drolx-Dalox smiled & began to reach for the materials they had prepared for the meeting.

“I was not finished.”

“My apologies, my Qusmyr. What else did you have on your mind?” Drolx-Dalox was clearly not sorry in the least. It was just like them to say one thing & not mean it at all.

“What else you have on your mind, more precisely - or, perhaps, what else you do not have on your mind.”

“I beg your pardon, my Qusmyr?” Now they began to take notice.

“I am afraid that, in my age, my hearing is not what it used to be. I seem not to have heard you say anything about our energy sources, or our health care system, or our foreign policy. I heard nothing of engaging with our region in a more meaningful way, through the Common Rushmori Community.” It is so fitting for Drolx-Dalox to be snarling at us, as they are now. Do they think they know indignity?

“My Qusmyr, I can assure you that my government will be attentive to these concerns. But we cannot go forward with membership in the Community yet; we simply are not ready for it.”

“When will we be ready, Aka? That is precisely what you told us the last time we met, & the time before then, & the time before then. Do not make us think you are a coward.” Although we know you already are. “Do what is right. You may leave me now.”

“Thank you, my Qusmyr. It has been my honour & my pleasure.” They stuck out their hand. Qusmyr Qaq did not respond. Aka turned to leave.

After all these years, after all these glories, after all these generations, this is what Qusmo has come to. Our forebearers would never have tolerated such insolence. There would not even be a Qusmi Bez. What a Qusmyr would say would be the law. How could our country be ruled by such a weak, sniveling coward today? How could we be so helpless to do anything about it? How could we be even weaker than they?

Upon reflection, perhaps that is not entirely true. I am obliged to address Qusejzym, & I am obliged to outline Aka’s goals for their term. But that is not all I can do.

Qusmyr Qaq paused, & they scanned the crowd before settling their gaze squarely upon one particular individual. “But we cannot content ourselves with these small goals, albeit noble. There is more which can be done; there is more which must be done.” The cabinet seated in Qusejzym began to murmur amongst themselves; this is not how they expected the speech to go. “It is clear to us that the time of relying only upon ourselves must be consigned to the past. We must open ourselves to the international community; we must open the Multiverse to Qusmo. We must establish strong alliances, economically, politically, & militarily, with nations throughout our region in order to benefit our own home. We must join the Common Rushmori Community.”

Qusejzym erupted immediately; in the midst of the din, however, one figure stayed silent. Drolx-Dalox looked as though they had seen a ghost. It might have been the only ghost they cared about: that of their own political career, slain before their eyes.

Qusmyr Qaq smiled.

Group 11
Alluersia 0–1 Velestria
Mattijana 2–1 Vartugia
Qusmo 1–3 Cosumar
Saltstead 2–0 Mytanija
Sajnur 0–2 Kavagrad

   Group 11                       Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Cosumar 4 3 1 0 12 3 +9 10
2 Saltstead 4 3 1 0 7 2 +5 10

3 Qusmo 4 3 0 1 6 5 +1 9
4 Mattijana 4 2 1 1 7 6 +1 7
5 Velestria 4 1 2 1 1 3 −2 5
6 Kavagrad 4 1 1 2 6 6 0 4
7 Mytanija 4 1 1 2 4 4 0 4
8 Vartugia 4 1 1 2 5 9 −4 4
9 Alluersia 4 0 1 3 2 7 −5 1
Sajnur 4 0 1 3 2 7 −5 1

Qusmo humbled by class Tidesson performance, falling to third in Group 11
Qusmo 1–3 Cosumar

Mastad Qusma, Qanz, Qusmo (cap. 80 000)

GK  Xynat-Evela Cuf
CB Cunix-Betva Tla
CB Zenon-Gerol Kal
CB Yelto-Alfan Ono
DM Yunal-Julad Waz
DM Jerat-Jonto Jan
CM Ilinx-Kepex Zev
LM Helek-Nenzi Ono
RM Forzu-Ralox Kal
SS Paliv-Xilit Max
ST Xilit-Zaxac Yol
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Postby Apox » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:22 pm


Here Be Dragons

Some teams have been hit by a few sucker punches so far this qualifying campaign, don't let Margaret get you down!

MD5 cutoff for Groups 8-15

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