Allanean Pharmaceuticals Tanker Chocolate

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Allanean Pharmaceuticals Tanker Chocolate

Postby Allanea » Fri May 20, 2022 3:24 am

Tanker Chocolate Milk Chocolate Bar

Weight per bar: (100 grams)
Stimulant content: 50 mg cocaine, 50 mg methamphetamine, 40 mg caffeine, etc.
Price: $5 New Dornalian
DPR: $50 million New Dornalian

Make all your orders at Allanean Defense Exports!

Background: Continuing its quest to make stimulants available to military and law enforcement users in a reliable, safe, and user-friendly form, Allanean Pharmaceuticals has gone back to a classic form of delivery - we decided to deliver a mix of methamphetamine, cocaine, and some mild other stimulants, in the form of delicious milk chocolate.

The standard Tanker ChocolateTM bar contains 50 mg cocaine and 50 methamphetamine. However, the design intent is for the bar to be broken off and divided into five 4-square portions, each of them containing a dose of 10 mg of each of these substances, enough to create a mild ‘boost’ in a user who has no experience with stimulants.

In the Free Kingdom, of Allanea, Tanker ChocolateTM is issued to crews of armored vehicles and various special operations units, as well as being available commercially in stores and pharmacies.

Tanker ChocolateTM is counterindicated for persons with pre-existing heart problems, allergies to chocolate, milk, or caffeine, or pregnant persons. Tanker ChocolateTM contains addictive substances.

Make all your orders at Allanean Defense Exports!

OOC: As should be clear, this chocolate is available both as a 'combat' drug for armed outfits, and as a 'recreational' drug for those countries where this would be legal, of which there are many in NS. It's also possible, if you like, to roleplay that people in your nation purchase, or order, this drug in countries where it is legal (perhaps in Allanea itself), and smuggle it into a country where it is not. In that case, of course, it would be far more expensive to actually get for those unfortunates who end up using it… but that's economics at work for you!
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