East India Company Trade Deal

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East India Company Trade Deal

Postby Tykeania » Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:22 am

The Honourable Company wishes to purchase several tons of tea from any nation or organisation able to supply any quantity.

Any whom wish to make an offer should contact myself or other East India Company members.

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Postby Texkentuck » Thu Nov 25, 2021 1:04 pm

We are able to supply you with tea at a special price of $3.00 NSD per barrel. Our company is Alp Water. We get our water from high up in the mountain tops of Magnusseptintrianelem Alpis. We also run a Snow Owl Conservation and spread the message of caring for our nations environment. Do to our actions Snow Owls were taken off the endangered species list in Texkentuck and is a protected national bird. We are able to make tea as well. We can send 1000 barrels of tea a month to your nation for sale. If we are accepted we will cover the cost of shipping. We are able to deliver through out delivery service that is Northern Delivery Service. Our water is the finest and will make the tea your nation desires to simply expeariance a sweet taste. We allow for our water to soak into the best of sugar cane which gives it a taste of sweetness. Please accept our contract. We will post world wide our tea upon acceptance of this contract. Also we would like to bring down the cost to $2.00 NSD if we can use your Company as a buisness Partner of Alp Tea.

CEO: Laura HardyyourginBurginkophf OurumovVonBathovin

Laura HardyyourginBuginkophf OurumovVonBatohovin
Current Alp CEO
George Washingkophf HardyorgBurginkophf the Founder of Alp Water in 1950.

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