Knarr Medium Oiler

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Knarr Medium Oiler

Postby Allanea » Tue Nov 23, 2021 7:46 am

Hammond Motors Knarr Medium Oiler


Art by Anagonia

Length: 194.6 meters
Beam: 22.7 meters
Draft: 11 meters
Installed Power: x1 25,000 hp diesel engine
Propulsion: x2 controllable pitch propellers
Top speed: 24 knots max, 20 knots cruise
Capacity: 120,000 barrels (19,000 cubic meters) of fuel oil/diesel fuel
440 sq. m. dry cargo space
Radar x2 air-surface search radar, x1 targeting radar
Pumps: x8 3,500 gpm fuel pumps
Launches: Lifeboats, x2 Capibara-class rescue boats, RHIBs and USVs
Armament: x2 57 mm guns, x2 SeaRAM launchers, x16 Mk41 VLS, x2 Kaa anti-torpedo launcher
Aircraft capacity: x1 helipad
Range: 12,000 km at 20 knots)
Crew: 100
Cost: $500 million
DPR: $50 billion ($5 billion to those already holding DPR in the Sedna-class submarine tender)
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Background: Expanding its entry into the field of military logistics, the Hammond Motors Corporation has invested substantial sums to purchase production facilities and know-how involved in the production of the Anagonian AEST-1108 Submarine Tender. After the success of the Sedna class submarine tender, it was decided to develop a surface fleet oiler for export to various partners, integrating the same technologies already successful with the Sedna class into a medium oiler platform.

Electronic Load Handling System: The most important element of any tender ship is tracking the loads it carries. For this purpose, the Knarr is equipped with a quadruple-redundant logistics management computer. Linked to portable scanning terminal issued to the crew, the logistics management computer contains a real-time record of all torpedoes, mines, supplies and spare parts. The system maintains a record of the relevant logistics data – the size and dimensions of the items, their expiration dates (where relevant), and the location and status of each item. When the time comes to load a submarine with items, the ELHS automatically prepares a plan which contains a detailed order in which the items are to be unloaded, the most efficient routes the crew must take through the cargo hold to access and move the items, etc., and submits it to the relevant officers aboard ship for approval and last-minute corrections.

Tension replenishment:The Knarr is equipped with launchers and cable mounts for CONREP, wherein tensioned cables are deployed between the Knarr and a ship alongside it, and fuel hoses or pallets are transferred between the two ships. Because of the requirements for precision in CONREP operations, the Knarr's sterring and navigation systems are fully computerized, and capable of direct digital coordination with the resupplied ship for maximum precision and safety during CONREP.

Deck cranes: The Knarr-class is equipped with a pair of high-yield deck cranes, connected to the ELHS, and capable of transloading heavy weapons packages and other cargoes. With the two deck cranes, the Knarr is capable of rearming two ships at once.

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