NLS-1 Hammerhead Cruise Missile

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NLS-1 Hammerhead Cruise Missile

Postby Nachmere » Sat Oct 23, 2021 9:00 am


Type: Sea and Land Strike Missile
Launch Platform: Aircraft, Ship(tube or VLS) , Land
Length: 400cm (450cm S variant)
Width (Body):48cm
Wingspan: 2.15m
Weight: 405kg (475kg S variant)
Propulsion: CTJ-260 turbojet engine (650lb thrust), solid fuel rocket booster.
Range: up to 350km depending on launch platform and trajectory
Speed: Mach 0.85
Warhead: 100kg blast-fragmentation
Guidance: IIR seeker, INS/GPS, 2 way RF lin, BASTION II networking
Price per unit: 1,500,000NSD.
DPR: 600,000,000NSD.


The NLS-1 Hammerhead is a medium range and payload cruise missile developed by Schwerpunkt to meet a Royal Navy need for a ship launched weapon that will provide a land strike capability to light ships such as corvettes and frigates while not negating their anti-shipping role. The missile was designed to share vertical or box launchers with the NS-5 Morena to allow flexibility in arming said ships. While the NLS-1 was designed with small and medium surface combatants in mind, it is also capable of air and ground launch.

Technologically speaking the Hammerhead combines proven elements such as turbojet propulsion and low RCS design, with cutting edge AI and networking. It relies on a combination of an advanced IIR seeker and automatic target identification and tracking to engage and destroy small-medium surface combatants, fixed land targets and even mobile ones.


Constructed mainly of composite materials and coated to reduce its radar and thermal signature, the Hammerhead is also shaped to both reduce its radar signature and give it extended range, with two fold out winglets and four stabilizing fold out fins at the rear. The propulsion components are located in the rear fuselage, and consist of a small rocket booster (the S variant has an added, larger booster for vertical launch) and a jet engine. The mid section of the missile contains fuel tanks, communications systems and the fold out winglets. The front of the missile has the processing unit, warhead and intelligent infrared seeker.

As mentioned the Hammerhead is launched with either a small integral or large add on solid fuel rocket, but is powered in flight by a compact turbojet engine, the CTJ-260. The engine is a lightweight single spool design, with a low RCS shaped air intake under the fuselage of the missile. With two winglets and turbojet propulsion the Hammerhead has a strike range of up to 350km, depending on the launch method, flight profile and trajectory (A typical sea launched lo-hi-lo profile will have a range of 230km). The missile maneuvers in flight by control surfaces on the winglets and fins.

Hammerhead uses satellite and inertial navigation systems to arrive at the target area, but also has a 2 way RF link and is networked using Schwerpunkt’s BASTION II system. This makes the missile incredibly versatile in flight paths, trajectories and targeting. It can be launched with a predetermined target or launched to a location where it will automatically seek out targets of a specific type. It can be adjusted mid course, and will not only use BASTION II data to evade detection and interception on its course, but can also transmit information through the system. Using the network's advanced ad-hoc abilities, a Hammerhead may be “passed-on” from its launcher unit to another controller, and re-targeted in mid-flight.

Terminal guidance is performed by an IIR seeker coupled to an advanced AI system. The sapphire shielded 320×240 pixel dual waveband electro-optical imaging Infrared seeker is capable of detecting and tracking targets at up to 45 degrees off boresight and a range of up to 35km , the seeker is connected to a cutting edge artificial intelligence system. The AI is capable of autonomous recognition and acquisition. The result is a missile that can detect and engage static or mobile maritime and land targets with pinpoint accuracy and a high degree of resilience to countermeasures. The AI can identify specific ship classes, and autonomously attack key points on the ship for maximal effect.

The Hammerhead has a 100kg blast-fragmentation penetrator warhead, fused to detonate after penetration of a ship or building using a void sensor, inflicting maximum damage inside the target.

NSL-6A Hammerhead is the aircraft launched version.
NSL-6S is the ship or land launched version with a heavier and longer booster.

All purchases must be made through our main storefront.
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