S-72 "Magal" Submachine Gun

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S-72 "Magal" Submachine Gun

Postby Nachmere » Fri Jul 16, 2021 12:52 pm

Type: Submachine Gun
Caliber: 9x!9mm
Action: Blowback, closed bolt
Overall length: 600mm stock extended to mid position
Barrel Length: 210mm
Weight, empty: 2.9kg
Rate of Fire: 700 rounds per minute.
Magazine capacity: 30/50
Price per unit: 800 USD
DPR price: 10,000,000 USD

The S-72 “Magal” (Scythe) is a closed bolt, blowback operated submachine gun heavily based on the ARI-72 series of rifles. Basing the Magal on the Barak offered both easier and simpler production, and familiarity to current users of the ARI-72 - but in a compact 9mm version.

Though not widely adopted by Nachmerean armed forces, it has been adopted by various law enforcement departments across the country, and is popular on the civilian market.

Taking the basic design of the ARI-72, the gas operating system was replaced with a simple blowback one, with the gas piston replaced with a bolt extension forming a sort of telescoping bolt for added mass. As is the parent rifle in it’s latest iterations, the Magal has ambidextrous controls for the magazine release and fire selector/safety. The latter is a an AK style device that doubles as a dust cover on the right side of the SMG, and an AR style thumb switch on the left. The reciprocating charging handle is bent upwards for ease of use with either hand.

While maintaining the same robust milled lower of the ARI-72, the Magal is offered as standard with modern polymer AR style butstock, handguards and pistol grip. To allow the user to mount modern optics, lasers and lights, Magal has a continuous rail system on the top of the gun, and like the ARI the dust cover is tightly fitted enough to maintain zero. Rails can be mounted on the bottom and sides of the handguard as well. The gun is best used with red dot optics, but is sold with back up folding iron sights. The Magal can be fitted with a suppressor by removing the muzzle device and replacing it, and will run subsonic ammo with absolute reliability.

Magal is fed by proprietary 30 round double stack double feed polymer magazines, or 50 round drums, each gun is sold with three thirty round magazines. All orders must be made through our main storefront.

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