Snunit A Affordable Standoff Munition

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Snunit A Affordable Standoff Munition

Postby Nachmere » Mon Jun 07, 2021 12:07 pm


Type: Standoff Precision Munition
Length: 4m
Diameter (Body):300mm
Fin span: 600mm
Weight: 450kg
Propulsion:Solid fuel rocket
Range: 160km
Speed: Supersonic
Warhead: 125kg blast-fragmentation
CEP: 10m A variant, 1.5m AL variant
Guidance: INS/GPS, +laser designation in AL variant
Launch platform: Aircraft
Price per unit: 45,000 USD, 60,000 USD for AL variant
DPR: 100,000,000 USD (both variants)

The modern battlefield requires more and more use of standoff precision guided weapons to both ensure accurate hits on targets and keep aircraft at a safe distance from air defenses. Various types of long ranged precision guided weapons exist, but most are costly to purchase and operate. Enter the Snunit A (Air Launched) and AL (Air launched, Laser guided).
Based on existing technology and components from the widely produced and combat proven Snunit (Swallow) ground launched rocket, Schwerpunkt has created a highly capable, simple and affordable standoff weapon for strikes against high value, highly defended targets such as headquarters, radar stations, airfields, etc.

Essentially identical to the original Snunit design, Snunit A/L is adapted to be carried by fighter aircraft, with up to 4 units per aircraft. The munitions can be programmed on the ground, or using a simple avionics kit can be programmed/reprogrammed midair. Launched from the aircraft even at very low altitudes, Snunit A/AL acts much like its ground based parent. The rocket engine sends it on a ballistic trajectory with GPS/INS corrections on the downwards part of the arc. Flight speed is between Mach 1 and 1.7. The laser guided AL variant can further be guided into the target by designation from other aircraft or land based assets. The munition maneuvers using fins, and is armed with a 125kg HE-Fragmentation warhead.

Thanks to the long arc-like trajectory and supersonic speed Snunit A/AL is an ideal weapon for attacking well defended point targets. The launching aircraft can release the rockets at low altitude at a range of up to 160km from the target, making detection and early warning difficult, especially when combined with the short time of flight. This also makes the weapon useful against time sensitive targets of opportunity. The AL laser guided variant can also be used against moving targets.

Please make all purchases and inquiries through our main storefront.
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