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Kanar Mark 3 Squad Automatic Weapon / Automatic Rifle

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 1:42 pm
by Nachmere

Type: Squad Automatic Weapon / Automatic Rifle
Caliber: 6.5 Grendel (available in 5.56, 5.45 and other calibers)
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt, long stroke gas piston.
Overall length: 890-1050mm stock extended
Barrel Length: 395mm or 510mm
Weight, empty: 5.6kg
Rate of Fire: 400-600 rounds per minute.
Magazine capacity: 20/30/60
Price per unit: 1,300 USD
DPR price: 35,000,000 USD


The Kanar (Violinist) Mark 3 is the most recent version of squad automatic weapon or automatic rifle adopted by the Nachmerean Armed Forces. The Kanar is the result of five decades of iterative improvements and modifications starting with Nachmerean Royal Army requiring a support version of the ARI-72. The resulting SAW-72 was essentially identical to its parent rifle, but had a heavier and longer barrel and a bipod. Over the years the design was improved and modified. In the early 1990s Nachmere Precision Systems took over the production and added a quick change system for the barrel, and significantly incorporated the constant recoil principle into the design. Schwerpunkt took over from NPS, retaining most of the design and modernizing it for use of optics and attachments.

The current Kanar Mark 3 is a highly reliable, very light, and soft shooting automatic weapon well suited for use in the squad level.


The Kanar continues to retain the commonality with the ARI-72, itself based heavily on the AK design. Like the AK the Kanar is operated by a long stroke gas piston, and has a 2 lug bolt. From the ARI-72 the Kanar maintains the ambidextrous safety and magazine release, and the AR style magazine well.

But though it’s ancestors were essentially ARI-72s with a heavier longer barrel, the Kanar 3 has several distinct mechanical differences from the venerable assault rifle. The Kanar has a quick change barrel system, with a small lever on the front of the foregrip and a handle connected to the gas block. Pulling back on the lever while turning and pushing the barrel with the handle allows the quick unlocking and removal of a barrel. This feature was added to allow troops to utilize the incredible accurate suppressive fire capability to it’s maximum. Another new mechanical feature is the adjustable gas system, with three settings, for flexibility of use with various ammo and use with a suppressor. For quicker and easier magazine changes and manipulations, a bolt hold open button was incorporated on the right side of the gun. The gun will also lock open on an empty magazine, unlike the original ARI-72.

But the true, important difference that makes the Kanar a formidable automatic weapon is the incorporation of the constant recoil principle into the design. By lengthening the receiver and carefully adjusting spring pressure and the gas system, the bolt carrier has enough travel distance to complete its reward movement without ever physically contacting the rear of the receiver. The result is a uniquely soft recoiling gun in fully automatic fire, with the more typical series of impulses replaced with one continuous push against the shoulder. Users find that they can effortlessly keep the gun on target and compare it to using a garden hose. Paired with the semi auto mode that allows the Kanar to be properly zeroed, this means it is capable of extremely accurate, and thus effective, suppressive fire from the shoulder or bipod.

In addition to these mechanical differences, the Mark 3 has seen significant external modifications. The original folding wire stock has been replaced with an AR like false buffer tube folding stock. The Kanar now has a full length accessory rail on the top of the receiver and gas tube, as well as rails on the sides and bottom of the foregrip. These can be used to equip the same force multipliers as on the rifles the Kanar serves alongside.

Kanar is fed from AR style magazines, and is available in 6.5 Grendle, 5.56x45, and 5.45x39. Also available are 60 round drums. Various barrel lengths are available, with a 395mm and 520mm the most common. The gun is delivered with flip up backup sights, but can accommodate any rail compatible optic system.

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