"Caracal" Tactical Air Defense System

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"Caracal" Tactical Air Defense System

Postby Nachmere » Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:25 pm

Specifications (on WUAP platform):
Type: Tactical Air Defense System
Crew: 3
Weight: 29 tons
Length(gun forward): 8.4 meters
Width: 3 meters
Height: 4.2 meters with launcher depressed
Missiles: 4 ready to launch Viper 5 SAM
Gun: 57mm L77 automatic cannon
Radar: Four 4D AESA software defined radars
Electro-optics: Thermal Imager, FHD camera, LRF
Communications: Intercom, VHF/UHF ready. GPS/GLONASS, C4I ready for BASTION II or similar
Engine:600hp (447kw), Turbocharged 8 cylinder water cooled diesel
Power to weight ratio: 20hp/ton
Suspension: Horstman In-Arm pneumatic suspension
Operational range: 500km
Speed: 55km/h off-road
Price: 7,500,000 USD | Without vehicle - 5,500,000 USD
DPR: 750,000.000USD | Without vehicle - 550,000.000USD

The WUAP-TADS “Caracal” is a WUAP vehicle mounting the ADT-57 “Caracal” turret and radar components. The “Caracal” was developed jointly by Mikaylski & Aviram Armaments of Danlina and Schwerpunkt Arms of Nachmere. It is essentially an unmanned tactical air defense turret module intended to fit on Danllinian AN-4 Jerboa and Nachmerian WUAP wheeled APCs, and can be adapted to fit most modern tracked or wheeled vehicles of similar or larger dimensions. Due to its unmanned nature it takes up minimal internal volume and requires less protection (the turret is protected against machine gun fire only). When paired with either platform or similar ones it provides excellent air defense coverage to maneuvering forces.

Detection and tracking are done by a combination of 4 radars mounted on the hull of the vehicle and a highly capable electro-optic unit mounted on the turret. The 4 AESA software defined radars combine a full hemispheric cover area around the vehicle, and are capable of detecting targets as small as miniature class I drones at 5km, with larger targets such as fixed wing fighter aircraft being detected at 20km. The radars are highly resistant to electronic counter measures. Choosing four such units allowed mounting them on the hull, clearing the turret area for the large missile launcher, and the advanced software defined radars are extremely light, weighing in at a mere 30kg per unit.

The electro-optic system is mounted on the turret roof, in a 360 degree rotating stabilized gimbal. It includes a highly capable 1280X1024px thermal imager able to detect aircraft at beyond visual range distances, as well as full high definition digital camera, and eyesafe laser rangefinder/designator. Thanks to the combination of an excellent thermal imager and camera this unit is operable in extremely adverse weather, through smoke etc. The electro-optics unit is capable of automated tracking of targets at high air speeds even at close range.

Data from the radar units and electro optic unit. is transmitted to and displayed by an advanced tracking and fire control computer, on four touch screens (two for the commander and two for the gunner). In addition to its own onboard sensors, the computer is capable of networking via BASTION II or similar C4I systems to both receive and share battlespace information.

Using the advanced sensors and computing ability, the “Caracal” can engage aerial threats with one of two weapon systems: a 57mm automatic cannon or Viper 5 IR seeking missiles.

The 57mm and much of the turret mechanical and electric features were licensed from Allanea Arms and are similar to the Glamdring unmanned turret.The gun is capable of firing several types of shells, but for anti-aircraft use it is paired with either High Explosive fragmentation rounds or Guided High Explosive Fragmentation rounds. These rounds are guided by the laser designator of the electro-optics unit, and use small fins to maneuver. Both types are available with proximity or radar fusing. The gun can be controlled either by the commander or gunner, and slaved to the electro-optic unit for automated tracking and leading of targets. In addition the gun can be used to engage ground targets for defense of the vehicle. The combination of high velocity, large payload and precision means that despite a somewhat slow rate of fire (140 rounds per minute), the 57mm maintains high lethality against all aerial threats with a range of 8km. The gun is fully stabilized and it’s fire control system accounts for external (temperature, wind etc.) and internal (cant, ammunition temperature etc) conditions. It can elevate and depress from -5 to +75 degrees and is automatically loaded from a 140 round ready to fire stowage unit.

For engaging aircraft at longer ranges and higher altitudes the “Caracal” has a four missile launcher for the Viper 5. This highly capable air-to-air weapon has less range when ground launched, but maintains its other features: high maneuverability, high probability of kill against small targets and in adverse conditions, and high resistance to countermeasures. Viper 5 can be launched using data from the radar or C4I with lock-on-after-launch, or using the electro-optic system for lock-on-before-launch. The system is capable of engaging a single target with several missiles or up to 4 targets simultaneously, due to the capabilities of the missile itself. For reloading the entire four missile box can be easily removed and replaced by a small crane carrying vehicle, or individual missiles may be loaded.

The “Caracal” is available both as a complete vehicle or as a module only. All orders and inquiries are to be made via our main storefront.
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