Viper 5 Air-To-Air Missile

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Viper 5 Air-To-Air Missile

Postby Nachmere » Fri Jan 29, 2021 6:08 pm


Type: Short range Air-to-Air and Surface-to-Air missile
Length: 302cm
Diameter (Body):16cm
Winglet span: 64cm
Weight: 103kg
Propulsion:Solid fuel rocket motor
Range: 30km
Speed: 3.5 Mach
Warhead: 9.5kg Annular blast-fragmentation
Fuse: Active laser proximity fuse, backup impact fuse
Guidance: infrared homing + electro-optical imaging seeker, datalink, INS
Launch platform: Aircraft, ground vehicles, naval vessels
Price per unit: 350,000NSD
DPR: 400,000,000NSD

The VIper 5 is the latest generation short range anti-aircraft missile produced by Scherpunkt. It is an all aspect, full sphere capable missile with a Lock On After Launch ability.

The heart of the VIper 5 is its sophisticated IR imaging seeker. Unlike older generations of infrared homing missiles the Viper 5 “sees” the entire target, not only the hot exhaust of the engine. The 320×240 pixel dual waveband electro-optical imaging seeker can detect and lock onto targets at an angle of up to 90 degrees off borsight. Combined with advanced computer software and hardware, the seeker is extremely resilient to countermeasures, and capable of locking on even to very small targets like larger class I UAVs (thos ability has been combat proven). The seekers sensitivity and advanced software make it capable even in adverse weather, cluttered background look-down scenarios. But Viper 5 is not only capable of locking onto targets before it’s launched - it can also LOAL (lock on after launch). This means VIper 5 can be launched at targets at short beyond visual range, and at targets at any bearing to its carrying platform, provided with data of their location. This data can come from helmet mounted sights, the platforms radar, C4I/data link from other platforms etc.

Propelled by a rocket motor to a high speed of 3.5 mach, the Viper 5 is highly maneuverable. But while many other missiles rely on thrust vectoring to maneuver, Viper 5 relies on intelligent aerodynamic design. It’s eighteen control surfaces allow it to maneuver even after exhausting it’s rocket motor, maximizing kill probability at maximum ranges.
When it comes to range, the combination of control surface maneuvering, datalink and the extremely potent IR seeker give the Viper 5 a range of 30km, slightly beyond visual range, despite it’s fast speed. For longer range engagements the missile is guided by datalink and INS to intercept its intended target, at which point the IR seeker takes over and guides the missile terminally.

The Viper 5 carries a 9.5kg annular blast fragmentation warhead, with an active laser proximity fuse and a backup impact fuse, for enhanced kill probability.

Viper 5 can be integrated onto most modern aircraft, and is a fearsome weapon both with the advanced LOAL abilities or on less advanced platforms using only LOBL. In addition to being an air-to-air missile, the system can be integrated into air defense platforms. In this role it can be supplemented with a booster rocket to maintain the longer 30km range or for compact systems provides a 20km interception range. Because of it’s LOAL ability and it’s reliance on IR seeking rather than radar it is extremely useful when adversaries apply radiation homing munitions and electronic warfare assets.

All purchases and queries should be directed to out main storefront.
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Postby Eternal Iron » Wed Mar 24, 2021 12:26 pm

id like to but the DPR for the Viper 5 Air-To-Air Missile
and the dpr for the A-210 Makosh CAS UCAV(Robohog)

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Postby Nachmere » Wed Mar 24, 2021 12:33 pm

Please make all future purchases through the main store.

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