Shrakrak Miniature Loitering Munition/Drone

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Shrakrak Miniature Loitering Munition/Drone

Postby Nachmere » Fri Jan 22, 2021 3:07 pm


Type: Miniature loitering munition / drone
Payload: 200g HE-Fragmentation, 10m lethality radius (Optionally available with Stun, CS and Smoke payloads).

Length: 340mm (launch canister:400mm)
Diameter: 50mm (launch canister 55mm)
Weight (with canister): 2kg
Weight (Munition only): 1.4kg

Propulsion and performance:
Launch: Pyrotechnic launch or hand launch.
Propulsion: 4 electric brushless motors.
Max Velocity: 72km/h, cruise at 60Km/h.
Battery: 4X1000 mAh, 15,2V, 72.9Wh.
Range: up to 10km with radio control, 100m on Wifi connection.
Endurance: 12 minutes travel or 20 minutes hover.

Gimbaled Day and night (uncooled thermal) camera.
Computer vision with automatic obstacle evasion.

Communications and control:
Option A: Plug and play control unit for tablet/phone operating in 2.400-2.483 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz.
Option B: Plug and play control unit for tablet/phone/Telepat operating in 2.400-2.483 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz, with manual control sticks.
Option C: Wifi control by phone/tablet.
Option D: control unit(option B) installed inside soft/armored vehicles, with several launch canisters mounted externally.

BASTION II with compatible devices.

Price per drone: 4000USD
Per Control Unit: 200USD
On vehicle integration: 1200USD
DPR: 150,000,000USD

In the modern battlefield, precision guided munitions have made their way down from the strategic, to the operational, to the tactical level. So have networked communication devices.

The Shrakrak ("Bee-eater") Miniature Loitering Munition is the logical conclusion to this trend. Shrakrak is so lightweight, compact and autonomous as to make it not only feasible, but extremely easy to be carried and operated at the squad or individual soldier level. It affords the micro-tactical level with fast, precise and lethal extended range aerial capability. Shrakrak can also be used from vehicles, giving their commanders drone capabilities with virtually no weight addition to the vehicle.

Shrakarak is a quadcopter cylindrical shaped aerial drone contained in a launch canister. Due to its diminutive weight and diameter, one or several units can be carried by one soldier. Being a single use item allowed weight and cost savings on the drone itself.

Shrakrak’s four brushless electric motor driven rotors are mounted on folding arms that extend up and out after launch. The upper part of the cylinder contains 4 batteries and the radio receivers and transmitters. The lower part contains a High Explosive Fragmentation charge, with a 10m lethality radius. Underslung in a gimbal is the EO unit which houses both thermal and day time cameras as well as IR sensors for obstacle evasion.

The launch canister consists of a pyrotechnic device coupled to a launch tube with folding bipod. The mostly polymer tube is reinforced in several places to withstand the single use of a Shrakrak. The pyrotechnic launch device is essentially very similar to the cartridge of a 40mm High-Low pressure case, but has a self contained time fuse that is activated by rotating the device left. This can not be done unless the cap on the front of the canister has not yet been removed. The pyrotechnic launch is meant to maximize the range and endurance of the loitering munition by sending it to a 100m altitude without use of batteries. It is also possible to simply remove the drone and hand launch it.

Shrakrak is controlled using existing tactical tablets, smartphones or even the Telepat goggles. There are 4 ways for this to be done. The first is by using the Wifi capability of such devices, but this creates a very short range of operation for Shrakrak. The more practical methods involve a USB plug-and-play control unit that connects to said device and acts as a radio transmitter/receiver to Shrakrak. Schwerpunkt has developed two such control units, one with manual control sticks and one without. If these devices use BASTION II, Shrakrak can be used to directly upload information to the network.

For use in AFVs or other vehicles, a 2 or 4 tube launch system is available, with the control unit connected directly to onboard tactical computers or a device carried for this purpose.

How it works:
When a force or vehicle needs immediate aerial observation or lethality, the operator extends the bipod and places Shrakrak on the ground. If using one of the plug-and-play control units, he plugs it into the device he intends to use to control Shrakrak and display it’s video feedback. He then removes the end cap from the canister, and scans the QR printed on it. This gives the Shrakrak app on the device the information about the drone, it’s payload and its specific control codes.
The operator then twists the pyrotechnic device starting a 5 second fuze. The drone is launched by the pyrotechnic device and reaches an altitude of 100m. The rotors deploy and it automatically hovers.

The operator now commands the drone, but does not have to “fly” the drone. He can simply click around a map/satellite top down view and order the drone where to fly to and where to loiter. The operator can also view the drone’s video feed, selecting day/thermal video, controlling the camera direction and zoom. If needed the operator can also manually control the drone, but this is usually unneeded.

When identifying a target the operator simply clicks it on the screen, and the drone can be ordered to follow or attack this target. Using pixel identification technology the drone will automatically track targets and attack them with a 0.1m CEP. When attacking the drone will use it’s maximum speed, The operator has a simple “wave-off” button allowing him to call off the attack in case of a change in the tactical situation. The HE-Frag payload will not arm unless ordered to attack a target, and there is a self destruct option if the need arises.

When used with BASTION II devices, the Shrakrak can feed target information directly into the C4I system, and BASTION II information will be displayed on both the top down map mode and the video feed.

All purchases and queries should be directed to our main storefront.
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