M1935 Pistol - Relaunched.

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M1935 Pistol - Relaunched.

Postby Nachmere » Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:48 pm


Type: Semi Automatic Pistol
Action: Single action, short recoil operated
Cartridge: 9X19mm
Weight Unloaded: 900g | 820g for Detective model
Weight, with empty magazine: 1070g | 890g for Detective model
Width: 29mm
Length: 197mm | 173mm for Detective model.
Height: 12.3cm w/flush magazine
Barrel Length: 117mm | 93mm for Detective model.
Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds single stack | 9/10 round mags available
Cost per unit:
Army model: 670USD
AEE model: 670USD
Detective model: 770USD
TIP model: 1,350USD
Royal model: 2,700USD


In the late 1920s the Royal Army and Navy jointly sought to replace their outdated revolvers with an advanced, modern semi automatic pistol. The main requirements were reliability, ease of carry, ease of maintenance, and excellent practical accuracy.

Using various licensed elements of Browning designs such as the BHP and the 1911 the Nachmerean Royal Ordnance Corps developed a pistol to meet these requirements. The result was the M1935 Service Pistol. The M1935 was loved by users, and was highly modern for it’s time. 6 decades of service in the military and continued service in some law enforcement agencies testify to the greatness of the original design.

In 2020 Schwerpunkt purchased the entire technical data package and tooling for production of the original and improved M1935 from the Nachmerean government. We offer this firearm to customers who prefer a more traditional side arm for various reasons, or to those who need the extreme shootability of a single action, straight press trigger.

Technical description and variants:

For it’s time the M1935 was an amalgamation of the best of Browning designs, lacking only in capacity. From the 1911 it took the single stack magazine allowing for an extremely svelte and easy to carry and point pistol. It also inherited the straight trigger mechanism loved by many, which makes it one of the best service pistol triggers in the world.

From the Browning High Power the M1936 took the assembly and form factor (albit narrower in the grip due to the single stack magazine), simplified assembly and mechanism. Forgoing the BHPs magazine safety kept the trigger clean and crisp.

The M1935 started out with an internal extractor, and so does the basic “Army” model we now offer. In the 1960s the move to an external extractor was made to ease reliability, but some swear by the internal extractor to this day. We chose to offer the Army model as it was originally. For those preferring the external extractor, the AEE (Army External Extractor) model is identical to the M1935s made in the late 60s and onwards. Each AEE M1935 arrives in a cardboard package with one spare 8 round magazine, cleaning rod, lock and manual.

In the early 1980s the ROC made several thousand shorter barreled M1935s, to accommodate a need by law enforcement and some in the military. In addition to the shorter barrel these also had improved sights. Our Detective model is essentially similar, but with modern, replaceable night sights. Despite it’s name the Detective is suitable as a service pistol and as a civilian concealed carry pistol. Each Detective M1935 is delivered in a hard travel case with with one spare 8 round magazine, cleaning rod, lock and manual.

In the 1990s, as M1935 production was all but over, ROC made a last batch of several hundred product improved pistols for elite units. These had alloy frames, slightly flare magazine wells, 9 round magazines, integral picattiny rails, lighter hammers and (even) smoother triggers, and modern sights. The TIP (Tactical Improved Pistol) is identical to this, but again uses modern replaceable night sights, G10 grips, and comes with mounts for optics. It is an excellent choice for a very concealable but extremely capable weapon for special forces. Each TIP M1935 is delivered in a hard travel case with with two spare 9 round magazine, plate for optics mounting, cleaning rod, lock and manual.

Lastly, over the years ROC made a few dozen nickel and gold plated M1935s, all in the original internal extractor form, as reward pistols given to decorated soldiers or gifts to foreign dignitaries by the King. We chose to make this version available as the Royal model. These are exquisite hand fitted and tuned actions with ivory grips and gold plated controls, nickel plated slides and frames. The barrel and chamber are TiN plated to a gold colour finish. These make excellent rewards to soldiers, state visit gifts, and ceremonial pistols. Each Royal M1935 is delivered in a mahogany and red velvet presentation case, with a spare nickel plated magazine, cleaning kit, lock, manual and certificate of authenticity.

Please use our main storefront for purchases and queries.
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