"Madbir" Tactical Counter Drone System

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"Madbir" Tactical Counter Drone System

Postby Nachmere » Sat Jan 02, 2021 2:44 pm



Type: Tactical Counter Unmanned Air Systems System
Crew: 1-2 operators
Mounting: Medium trucks and AFVs, Small boats, ground installations
Detection and tracking range: 4.5km
Identification range: 3km
Engagement range:3km
Sensors: AESA radar, FLIR and day EO, RF detector
Engagement method: 10Kw solid state laser, RF jamming
Power supply: 220v lithium ion battery or direct connection to 220V supply
Cost: 1,500,000 USD per unit, with varying integration costs.
DPR: 1,500,000,000 USD, restricted.


The “Madbir” (“Exterminator”) was developed by Schwerpunkt to meet Nachmerian military needs for a tactical, mobile, affordable solution to the ever growing threat of small and medium unmanned aerial vehicles. While larger UCAVs may be engaged by missiles and guns of more conventional AD systems, the low cost, small price and large volume of small drones makes them a particularly inefficient target for such systems. “Madbir” utilizes advanced power supply, sensors and laser to efficiently and quickly dispose of single or swarm drone threats.

Detection and tracking:

Detection of targets is done by a rotating AESA radar unit giving a 360 degree search area, with 20-60 degrees of elevation, or by the electronic emissions detector with a 70MGHZ to 6GHZ range. Drones with a RCS as small 0.002m2 are detected at 4.5km. The two detection systems compliment each other and provide a high certainty of detecting threats, but the system can also be connected via “Bastion” or similar C4I systems to enhance this ability further. The system is programmable to look for specific frequencies and flight patterns.

With in a range of 3km the system can not only track the threat with it’s radar or RF detector, but also using the FLIR/Day optic, which is co-mounted with the laser and is capable of pixel tracking targets. In addition to tracking the drone itself, the RF detector can sometimes locate it’s operator.


Once a threat is identified and tracked, the operator can elect to engage the threat with hardkill or softkill methods.

Hardkill is done by a 10kw solid state high energy laser which burns through small and medium unmanned air threats and destroys them. Softkill is achieved using the RF jammer, capable of jamming both the communications between the threat and it’s operators and the GPS navigation signal.

The system is capable of engaging several targets at a time, including several jamming targets or a laser target and jamming targets simultaneously. Because the engagement process is mostly automated, this can be done by one operator, though two operators is ideal.

Installation, Integration and Interface:

"Madbir" mounted on the WUAP

The 3 modules are commanded by a central unit which can have 1 or more screens, with a joystick like controller for the EO/Laser module. “Madbir” can be installed on medium ground vehicles, boats or in remote fire bases, using a 220V lithium-ion battery.

The system can be linked to C4I systems to both enhance it’s detection range and likelihood, as well as feed information about unmanned aerial threats into the C4I system for use by other forces.

All purchases are to be made via our main storefront.
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