Langenian Arms Exports

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Langenian Arms Exports

Postby Langenia » Wed Nov 25, 2020 4:13 pm


A Langenian state corporation providing weapons to the world to those in need of them.

Company Headquarters
Avenida de La Defensa
17681 Aragon, Langenia
Phone: +221-466-788
Fax: +221-888-777

About Us
Langenian Armaments Exports, also known as Langenian Arms Exports or simply LangenArPort, is a Langenian state corporation which oversees import and export of military and dual-use products and technologies to and from Langenia. Established in 2000 by order of the President of Langenia, it has dedicated itself to providing weapons to all in need of such. LangenArPort presides over the export of products from Langenia's defense contractors, representing Aguilar Heavy Industries, Coronado Industries, Langenia Aerospace Industries including Condor Aerospace and Acevedo-Chavez, State Shipbuilding Corporation representing the shipyards of Langenia, Santiago Concern, Alfonso-Alvarez, Langenian Missile Corporation, Langenian Helicopters, COPA, Flecha Motors, and many more companies.
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