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Postby Stevid » Thu Mar 04, 2021 7:48 am




Thu 4 Mar

SternGuard is delighted to unveil a new and truly bespoke service that is tailormade in every aspect to your needs. SternGuard means “tailormade” in every sense of the word, as we now provide a service that is designed to address any and all security, emergency, or military situations that you might be facing.

From enemy threat analysis, to fighting a pandemic, and from achieving a set of military objectives, to delivering security to a major sporting event – SternGuard can now provide you with the knowledge, experience, and expertise of some of the finest rational minds and commanders in the world.

* * *
“In forming the plan of a campaign, it is requisite to foresee everything the enemy may do,
and be prepared with the necessary means to counteract it.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte

* * *

Whether it be event security, VIP protection, or military acts – planning is essential. Effective planning can undermine the enemy, in whatever form he takes be it soldier or even virus, in ways that he could not expect. Conversely, failure to plan can mean your defeat in spite of that, on paper, you are more superior. Planning is the cornerstone of all types of operations and official acts, and take various forms and deductions made from various models. As seen by the quote above, the idea of planning and considering of all possible eventualities has been in foundational since the 17th Century; and the processes have only evolved since then, through toil, experience, defeat, and blood.

SternGuard aims to take the best facets of the myriad of different methods and decision models to reach conclusions on how to overcome a problem we face when dealing with a client. However, we understand that clients may in fact take on a given problem but lack concise and thorough mission planning to tackle it efficiently. So, where the client does not need our operatives they could instead use our expertise and doctrine. This would ordinarily be available as a bespoke package under one of the categories, however, SternGuard believes that offering our expertise as a separate package will be more beneficial.

What is included?

SternGuard takes reference from and even uses a variety of proven models for reaching a decision, which include the Military Decision Making Process, the 7 Questions, Auftragtaktik, and the National Decision Model. These are all freely available to open source terminals anywhere in the world, but how to use them effectively is more an art than it is a science and format sometimes takes too much ground over process.

SternGuard can deliver this art to you, and provide you with a comprehensive plan that is both detailed and simple. It can never be a sure way of overcoming an issue or problem, but SternGuard can provide you with the best possible way to confront it in the first instance. The focus will always be on what you want to achieve. What your end-state is. What you determine amounts to success. This can be a broad or as niche as you like – SternGuard will provide you with the means to enact any proposed action by taking into account a many variables as you provide and that we can find, all data you provide and that we can collect, and then produce to you a full document on how you can best over come these issues. This could mean that SternGuard deduce you will be able to tackle the problem yourself. Or, should the task prove to be difficult or costly, SternGuard could recommend its services to help you overcome the issue.

The key services provided by SternGuard in this area tend to be either situational analysis and combat estimates. Both can be tackled by the same standardised format but with the former having a more civilian aspect, while the latter tends to be a military one. What this does mean is that should you request an analysis from SternGuard, the finest minds in mission command and strategic planning are focused solely on overcoming your dilemma, and they will deliver to you possible courses of action and how best to implement them.

What format is it and how will it be delivered to me?

SternGuard uses a model that blends the 7 Questions Combat Estimate with the drive, focus and determination you find in Auftragtaktik. It fits squarely in with SternGuard’s core values where your mission, your objectives, your intent is overarching and the most important thing to us – and we endeavour to deliver it for you.

A contract request from you must include has much detail as feasibly possible, including:

  • A description of the situation (A precis or overview of the issue/problem/objective)
  • Your intent (What you want to achieve AND your Main Effort if you have multiple objectives)
  • What is the geography of the area , if applicable (Include main obstacles, cover, areas of good/bad observation, key/vital terrain, good/bad approaches to an objective or area)
  • Who/what the Enemy/Adversary is (Include Strength, weapons/equipment, locations, and intent – Or what the capabilities of your adversary is , e.g. if a virus, what does it do?)
  • Friendly forces (What do you have immediately available to tackle the adversary. Include strength, weapons and/or equipment, and abilities)
  • Any other useful information (Include details on civilians/refugees, limitations on what you can do, service support you have/require, any special instructions).

The analysis will be conducted and documented in a Factor -> Deduction -> Outcome format, which will then be used by SternGuard commanders and strategists to formulate a minimum of TWO courses of action with the final decision being yours to make as you see fit. SternGuard will publish which decision it feels is the most viable based on a scoring matrix that will also be published.
From there, the main plan will be developed in a military style format as follows:

  1. Task Org (If applicable)
  2. Situation
  3. Mission
  4. Execution
  5. Co-Ordinating Instructions
  6. ORBAT (If additional resources are required or SternGuard is deploying)

The Situation will include the detailed precis you have provided SternGuard and also include our own observations. It will include a logical look at terrain, local populace atmospherics, enemy/adversary capability, likely and dangerous courses of action for your adversary, friendly force capability (including SternGuard if applicable); and most importantly… your intent.

The Mission will comprise your overarching objective verbatim. It will also include any proposed modifications as a “Secondary Concern” if SternGuard feels there are missed concerns (This will be made clear in the decision making document)

The Execution paragraphs will outline SternGuard’s preferred course of action drawn from the implied tasks from your mission statement. It will detail the overall intent on how to achieve your mission, what/where/when/how it will be achieved, the proposed main effort, and tasks that will need to be completed in order for this to all be achieved.
The tasks are implied from your intent and will use NATO approved effect and action wording and/or symbols.

In Co-Ordinating Instructions SternGuard will detail how the plan will come together in its entirety. It will not detail the enemy courses of action because these are covered during the planning stage but can be referred to in the decision-making document. What will be described is how the elements of the plan will come together in synchronicity and around a time-table that you may have provided

The ORBAT will be included if you haven’t provided enough detail on your currently friendly assets for a Task Org, or if SternGuard believe that more assets are required than already provided so will be listed too, or when SternGuard operatives are required to deploy, or a combination of three.

An example of one of this combat estimates-come-situational analysis’ can be seen HERE minus the published decision making document.

Maps and graphics can be provided on request and if applicable. All SternGuard asks is that you provide us with the area of your concern in a form of map or detailed ground description (so we can compile an image). Actual maps with satellite imagery are preferred but, satellite imagery alone will suffice.

Analysis Request Form

Code: Select all
Contract Form
Contract Type:
A [  ] Combat Estimate
B [  ] Situation Analysis
C [  ] Risk Analysis
D [  ] Other (Please define):

Description of Situation (As much details as possible):

Your Intent/Mission:

Description of Ground/Terrain/Location (Provide map/image if necessary):

Enemy Forces/Adversary:

Friendly Forces/Assets:

Other useful information:

*** Please address any OOC issues to me via TG, or via DM on Discord or the GD Discord Channel ***
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Postby New Antarcticania » Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:36 pm

Contract Form
Contract Type:
1 [ ] Support
2 [ ] Security
3 [ ] Training
4 [ ] Intelligence
5 [x] Combat

Description of Operations (As much details as possible):
OP. "Damascula" briefing packet
This file is for the eyes of Trusted COs/NCOs only, this file should not be displayed to Enlisted men or the civlian populace under ANY circumstances

Over the past few days, Air and ground Elements from the Anowan Armed Forces have established a "Demilitarized zone", spanning 100km of the 23rd meridian, 100km east of the 22nd, and everything in between, effectigly sealing off Zambia's western lobe. Anyone or anything that enters the zone will be met with lethal force. Such A exclusion zone would seriously hamper Antartican efforts in the Angolian civil war, and Antartican intrests in neighboring Zambia.

INTENT: With carrier-based aircraft from ADF Stalongrad (CV-3), Sternguard and all Allied air assets' objective is to Directly contest the DMZ by lethal means if necessary.

EXECUTION: STERNGUARD And Antartican assets are to love a a unit against any Anowan air asset that are hostile. STERNGUARD's role are to act as the Vanguard of the formation, flying ahead of the SUs and/or MiGs (preferably armed with BVRAAMs or any other long range kinetic weaponry) and flying through predetermined Waypoints similar to a combat air patrol. If stern guard forces encounter any anowan air asset. They are to give a very strong verbal warning to Leave immediately or be liquidated.
Again, Expect a large aerial enagment between two forces if Shots start firing.
A return line WILL be set up for those who need Mid-air Refueling

Arbiter: Tacname for Antartican AWACs, Beriev A-50
Overwatch: Carrier Wing HQ, ADF Stalongrad
Gortang: Callout for any assets belonging to the Zambian Air force
Horsho: Call out for any North americastani assets present
Zapad: Callout for any Rhodesian assets present
Norshau: Callout for Anowan Surface to Air Missile systems present in the DMZ
Until instructed to do otherwise, NATO Abbreviations are to be used at all times ( with the exception of the callouts

Potentional payment: 1.5 billion($NS)
We are willing to forward 1/4 of the payment (375 million) upfront as soon as the contract is accepted

Deployment Numbers*: 2 squadrons of Harrier-2s (preferably equipped with weapons as stated above)
Estimated Contract Length (Months): 0.05
This week: Antartican forces lifts siege on Communist Sharfari capital/New Fleet carrier added to Antartican People's navy/ New prototype tanks deployed to Sharfari front/ New stand issue Assult rifle introduced to Antartican troops.

New Antarctica officialy does not recognize the Geneva convention
Please buy my factories: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=494815
Corprate warfare simulator 2087: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=502253
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