Peshawar stock exchange

A meeting place where national storefronts can tout their wares and discuss trade. [In character]
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Peshawar stock exchange

Postby Afghanistan Punjab and Kashmir » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:03 pm

Lodhi Spices,Sweets and Fruits Exporters
Description: does what it says on the tin.

Chairman: Sahib Muhammad Lodhi

EST: 1250

900 shares being sold.
1 share for: 560 gold dinars

Dhobi&Afghan Gold Mines

200 shares being sold
EST: 5 years ago
Description: started by 2 blue collar workers, these gold minds managed to become a prosperous company by the ingenuity of their founders.

1 share for: 1,000 gold dinars

Al-Andalus Islamic Bank

1 share for: 300 gold dinars

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