Allanean Arms ZU-23-2M Vyuga

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Allanean Arms ZU-23-2M Vyuga

Postby Allanea » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:44 pm

ZU-23-2M Vyuga

Range (gun): 2500 m
Altitude (gun): 1500m
Deployment time (from traveling configuration, trained crew): 45 seconds
Weight: 1270 kilograms with ATGMs, 1300 kilograms with MANPADs
Price: $300,000
Caliber: Primarily in 23 x 152B, but can be commissioned in other calibers as required.
DPR: 1 billion

After observing the success which ZU-23-2 guns have had with militias and paramilitaries in D’Halbrisir, Ravenstskia, and Karain, the Directorate of Research, Evolution, And Developement [DREAD], has decided to work out a set of improvements for the ZU-23-2 platform, for use by military forces and friendly militias.

After extended testing with the Life Guard Divisions (protecting the Imperial Palace at Leyfield), the ZU-23-2M Vyuga has been equipped with a range of improvements. The system comes in several configurations, all of which will be made available for use by all export clients of Allanea as well as civilian organizations capable of purchasing the ZU-23-2M.

Unlike previous editions of this gun, the ZU-23M largely forsakes its role as an anti-air gun (the short-range AA function is handed over to MANPAD operators), though some improvements have been made, somewhat improving its performance in this venue.

The primary improvement is the installation of a binocular, electronic, scope with a built-in range-finder and a basic ballistic calculator (no windage calculation is possible - only basic trajectory correction based on range). It is compatible (via the use of a Picatinny rail) with any standard small arms night-vision devices. A button switch can activate ballistic lead tables for tracking aircraft. Should the batteries run out, the scope reverts to functioning as a simple, x10, optic. Furthermore, the sight is electronically-linked to the gun’s breech, and equipped with a control pad, enabling it to set basic airburst parameters in electronically-fuzed ammunition (though such might be beyond the reach of Allanea’s Karainese clients)

The ZU-23-2M can also be equipped with a double mount of two ATGM launchers, carrying a Kornet-EM or similar missile (Allanean Arms cannot be held responsible for the results of attempts to fire the missiles without paying attention to the exhaust path. DO NOT fire the ATGM while unsecured individuals or equipment are located directly behind the launcher! OBSERVE SAFETY RULES WHILE HANDLING WEAPONRY!).

Alternately, the ZU-23-2M can also be equipped with two Willow-6 MANPAD launchers, at which point information from the launchers’ electronic warning sight (connected as usual to high-echelon MANPAD networks) can be used to aim the launcher as well.

Beyond this, the ZU-23-2M also comes with a variety of ammunition types which have previously not been available for this platform. They are as follows:

HE-F: Launches a high-explosive projectile, capable of engaging both infantry in the open and light armored vehicles. While not possessing the penetrative power of regular API ammunition, the projectile is still a 150 gram projectile - with twice the weight and power of 40mm grenade, it can be devastating against infantry in the open.

Incendiary: A Thermite munition, once again carrying a hefty charge of 70 grams of thermite in a 150-gram projectile.

HE-F-A: High-explosive-fragmentation-airburst, can be used to defeat enfiladed infantry or infantry in the open.

API, API-T, and training steel-core ammunition are available for the ZU-23-2M Vyuga.

Please make your purchases via Allanean Defense Exports
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