Schrapnell Arms - Weapons of Old, Modified & Improved!

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Schrapnell Arms - Weapons of Old, Modified & Improved!

Postby Schrapnell » Fri May 31, 2019 5:06 am

You open up the video on the webpage. It opens to a rather gruff fellow, spinning around towards the camera. He wears a General's uniform, a beret, and a contrastingly cheerful smile.

"Ah, welcome, customer and/or collaborator! I am Undergeneral Tiberius Longhurst, and the proud Founder and CEO of Schrapnell Arms! Now, you must be wondering just what we sell and do here."

He scoots his chair closer to his desk, his face a bit more clearly seen.

"Well, we take the designs of older, outdated weapons and personally refit and modify them to your nation's needs, all for a fair price! Hell, we have our own premade catalogue of weapons, which can be requested for viewing after some verification checks."

He grabs what looks like a M1903 Springfield from underneath the desk, originally out of sight. The rifle itself has a more metallic frame, and the sight is replaced with what looks like a piece of glass held between two metal prongs, complete with a zoom adjuster.

"An example of our work is this here A2019 Whitetail, a complete remodel of a M1903 Springfield. We've refitted and modernized it so that it could kill a man a mile away with ease! So great a rifle, it's standard issue for Schrapnell's Military."

A wall panel behind him flips, revealing a wall of old weapons that have been modernized, from muskets and flintlocks to belt-fed machine guns and SMGs.

"We also offer the option to collaborate with our services, either as a supplier or as a buyer! We'll offer fair prices for our products, and ensure your military can easily upgrade its armaments to something more modern and of higher quality. We take good care of our clients, and offer bonuses for those who've signed contracts with us, such as military aid and the opportunity to get citizenship rights within Schrapnell's borders!"

A logo for the company fades onto the screen.

"Schrapnell Arms - Weapons of Old, modified and improved!"

The screen fades to black as the video ends.

<Buyer Options>
Modernize Small Arms: Price Varies
Modernize Vehicles: Price Varies
Request Catalogue

<Contract Options>
Request Contract (Supplier)
Request Contract (Buyer)
Request Contract (Military Services)
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The New Age Empire
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Postby The New Age Empire » Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:30 am

*Mael Radec is standing in front of a camera holding his arms behind his back*
"Hello Schrapnell Arms, we are looking to collaborate with you as a buyer, we would like to request your catalogue, we are very scientifically advanced, but would like to research other nations weapons."
*The screen abruptly turns black.*
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