Springfield International Airport (SPG) [Now Open]

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Springfield International Airport (SPG) [Now Open]

Postby Ilovebenderdotcomland » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:17 pm

Airport Information
Timezone: UTC-8
DST Timezone: UTC-7

Springfield International Airport (SPG)

Now open

The terminal building has "A" gates on the upper level and "B" gates, ticketing, and baggage claim on the lower level. The airport has an expanded air cargo facility with "C" gates.





Airport Shopping



Duty Free

Springfield International Airport (SPG) is located 16 miles from Main Street in the heart of Old Town in Springfield. Arrivals are encouraged to use the airport's free wi-fi service to insure visitors to the ILB can use and download any taxi apps such as Hitch.

Springfield International Airport

Ilovebenderdotcomland domestic flights:
Hometown (HIA)

The Colonies:

Amsterdam (DAM)
City of Amsterdam

Croydon (CRO)
The London Borough of Croydon

Nodnol (NHT)


Qersi (QZI)

Theveste (THEV)


Air Bender

Terminal & Gate infomation
Terminal E is for internal domestic flights only (or multi stop flights with 1 or more extra stops in The Hippie Commune of Ilovenderdotcomland.)

Domestic & Emergency Terminal A gates:

Air Bender
A 1: morning; Hometown (HIA)/afternoon; Hometown (HIA)

A 2:

Air Bender
A 3: morning; Hometown (HIA)/afternoon; Hometown (HIA)

A 4:

Air Bender
A 5: afternoon; Hometown (HIA)/evening; Hometown (HIA)

Air Bender
A 6: morning; Hometown (HIA)/afternoon; Hometown (HIA)/evening; Hometown (HIA)

A 7:

A 8:

A 9:

A 10:

A 11:

Long haul/International Gates:

Air Bender
B 1: Croydon (CRO)

Air Bender
B 2: Amsterdam (DAM)

Air Bender
B 3: Nodnol (NHT)

Air Bender
B 4: Qesri (QZI)

B 5:

B 6:

B 7:

B 8:

B 9:

Air Bender
B 10: Theveste (THEV)

Air Bender
B 11:

Air Bender
B 12:

Cargo C Terminal Gates

C 1: Hippie Postal Service

C 2: Bend Ex

C 3: Bend Ex

C 4:

C 5:

C 6:

C 7:

C 8:

C 9:

Application form.
Code: Select all
Name of Airline:
Country of origin:
Airline CEO:
Passenger Service only:
Would you like a check in desk:
Would you like to take advantage of Air Bender's drive thru check in:
Would you like self serve/electronic e ticket check in:
Cargo Service only:
Do you want to open up shipping and collecting in Springfield at Springfield (SPG)? (This entails ordering trucks with your airline's name on them, opening up drop off points in and around Springfield. [ ] I want to open up shipping. [ ] I don't want to open up shipping.
Types(s) of cargo:
[ ] Postal service
[ ] Exporting Produce to the ILB
[ ] Importing Produce from the ILB .
[ ] Exporting Livestock to the ILB
[ ] Importing Livestock purchased/rescued in the ILB
[ ] Exporting foods, drugs and medicines to the ILB.
[ ] Importing foods, drugs and medicines from the ILB.
[ ] Exporting personal vehicles to the ILB.
[ ] Importing personal vehicles from the ILB.
[ ] Exporting something not on the list -
You must specify:
[ ] Importing something not on the list -
You must specify:
Gate requested:
Airport Code for this destination:
How many landings per day:
How many take offs per day:
(Must be same amount of landings and take offs)
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