Natanian Cable Network: Syndication Now Available!

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Natanian Cable Network: Syndication Now Available!

Postby United States of Natan » Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:30 pm

The Natanian Cable Network (NCN) is offering syndication contracts with foreign television and streaming services. We have a wide selection of shows to choose from:

The Bar: David is a young, hotshot lawyer who is hired at the lawfirm Freedmont, Smith, and Associates. He quickly develops an attraction to Holly, another young attorney working at the firm, after being paired with her on his first case, defending Sullivan in a drug charge. He also develops a quick friendship with another lawyer at the firm, Reid Harris, and Daphne, a receptionist at the firm. They often frequent a bar nearby the office.

The Beaumont: Will Munter, a 25-year old college dropout, moves to Sholoma City from the small town of Jamesburg, to work at his eccentric grandfather's hotel, at his parents' insistence.


Reality Shows:

Game Shows:

More to be added shortly!

Syndication contract application:
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Nation Name:
Broadcasting Company:
State-owned or private?:
TV show(s):
Planned Airing schedule:
Offer (in $):
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Postby Rleesrikhani » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:14 pm

Nation Name: Rleesrikhani
Broadcasting Company: UnitedEmpire
State-owned or private?: Private [under Rediffusion NT]
TV show(s): StarGal
Planned Airing schedule: Saturday Afternoons
Offer (in $): $65,000
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Postby Hopeington » Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:12 pm

OOC: Hopington is a post apocalyptic Nation so what I say is coming from about 200 years after the death of the current King
Nation Name: Hopeington
Broadcasting Company: Tulsa RJ1947H (The networks are named as if they were radio stations.) They are a subsidiary of Tulsa entertainment.
State-owned or private?: private
TV show(s): gropo fremin (Group of Free men.) A historical fiction drama about the story of volunteers in the 2nd American civil war the show starts in 1996 at the beginning of the 2nd American civil war and follows the story of the fictional Silver group 34 as they take part in real events such as the Hurricane Katrina Defensive and the battle for Las Vegas it's most controversial episode is the episode about the Los Angeles massacre where they burn down all of Los Angeles and kill all civilians in graphic detail. The main characters of the show are Anikin a Native American fighting to restore sovereignty to his tribe, James a man who was expelled from Ireland on 14 terrorism charges meaning he was one of the first casualties in the Irish civil war before it had even begun. (On the side of the IRA at least.) David a green recruit who hoped to go to college for mechanical engineering after the end of the conflict. (That doesn't turn out so well.) And Caleb and ex gang member who is trying to put that life behind him.
Planned Airing schedule:Every Tuesday at 1900
Offer (in $): 50,000$ (in today's money.)
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Postby Hopeington » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:03 pm

Nation Name: Hopeington
Broadcasting Company: Noheer pic mot  (translated literaly it is deaf picture moving.) UW2748N They are a subsidiary of Tulsa entertainment.
State-owned or private?: private
TV show(s): noheer popu medi  (when translated literally it's "No hearing population news.") Either way it is news designed for viewers who are hard of hearing they are like your typical news show but in sign language and with subtitles (you don't have subtitles on regular channels.) The host Aleaxoh Leiah is like most Hopington news reporters has a very joking tone (as well as that can translate into deaf speak.) Most of the stories are the same as the hearing news but there are deaf specific news stories such as new hearing aid advancements and the activities of anti deaf groups In the area. This is only the lunch time news but we also have the morning news with Beest Ovan and the late night news with canot hearit.
Planned Airing schedule: The most popular time for news in Hopington is the lunch time news starting at 1200 and ending at 1345 The morning news is the first "real program that comes on after what's known as the wake up period between 530 am and 600 am during this wake up period they play the Hopington National anthem recite the lords prayer do the state required tornado alarm tests any other tests they need to do such as the lights and if they have time show advertisements. Then the morning news airs from 600 to 645 this isn't as long because it mostly just a quick recap of the other news programs and any nessasary redactions are made here. Lunch time is the main time that Oklahomans watch the news being from 1200 to 1315 the late night news is more involved and also adds in any details not available during lunch so it goes from 2330 to about 100 sometimes longer if it was a busy day. Then the call of the air is  played with subtitles and the signal is cut.
Offer (in $): 25,000 for the Late night 30,000 for Morning and 40,000 for Lunch time.

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