Alhambra Cinemas [open - relaunch]

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Alhambra Cinemas [open - relaunch]

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Alhambra Cinemas
Table of Contents

1. Brief History, Ratings & Environment
Assorted Important Topics

2. Currently Showing & Applications
Fims currently on show at all Alhambra Cinemas

3. Locations, Partners, & Applications
Where you can find us, and the companies with us.

4. An Example Cinema
A look inside one of our Cinemas


CEO: Mantis Adams, Son of founder Arthur Adams
Country of Origin: Nouvel Ecosse
First film shown: Bel Cansas, A Life
Countries currently operating in: 37
Cinemas Worldwide: 8120
Highest Grossing Movie: You Only Kill Twice
Highest Grossing Local Movie: War-rus,

The Original Alhambra Cinema in Downtown Bel Cansas
A Brief History

Arthur Adams had one love in life: film. His family despaired that he didn't pay them enough attention, but Arthur didn't care: Who needs a life when you can watch thousands of movies about life itself? And better than that: Worlds where life is different, where anything can happen, where fantasy roams free? Of course, this was 1941, and Arthur was only eight. But his love of film stayed with him forever, even until his untimely death aged just sixty in 1993. And by then he was a millionaire. He no longer just watched movies: he made them and showed them. For, aged just 20, he opened his first Alhambra Cinema in 1953, in the city of Bel Cansas.

The first Alhambra Cinema was nothing fancy: opening inside a dilapidated restaurant, Arthur Adams thought he could keep it going for maybe only a couple of years. But what he didn't expect was that people shared his love of film. And those people were a massive group. When he showed the film War-rus, which was a local director's piece of work, who had kindly asked Arthur if he would show it, it was a massive hit. That director went on to become Oscar Enamel, Nouvel Ecosse's finest director. And Arthur Adams made so much that he opened his second, and then third, and on and on until now, where world-wide there are over 8000 Alhambra Cinemas. Arthur's son Mantis now continues the business, building where his family left off.

Alhambra Cinemas pride themselves in showing the best in International Film. From Local to Foreign, from Comedy to Crime, from the Thrillers to the Chillers, Alhambra covers all aspects. They always entertain, without fail, and they will always bring you, the average cinema goer, the best in cinema experiences. They are committed to entertainment, and expect no less. So go on, enjoy yourself!

In 2013 Alhambra Cinema's moved out of its old, tiny headquarters into a grand, modern building designed by the world-leading architecture firm, Crump, Shackel and Bond. Many punters view this as an attempt to majorly revamp themselves for the world market:


Would you like for us to open cinemas in your nation? Apply below:

Code: Select all
*Please note that all members of Astyria can accept on behalf of Nouvel Ecosse*

Number of Cinemas:
Brief Summary of Location:
Local Ratings system (i.e PG, R, 12A) or follow our recommended ratings?
Would you like for us to screen local director's work?
Is there any laws that we must be made aware of?

Ratings in Alhambra Cinemas

Alhambra Cinemas follow the standard U, PG, 12A, 15 and 18 ratings system, alongside the American system. However, if your country follows a specific ratings system that you would like our cinema to implement in your country, just add it to the Local Ratings system part of the application, and we will make sure that, when Alhambra comes to your country, your ratings are implemented.
Alhambra & the Environment

Ecotrax have given this storefront 4 out of 5 leaves for its commitment to the Environment.
'4-Leaves: Great regards for the environment. Almost Carbon Neutral. Very low levels of mass resource usage and waste development during manufacturing process/cycle.'

Alhambra Cinemas is committed to its pledge to lower its carbon footprint. This is why every cinema is provided with multi-purpose bins, with specific slots for plastics, cans, general waste and paper. It is also our commitment that every cinema is fully self-sufficient when it comes to its power needs. Solar panels, made by the Green firm Epower of Nouvel Ecosse, are shipped to every new cinema and installed on the roof, providing both a sleek and elegant look and all the power the cinema could ever possibly need, with little cost to the environment. Thus, we are safe in the knowledge that no carbon has been released whilst showing your film.

And all of the films, when delivered, are delivered in a careful and precise order to minimise fuel consumption and thus lower the overall carbon emitted. This means that, rather than sending two flights out to neighbouring countries, we send the one, who will then fly on from the first to the second. And if there is a domestic flight en route to said country? Great! We will arrange it so that the film travels via said flight's cargo hold. By doing this, we believe that we will reduce our carbon emissions greatly, whilst still delivering you the best in film.

Still not convinced? Well, it has been an undertaking recently that, for every ten miles that our films have to travel to reach your nation, we will plant one new tree in the Great Keitel Reforestation Project. And that reminds us. See that popcorn box. Its made from sustainable wood, from the Project over in Wiggum Island.

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Film: Home
Nation: Kington Langley
Director: Gerard Mahone
Language: English
Rating: 15 / R
Plot:When an ancient 'alien' race arrives at Earth seeking to obliterate all native life and colonise the planet, humanity learns a shocking secret from their invaders that pushes the definition of 'alien' to its limits. Knowing this secret, can the Kingtonian Prime Minister negotiate with the aliens to bring peace while the military desperately attempts to save the Earth from destruction?

Film: Heart of Turmoil
Nation: South Minorqa
Director: Sammy Mui
Rating: PG-13 / 12A
Plot: Little country nurse Kwan Kuk Yeng is nothing, leading a normal working class life, until she accidentally meets a tycoon's wife, Sit Fung Sam, who is dying of cancer. Having met Kwan, Fung Sam thinks she is good enough for her husband and recommends her for a remarriage in the case of Fung Sam's death. Soon, Fung Sam dies and Kwan moves in with the family, bringing trouble to the family through tussles over inheritance, abalone and business strategies. Kwan plots and schemes against Sit Lung by ensuring that his branch of abalone shops does not succeed. Meanwhile, she is preparing her close aides for the biggest battle of her life--a showdown between the Sits and the Opposition in political office, with both parties strong enough to vie for president of the country. A tense battle emerges and who could possibly be the country's new Leader lies in waiting...

Film: Race for the Antidote
Nation: United States of Canadia
Director: Joesph La Raone
Language: English
Rating: PG 13 / 12A
Plot: World War 15. The world is almost destroyed. Radiation has infected everything, creating zombies. All countries become anarchies until only two major civilizations survive; Russia, and the colony of Lian Yu. The survivors think that it is over until a teenager named Olivar King in Lian Yu finds a map to an antidote. Thinking that Russia and Lian Yu are allies, he sends a copy to his Russian friend, Oleg Lavvin only to be betrayed. Olivar tells the his friends and family about the map. They are oblivious of the fact that Russia also has a map. Who will find it first, Russians or Lian Yu?

Film: Vier Und de Barg (Four and the Mountain)
Nation: Radictistan
Director: Boris Makulak
Language: Radictistani
Subtitles: English
Rating: R / 15
Plot: Radictistan is invaded by a seemingly insurmountable foe. Four men from the National Defense Organization, the national home guard, are ordered to an abandoned hotel in the mountains of Norcustsur. Trapped by the weather and the overwhelming enemy strength, the men are left with nothing but their own thoughts and the corrupting influence of a presence which should have left the mountain long ago. Soon it becomes obvious that the greatest danger is each other.

Film: Last Man Standing
Nation: The United States of Emenia
Director: Mark Litchestin
Rating: RA / R / 15
Plot: It is 1993, 4 years after the start of ACW VII, sergeant James Grant (Max Tomich) and what's left of the Emenian military have retreated to the nation of Khesed. The nation of Khesed is helping Emenia to defeat the Estovakiaan forces which have invaded, and have taken over Emenia. The Emenian military sends Grant, and his 10 man special forces team on a mission along with 10 other teams to gather intelligence and destroy Estovakiaan forces approaching Khesed which could destroy the Emenian and Khesen militaries. What seems like a standard special forces mission, turns into a nightmare for Grant, his team members, and the Emenian and Khesen militaries. Will Grant and the other teams make it out alive, or will they all be brutally destroyed by the Estovakiaans along with the rest of the Emenian and Khesen militaries?

Film: The Infinite Black
Nation: New Ecopia
Director: Vishkohf Yashtov
Language: English
Rating: R / 15
Plot: The year is 3500 and the planet Earth is under siege by an unknown being with a unknown force. Human Society as we know it is on the verge of anarchy. Can the humans unite and survive? Only time will tell...

Film: Pills
Nation: Woodstead
Director: Storm Treviglia
Language: English
Subtitles: Subs in Irish, Welsh, Scots, Icelandic, Swedish, New Norwegian, French, and Dutch
Rating: R/18/C3
Plot: The already WFTA Award-winning dystopian conspiracy fiction movie. Ritter and Frampton Pharmaceuticals is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world, in 2020. When president and founder, Karl Ritter (Lee Wetherill), is pronounced dead son and daughter, Terence (Yaakov Reid) and Ramona (Tamsin Trey) find that their father's death may have not been the suicide it was reported to be. In addition, antagonist Anthony Frampton (Ellis Hewitt) is suspected of tampering with the will of the deceased colleague. Soon, Terence and Ramona realise that they're getting too close for comfort and find themselves in a whole heap of trouble.

Film: En Ny Nation Föds
Nation: New Silbodale
Director: Bengt Malmroos
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English, Scots
Rating: 12A / PG-13
Plot: The story takes place inbetween 1834-1835, in the final days of the civil war that had ravaged New Silbodale for five years. We follow Anders Mullbeck, a man fighting for the people and want nothing more than to put down the monarchy. Under his adventure he will fall in love and be a crucial part of the revolution. This is based on a true story about a man that helped a new nation be born!

Film: Wally
Director: GreenLife Productions
Language: English
Rating: U
Brief Information: From the creators of Girlaffe and SAFARI comes 2013's biggest and most enjoyable children's movie! In an animated comedy which provides both laughs and love, quirks and quacks, and enough fun to shake a tusk at, Wally the Walrus battles Steve the Seal in an attempt to save the Arctic from Global Warming. But who will prevail?
Plot: An ordinary walrus worker is forced to battle the forces of an evil seal determined to melt the ice of the Arctic ocean. Will he defeat earth, evil and win on his quest to find the perfect cheese?

Film: Confessions of a Psychopath
Nation: Of The Quendi
Director: Meneldur nos-Ainarauta
Rating: 18 / R
Plot: Plot here

Film: Wild Pontius
Nation: ViZion
Director: Riley Mikes
Rating: PG
Plot: Wild Pontius follows the life of Pontius, a wild horse separated at a young age from its herd. The amazing story of such a strong, beautiful animal will stir the emotions of young and old alike.

Film: Hime (Princess)
Nation: Motokata
Director: Miyuki Umino
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Rating: 18 / R
Brief Information: The World of Organized Crime has opened the door for one young teenager, Mao who is learning the ways of her family's violent business. The excess money has opened a world of drugs, murder and an endless supply of cash. Living on top of the world it seems no one can bring her down. The Highest Grossing film in Motokata history now comes to cinema screens worldwide.

Have you got a film that you would like to share with the world? Apply Below!
Code: Select all
Movie Application

Language of Film:
(If different from English, Subtitled or Dubbed?)
Name of Film:
Notable Cast:
Show in cinemas worldwide?
Rating (i.e R, U, PG):
Additional Information:


Film: The Birds
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Rating: PG
Brief Information: The Birds is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than to have a week of screenings. See one of the Master of Suspense's Greatest Films.
Plot: A wealthy San Francisco socialite pursues a potential boyfriend to a small Northern California town that slowly takes a turn for the bizarre when birds of all kinds suddenly begin to attack people there in increasing numbers and with increasing viciousness.

Film: The War Room
Nation: D Land and Isles
Director: Hadeel Strali
Rating: R / 15
Brief Information: In an astounding epic on the world of politics, Hadeel Strali brings you one of the finest political dramas ever made. With an inspirational cast and moving plot, you are sure to be on the very edge of your seat as the election nears, and tensions rise.
Plot: With 3 weeks left in the election Mark Stone (Morgan Vettlelone) is down by 8 points in the polls. His Advisors (Robert Lee, Mary Dawkins, Jack Jones) must find a way to claw back the deficit

Film: War of the Flowers
Nation: Schmiegelland
Director: Loub Naiznadfarii
Rating: R / 15
Brief Information: A fascinating and somewhat brutal account of the history of Schmiegelland, War of the Flowers is sure to "both shock and awe", DISC Magazine and will literally have you craving for more. With a stellar cast and some of the best action scenes yet filmed, War of the Flowers is not to be missed.
Plot: Set in 19th century Scholund, the movie is about a flower boutique. The owner, an avid botanist played by Tiset Miundlaap, finds a new kind of flower in the woods outside Kounsiip. The flower is considered to be one of the best species in the world, and people flock to the shop. Unfortunately, the owner is killed in a robbery, and many people become nervous. Everyoen loves the flowers, and one notable part of this is that the owner is the only one who knew where the flowers were. At the end of the movie, set 90 years later at the start of the Civil War, the whole area is bombed by royal forces, who eventually were driven back and the government fell, creating the Democratic States of Schmiegelland.

Film: The Return
Nation: Cybus1
Director: Dana Mercer
Rating: PG-13/12A
Brief Information: Part Real-life, Part fantasy, this epic film stretching many genres will delight both older and younger fans. The plot is tense, the acting superb and "you will almost believe that what you just watched was real" DISC Magazine.
Plot: Alex Mercer is a being who is regarded as a god by over twenty million species. Now, he's returning to Earth, to punish it, and reward Europe, for it has kept its faith in him. Humanity sends their best ambassadors to negotiate. Now, it's a race against the clock, to determine the fate of the rest of Earth...and possibly all of existence.

Film: Rendezvous with Rama
Director: Top Nouvel Ecosse director Franz Kaufner
Rating: R / 15
Brief Information: Based on the Arthur C Clarke Science Fiction novel of the same name, Kaufner's latest science fiction epic will literally "have you enthralled from the opening sentence", Stuart Madison Edinburgh Herald. With a vast budget, an experienced cast and a script which takes all the best bits of the novel and more, its sure to be an amazing journey for the viewer.
Plot: When the scientific community discovers a huge spheroid hurtling through the solar system, a team of astronauts is dispatched to investigate with devastating consequences.

Film: God's Battle
Nation: Free Missouri
Director: Award Winning John Smithston
Rating: R / 15
Brief Information: With probably the most innovative film of the year comes John Smithston's latest movie, God's Battle is a film like no other. With a script written by some of the finest writers in the world, and an enviable cast that almost guarantees more awards to come. See it now, in epic cinema screen.
Plot: Logan Jones is a shadow, a nobody, just a regular guy out of many in Missouri. However, he's got a secret. He's a member of God's Greatest Legion of Angels. Now he's received orders from God to defeat the demon of Lust, Asmodeus. He must fight through legions of evil spirits and succubi to finally face his first real mission.

Film: The Other Side of the Wall
Nation: Lukquarel
Director: Pertain Verriack (2 time Oscar winner)
Rating: R / 15
Plot: The film is set during the time when the Lukquan people were trying to gain their independence from the nation of Aldoren. This period is known as the Lukquan Independence War or the Lukquan Revolution. Anyway, the plot is that a family supporting the rebels is separated when the mother and father are kidnapped by Aldoren soldiers. The young, at the time, 10 year old brother Beuans and 11 year old sister Vanrey are left with no one, and live a life as orphans. They both believe their parents have died. 15 years later, after Lukquarel has won the war and its independence, Beuans and Vanrey learn that their parents are still alive! However, they are living across the border in terribly communist Aldoren. With a giant wall separating the two nations, EXTREMELY heavily guarded borders, a hatred between the countries, and execution if caught by Aldoren officials, Beuans and Vanrey try to get across and save their parents! Knowing that they will be sent to jail by Lukquan officials if found that they were in Aldoren, the family also needs to secretly get back into Lukquarel unnoticed. Will they do it, or will they not make it back...? Find out, in The Other Side of the Wall!

Film: Along Came Lilma
Nation: Lukquarel
Director: Tiand Wiklischa (1 time Oscar Nominee)
Rating: PG-13 / 12A
Plot: Jander is a talkative, thin, and handsome bartender from Aldoren City. He thinks his life is going nowhere, until he meets co-worker Lilma Platte, a sexy, muscular woman with a passion for singing, swimming, and booze. Jander takes an instant disliking to Lilma and the sinister and stupid ways she learnt during her years in the city. However, when a thug tries to rob and harm Jander, Lilma springs to the rescue. Jander begins to notices that Lilma is actually rather friendly at heart. But, because of the pressures of Lilma's job not supporting her living expenses, she's blind to Jander's growing affections toward her. Finally, when controlling best friend of Jander, Styr Unmi, threatens to come between them, Lilma has to act fast. Will Jander and Lilma ever find the tender love that they deserve?

Film: Cyclone
Nation: Floribbea
Director: Alan McCain
Rating: PG-13 / 12A
Plot:Hurricane Season is known to be brutal in the Carribean. Countless storms strike every year. However, none have ever been like this. A massive storm originates off the coast of Africa, and grows to be two times the size of the Gulf of Mexico. Now, the Floribbean government has to prepare for an inevitable disaster, one bigger than the world has ever seen.

Film: Mapantalë
Nation: Of the Quendi
Director: Meneldur nos-Ainarauta
Rating: 18 / R
Plot: Mapantalë tells the story of a young upper class woman (Oiolossë) who has allegedly been raped by one of her uncle's (Barahirondo) employees (Angijak), a young man from a lower class environment. The film takes place in a court room in Charn where the case is being tried and the incident is being seen in flashback through the perspective of four people, the alleged victim, the uncle/employer, the alleged perpetrator and the militia detective investigating the case (Malyasyr).

Film: The Blade of Krimme
Nation: Lukquarel
Director: Carya Tyunack
Rating: R / 18
Brief Information: Named as "The deadliest horror movie of the year" by DISC magazine, The Blade of Krimme will have you on a knife edge as the plot twists and turns its way to a brutal finish.
Plot: Mangled bodies have been turning up all over the town of Krimme, and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all women with brown hair and hazel eyes. Every killing was done with a small blade wound to the neck, and nobody has a clue who the scheming murderer might be... Doctor Ebuein is a serious, firm professor who has a fondness for books. He doesn't know it yet, but he is the only one who can stop the controlling killer. When his mother, Ghorh Ebuein, another women with brown hair and hazel eyes, goes missing, Doctor Ebeuin fears the worst. He finds himself thrown in the center of the investigation, swearing his life to find the deranged murderer, after learning the worst was true. His only help is a crumpled birth certificate, and a claim of a distant call for help heard by a townsfolk the night before Ghorh was killed. Doctor Ebuein is oblivious to the fact that he is the inadvertent cause of the murders, and the clues to solving the case are right in front of him. Will Doctor Ebuein find the nicknamed killer, "Blade of Krimme"? Or will this creepy serial killer get another whack at the brown haired, hazel eyed women...?

Film: Waking Hours: Two Dreams, One Reality
Nation: Lukquarel
Director: Arivence Hapdi
Rating: PG-13 / 12A
Plot: Wihn Fearare was driving along late at night with his wife and 14 year old son, when they get into a crash. The film follows Wihn has he experiences two lives, one life where his wife died in the wreck, but his son is still alive. The other life is where his son died, but his wife survived. He lives with his wife from when he wakes up, to when he goes to sleep. When he rises the next morning, his wife is no longer here, and he lives with his son, until he goes to sleep again. The cycle is endless. Both of the psychologists he sees in both lives claim it is the reality, and they prove to him that the life he is living at the moment is not a dream. You can only recall things in a dream that you have experienced or seen in your awake state. This is how they both prove that the current life he is living is not a dream. They make Wihn recite a passage from the Lukquan Constitution, a document he HAS NOT memorized. To continue, the movie goes along with Wihn as he tries to find why this occurrence is happening. Also, he still has to support his family, so he works as a detective for the Hrakise city police force.

Film: End of World
Nation: Coulter Bay
Director: Ryan Steelbar
Rating: 12A/PG-14
Plot: End of World leads you through the human trials of life where End of World is near, as humanity has raced and ultimately failed to stop the moon on its crash course with Earth. But what happens when some teenagers, connected across the world via the internet, devise a plan to save the human race?

Film: The Perfect Storm
Nation: Estoica
Director: Uylesseus Falgave
Rating: R / 15
Plot: Three friends in a small town with a deadly murderer. Uylesseus Falgave, renowned horror story writer and director from Estoica, has returned with his best masterpiece yet, Perfect Storm. A perfect storm is whipped up in the small town of Westburg, when a teenager is found brutally murdered inside of a home. The three friends must survive the murderer who is called the Haunted as he slowly murders every single citizen of Westburg during the wretched storm.

Film: The Silent People
Nation: Arda i Eruhíni
Director: Meneldur nos-Ainarauta
Rating: R / 15
Plot: See Application here:

Film: Counter-Clock World
Nation: Nouvel Ecosse
Rating: PG-13 / 12A
Plot: In a world where time is in reversal and bodies arise from there graves, numerous groups of people await the re-birth of a great prophet.

Film: You Only Kill Twice
Nation: D Land and Isles
Director: Daniel Fleming
Language: English
Rating: PG-13 / 12A
Brief Information: With an all-star cast, the Bond series is back, and this time its bigger and bolder than ever. Wonder as the plot takes you on a whirlwind tour of the world, as Mark Damon in an extraordinary turn as Bond chases Gabriel Craig's Marcel Delroche, who fits the role of a Bond villain right down to the furry cat.
Plot: As agent 009 is killed James Bond (Mark Damon) is lead by the Head of DSIS (Alistar Moody), after Marcel Delroche (Gabriel Craig), the worlds best assassin.

Film: The Note
Nation: Lukquarel
Director: Laman Runtrye
Rating: R / 15
Plot: The spooky, gloomy town of Enfeljon holds a secret. Pumi Aealvelook has the perfect life working as an author in Apleoud and sledding with her optimistic boyfriend, Kaste Harvi. However, when she finds a peculiar note in her cellar, she begins to realize that things are not quite as they seem in the Aealvelook family. A funeral leaves Pumi with some startling questions about her past, and she sets off to frightening Enfeljon to find some answers. At first, the people of Enfeljon are generous and charming. She is intrigued by the curiously considerate doctor, Ianrean Oiangir. However, after he introduces her to alcohol, Pumi slowly finds herself drawn into a web of drugs, robbery and perhaps, even murder. Can Pumi resist the charms of Ianrean Oiangir and uncover the secret of the note before it's too late, or will her demise become yet another Enfeljon legend?

Film: All Brewed Up!
Nation: Neu Engollon
Director: Daniel Henri Zavair
Rating: PG
Plot: Tracing the blossoming brew craft industry in Neu Engollon back through the centuries, the movie's real focus is on how the 'Breuer Wars', corporate missteps, and a sometimes bitter rivalry between the Toft family (Burgunden Breuerie) and the Omholt family (Omholt's) almost killed the brew craft industry in the Confederacy. Also, the triumphant resurgence to today and ultimately, how Burgunden Breuerie became one of the most premier breweries in the world. The story is told through candid interviews with the feuding families and other industry insiders. Also footage from the 'Breuer Wars' and last year's Alpen View Beer Festival are shown, as well as some captured footage of Hoppy Jensen's pranks in action.

Film: Aftermath: Reluctant Endurance
Nation: Kington Langley
Director: Gerard Mahone
Language: English
Rating: 15 / R
Plot:In 2130 when a scientific experiment destroys all life on Earth and turns the planet into an inhospitable wasteland, the inhabitants of a Kingtonian experimental self-sustaining space city orbiting the planet become the last known humans in the universe. As the population attempts to accept the destruction of human civilisation, can the remaining civilian leaders and military commanders maintain order while keeping their sanity?

Film: We All Fall Eventually
Nation: Estoica
Director: Edvard Jasklin
Rating: PG-13 / 12A
Plot: During the time of the Roman Empire, the Empire has broken into two parts, the Eastern Half ruled in Byzantium and the Western Half ruled in Rome. Centurion Centius Arminus of the 6th Roman Legion and his cohort is attacked by rampaging barbarians who are later discovered to be a Mongolian tribe from East Asia. His cohort finds a young Chinese slave captured by the Mongolians who is captured again by them. Centius leads his cohort to find the girl while fighting to protect the Western Roman Empire

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1200 in Nouvel Ecosse
100 in Wiggum Island
200 in The Bloggs Worshipers
70 in Vieille Ecosse
500 in Schmiegelland
7 in Reino do Brazil, 4 in downtown SPaulo, 3 in downtown Rio.
14 in Kueland, 8 in Ericson, 2 in Trubakal, 2 in Nomanlan, 1 in Ablakal, and 1 in Nominkal. N.B Censorship different, please see below.
25 in Mizuyuki, Shirakawa (capital), Ryuumachi, Shimazu, Yukikawa, Mizunaga
100 in Cybus1, 50 in Maplecrest, 50 in Arcadia N.B No Alcohol is Served in this country
30 in Stomalia, Best cinemas in Peace City, one or two in cities with population > 10,000. N.B No Horror/Sexual Scenes.
140 in Of the Quendi, all over the Empire.
150 in Floribbea, 4 in Miami, 2 in Tampa, 2 in Havanna, 2 in Port-au-Prince, 2 in Santo Domingo, 3 in Jacksonville, 3 in San Juan, 2 in Nassau, and the rest of them in other locations.
13 in Estoica, 4 in Uie International Airport, 3 in Esat International and Domestic Airport, 2 in Uie, 3 in Esat and 1 in Manzis. N.B 4
27 in Lukquarel, 2 in Aischia (Capital), 5 in Emerickton, 2 in Hajuke, 1 in Epsnea, 2 in Aldoren City, 2 in Caeive, 2 in Kysor, 3 in Lukquarel City, 3 in Doffuine, 3 in Old Gulftown, 1 in Ghorytoiupio, and 2 in New Gulftown N.B 2
27 in The United States of Emenia, 12 in Gracemeria, 10 in San Loma, and 5 in Vitoze N.B 8
3 in Silkjd, Silkjd City N.B 3
30 in Neu Engollon, Three to be located in the capital Telleursville, Burgunden, Panoli and one each in some of our other major cities.
50 in Empire of Vlissingen
230 in Lolomz
5 in Awesome Break-Away of 250land N.B 5
42 in Equilibrium Paradox Shift N.B 6
33 in Coulter Bay N.B 7
970 in ViZion N.B 7
15 in The Soviet League, Selvoniv and the surrounding cities, N.B 9
400 in New Roman Empire, Osgin and suburbs.
10 in Pangus, Through out the city of Corvus est scriptor Sedes
43 in Blahbania, N.B 10
500 in Oralana, N.B 11
2 in Bandika, N.B 12
90 in Great Britain and Spain, 30 in London, 30 in Madrid, 15 in Barcelona and 15 in Liverpool
4000 in New Ecopia, 1000 in Ecopia, 1000 in Rosco, 1000, in Enori and 1000 in Nikobi, N.B 13
31 in Atok, St. Lenkerville 10, Grenelefe -5, Randallstown -5, Fairchilds -5, Portville -5, Palomas Valley International Airport, St. Lenkerville - 1
20 in the United Lands of IL, IL Capital, Mystery desert, The Bathe, Earth Islands, Depress City N.B 14
20 in Vilamoura, 10 in Vilamoura's Main Mall, and 10 in the City Centre
20 in Tuskamo
25 in Borinken
64 in Sacheyenya, at least one in each tribe, with an extra 4 in Khaiful, 3 in Dawn, 4 in Uster Latvi, 1 in Riga, 4 in Sodder Estonesa, and 4 in Yaf'i'ir.
15 in Polocatfan
25 in Cyprevus
4000 in Western European Republic
30 in Vingoth
Purple Wing, International World Mall, Bresdenn
Regional Headquarters in Building 15, Downtown Luveinia, Loufe
Terminal E, Aerfort Idirnáisiúnta Chorcaí Nua, Maltropia

N.B Censorship in Kueland
-Green (Fine)
-Yellow (Some violence, other then that fine)
-Red (Has violence)
-Black (AHHHHHHH!!!)

N.B 2 Censorship in Lukquarel
G,PG, PG-10, PG-13, R, R-18 (Absolutely no Under-18's in R-18)

N.B 3 Censorship in Silkjd
I-Suitable for all ages
IIA-Not suitable for children
IIB-Not suitable for teenagers and children
III-Aged 18 or above only

N.B 4 Censorship in Estoica
G, PG, PG-14, PG-18, R (20 yrs. +), R+ (23 yrs. +)

N.B 5 Censorship in Awesome Break-Away of 250land
ĉ, km, mn

N.B 6 Censorship in Equilibrium Paradox Shift
All movies are in one of two categories. Child and Mature. Any movie containing violence, drugs, sex, ect are given a "Mature" certificate

N.B 7 Censorship in Coulter Bay & ViZion
G, PG, PG-14, R, X

N.B 8 Censorship in the United States of Emenia
AA (G), PAG (PG), PAG-14 (PG-13), RA (R), NA-18 (NC-17), and NR (NR/UR)

N.B 9 Censorship in The Soviet League
G, PG, PG-13, R

N.B 10 Censorship in Blahbania
G PG PG-13 R XR-16

N.B 11 Censorship in Oralana
A(Everyone), 2A(Ages 12 and up), 3A(Ages 17 and up), 3X(19 and Up)

N.B 12 Censroship in Bandika
C - Perfect for Children; PC - Children with Parents or older children; T - Teens or older children with parents; A-Adults; OA - Same as A, but no one under 18 is admitted

N.B 13 Censorship in New Ecopia
LJ (Lower Junior - age 1+)
J (Junior - age 4+)
UJ (Upper Junior - age 7+)
Y (Youth - age 10+)
T (Teens - age 13+)
R16 (Restricted 16 - age 16+)
R18 (Restricted 18 - age 18+)
RA (Restricted Adult - age 21+)

N.B 14 Censorship in IL
A: All Ages
Mi: Mild themes
M: Mature Audience
R: Restricted
RA: Restricted audience (Adults Only)


Alhambra Cinemas is part of the LoyaltyMe Scheme. 500 points buys one ticket, and gets the cheaper one free (not to be used in conjunction with other offers)

All alcohol on the premises is supplied by Burgunden Breuries.

All of Alhambra Cinema's many films are available to watch on all Air Kueland Flights.

Air Korena
All Alhambra films are now available to watch on Air Korena flights.

W I D E + F O R M A T + T E C H N O L O G Y + S Y S T E M S
At The Forefront Of Technology

Alhambra Cinemas is dedicated to bringing your the best. That is why we use the 16K Screens supplied by Wide Format Technology Systems.

Alhambra Cinemas don't just have to show you the best in film. They also have to look their best. Which is why we use Armstrong Construction.

Hill & Sendel Audio
Hear the quality of that Audio? That is because of the Fine work of Hill & Sendel Audio


65% Adams Family
20% Astyria Corporation
5% Nouvel Ecosse Government
0.5% Ceni Government
0.5% Kannap Government
0.25% Reino do Brazil Government
0.175% Harris Miles Investments


9.075% Currently Available on the NGASE.

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Postby AstyriaCorporation » Sun Jan 27, 2019 1:28 am



Presented below is an example of a typical Alhambra Seating Plan. The Standard Seating is what you would normally expect, but greater. Comfortability, lots of leg room, a holster for your drink, your own arm rest. That's right, you don't even have to share with the person next to you. There is also standard Disabled Seating, which offers even more leg room, but you may be asked to give up the seat in case somebody either old, disabled or pregnant needs the seat. Then there is Premium. Premium is the best, extra padding in the seats, even more leg-room, and the prime viewing of the film, straight from the middle of the room.



Alhambra Cinemas is dedicated to bringing you, the viewer, the best in Cinematic experiences. And how could we do that without the best in Modern Cinematic Technology?

Alhambra has contracted both Hill & Sendel Audio and Wide Format Technology Systems to make sure that our Cinemas are compatible, nay the future of Cinematic experiences. With our Cutting-edge 16K Cinema Screens, we are ready for whatever the future may bring. Other Cinemas offer 4K screens, yet nowadays Televisions are now also at 4K, aka Ultra High-Definition. Soon enough Movies will be made at an even higher quality, and for this reason Alhambra will be there at the forefront. Audio wise, we have the Hill & Sendel package of 604 Screen Array and 805 Surround Sound, offering the very best in Audio experiences and maximising the true potential of the modern day soundtrack.


Standard Seating: 4 NSD per Adult, 2 NSD per Child
Premium Seating: 7 NSD per Adult, 4 NSD per Child

3D Screenings Add an extra 1/2 of the original price, although these films are rare.

Senior Screenings: 3.50 NSD per Adult, including Tea or Coffee.

Audio Description is available for all films, just ask at the ticket office.

Food & Drink

Every Alhambra Cinema has its very own food area, selling a large variety of hot and cold snacks at reasonable prices. It must also be said that we allow patrons to bring their own Food & Drink from home, as long as it is cold. All hot food & drink must be purchased on the premises, for security and safety reasons. Combo Deals, or the Alhambra Cinema Meal Set, are a great way of getting more for less, with many products joined together for less of a price. Occasionally, we will run Film tie-ins, where foods may well be renamed, and merchandise from the movie, such as posters, t-shirts and other wares, will be sold in conjunction with the film's run. Availability of these wares will be made known.

Food available includes popcorn (Sweet Salted or Toffee), chocolate and other confectionery, mainly from the nation of Nouvel Ecosse, minor fast food such as Hot Dogs, Fries and the Alhambra Chilli Nachos, and a selection of local delicacies. Drink on offer includes brand-name soft drinks, ice blasts, fruit juice, and a selection of alcoholic beverages from Burgunden Breuries. It should be remembered however that Alhambra Cinemas has a Banning policy when it comes to drunken and loutish behaviour, and that there is a maximum of one alcoholic beverage per person.

Currently Showing:


One: PILLS 18/R 12.00pm 4.00pm 7.30pm
Two: PILLS 18/R 2.00pm 5.00pm 8.30pm
Three: HOME 15/R 11.00am 3.00pm 7.15pm 10.00pm
Four: HOME 15/R 1.00pm 5.00pm 8.00pm
Five: HOME 15/R 2.15pm 6.00pm 9.00pm
Six: WE ALL FALL EVENTUALLY 12A/PG-13 3.00pm 8.00pm
Seven: CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHOPATH 18/R 4.00pm 7.30pm 10.00pm
Eight: CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHOPATH 18/R 12.30pm 3.00pm 6.00pm 8.45pm
Nine: WALLY U 11.00am* 3.00pm 7.30pm
Ten: WALLY U 1.30pm* 6.00pm 9.00pm
Eleven: VIER UND DE BERG 15/R 12.00pm* 4.00pm 8.00pm
Twelve: LAST MA STANDING 15/R 3.30pm 7.00pm
Thirteen: LAST MAN STANDING 15/R 12.00pm 4.45pm 8.15pm
Fourteen: HEART OF TURMOIL 12-A/PG-13 2.00pm 10.00pm
Fifteen: HEART OF TURMOIL 12-A/PG-13 4.00pm 7.30pm
Sixteen: WILD PONTIUS PG 3.00pm 8.00pm
Seventeen: WILD PONTIUS PG 5.30pm 9.00pm
Eighteen: THE INFINITE BLACK 15/R 2.30pm 7.00pm 10.00pm
Nineteen: THE INFINITE BLACK 15/R 5.00pm 9.00pm

In Nation's most exclusive cinema's, Screen Twenty will be showing Into the Polkans at 8.00pm.

* KIDZ Screening **Senior Screening

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*Please note that all members of Astyria can accept on behalf of Nouvel Ecosse*

Number of Cinemas: 185 additional
Brief Summary of Location: Suburbs, smaller towns and cities
Local Ratings system (i.e PG, R, 12A) or follow our recommended ratings? Recommended
Would you like for us to screen local director's work? Yes
Is there any laws that we must be made aware of? No
The Constitutional Federal Republic of ViZion

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