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Jasonville Mapping Service

Postby Jasonvillee » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:51 pm

Jasonville Mapping Service

Jasonville is in a time where it's economy is low. Jason villa has issued a law to allow the Jason villa Mapping Service to sell maps.

These maps may be for International Incidents, war maps, your nation maps, regional maps, or maybe just so you can spy on your enemies.

The Jasonville Mapping Service charges 30,000 dollars. This is because of the planes to map out the geography, the land mass, defense, tracing out borders, and more.

I've been learning how to photoshop. But I'm still a beginner...sooo
I will only be taking 5, as making 20 maps is hard and takes time. So only 5.

I am a beginner so any CONSTUCTIVE critisism will br nice.

I do not make custom maps. I use IRL map. So you will have to specify the land on the IRL world map, or you can use the whole world map

Here is an application

Code: Select all
Type of map (war, reginal, your nation);
Add countryballs? (Yes or no and add link to all nations if there are multiple):
For war maps or regional, if there are any alliances, list them(add more if you need):
-(example alliance) (color)
Where on the world map(which continent or just the whole map):
Links if needed:
Extra info? (Maybe change continent names or ocean names? Certain colors for misuleaneous things):

Also tell me jow you want me to send you the map.

Thats all you need. We hope you enjoy our services.
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