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Felis City’s Kit Catson Intercontinental Airport

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:37 pm
by Cat-Herders United
OOC:work in progress but already open


Felis City is the largest city in Cat-Herders United and proud home of the annual Felis City catamount rodeo, the largest feline-riding rodeo in the world, as well as the Felis City equine & bovine rodeo, the nation’s largest regular rodeo! Whether you are here for work or play, there is always something to do in Felis City. Boasting a delicious blend of local and international cuisines, an exciting nightlife, a world-class fine-arts and museum scene, leading innovation and research in green energy, Felis City is the place to be. We also have great transportation links with the rest of the nation, whether you want to catch the bus to hit the beaches at Puerto Hiebra Gatera or take the train to any other cat-herder city, Felis City has got you covered! Our public transportation is fast, clean, and comfortable.


Kit Catson Intercontinental Airport offers complimentary wi-fI, quick and convenient public transportation to and from hotels, and great food and duty-free shopping right here on airport grounds!

Please use this form to open a business serving airport clientele:

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Please use this form to open flights with your airline to and from Felis City:

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