Vanguard-Class Landing Helicopter Dock [MT; Kronos Inc.]

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Vanguard-Class Landing Helicopter Dock [MT; Kronos Inc.]

Postby Atlantica » Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:17 am

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Kronos Inc. Vanguard-Class Landing Helicopter Dock
The Bastion Beyond the Surface. The Key to a New Frontier.

Unit Price (Standard): $1,800,000,000
DPR: $50,000,000,000

The Vanguard-Class Landing Helicopter Dock is a multipurpose landing helicopter dock built by Kronos Inc, aimed for service in the Zhenian Navy as the Haidong-Class Landing Helicopter Deck. Though primarily a landing helicopter deck, it is also capable of acting as a lighter aircraft carrier capable of carrying fixed-wing STOVL aircraft and a flagship/command ship for those whose fleets are incapable of operating larger supercarriers.

Built to lead Marine/Naval Infantry invasions into enemy waters, the Vanguard-class is capable of utilizing and delivering an array of landing craft, ground vehicles and various combat aircraft for air support to the battlefield. For such reason, although primarily built as a landing helicopter deck, it also has a well dock for ground vehicles and landing craft, as well as hangars below the deck for combat aircraft. Its deck has also been improved from previous models to be capable of launching fixed-wing STOVL aircraft, while a ski jump can be fitted on the deck as an option. It also has a Battlefield Control Center in the Bridge overseeing the units aboard, capable of housing command and control operations if needed.

In terms of delivering troops to enemy shores, the Vanguard-Class was envisioned to conduct over-the-horizon landing operations, both on the surface and through the air. To fulfill this role, it is capable of not only up to 3 landing craft air-cushioned (LCAC) or 12 landing craft medium (LCM) ships, but also up to 20 fixed-wing STOVL jet fighter aircraft or up to 40 medium-sized helicopters (roughly the size of UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters); normally, however, the ship's air fleet consists of 12 fixed-wing fighter aircraft and an assorted array of 20-24 helicopters. All of these assets are combined to deliver at least one reinforced battalion and supporting units to the battlefield, which includes up to 6 main battle tanks, 27 amphibious assault vehicles (AAV) and 9 towed 155 mm howitzers.


General Characteristics
  • Displacement: 45,113.1 metric tons full
  • Length: 262.2 m
  • Beam: 32.3 m
  • Propulsion: Integrated Electric Propulsion System, powered by
    • 2 x Gas Turbines, producing 66,000 kW total
    • 2 x 5,000 kW auxiliary propulsion engines
  • Maximum Speed: 21+ knots (39+ km/h)

Ship Armament
  • 8 x Mk.41 VLS cells (can be quadpacked with up to 32 ESSM equivalent missiles)
  • 4 x Pantsir-M1 Point Air Defense System
  • 8 x .50 cal dual machine guns

Ship Capacity (actual carrying can vary)
  • Air Fleet
    • Up to 20 x fixed-wing STOVL fighter aircraft
    • Up to 40 x medium-sized utility helicopters
    • Normal Configuration: 12 x fixed-wing fighters, 20 x assorted helicopters and tiltrotors
  • Ground Troop Capacity
    • Crew: 70 officers, 997 enlisted
    • Troops: 1,789 Marines/Naval Infantry troops
  • Surface Vehicle Capacity
    • 3 x Landing Craft Air-Cushioned (LCAC)
    • 12 x Landing Craft Medium (LCM)
    • Up to 6 x Main Battle Tanks
    • Up to 27 x Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV)
    • Up to 9 x Towed Howitzers
    • 72+ x Assorted Wheeled Support Vehicles (Trucks, JLTV, etc.)
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