Retributor-Class Submarine Arsenal Ship [MT; Kronos Inc.]

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Retributor-Class Submarine Arsenal Ship [MT; Kronos Inc.]

Postby Atlantica » Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:44 am

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Kronos Inc. Retributor-Class Submarine Arsenal Ship
A Whole New Paradigm of Naval and Surface Warfare. An Absolute Card for Naval Dominance.

Unit Price: $45,000,000,000 (MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PURCHASE: 12)

The Retributor-Class Submarine Arsenal Ship is a submersible arsenal ship built primarily by Kronos Inc., designed to project as much firepower at a time in a naval battlefield. Although primarily tasked to augment surface fleets to supplement an assorted array of missiles, it also has a capacity to seek and destroy its own targets to an extent. Inspired by the Northern Confederation's 'Pharyngeal'-class arsenal ships and combined with Zhenian submarine expertise, it is one of the largest ships currently offered by Kronos Inc.

The Retributor-Class came to existence amid a need to project firepower to conduct overwhelming strike missions against heavily-defended enemy strongholds and seas. Originally conceived of as a large surface ship based on commercial cargo ships, its plans were modified to be submersible after regards towards the arsenal ship's survivability. During its design phase, anti-submarine capabilities have also been considered; this was later reflected into the arsenal ship carrying smaller submarines and submersible drones on its own for escort and early reconnaissance.

The Retributor-Class carries limited target detection systems of its own: primarily meant to survive underwater and surface only to fire missiles, it is primarily equipped with sonar and various electronic systems leveraged from existing nuclear submarines. However, it can acquire targets via datalink from other fleet assets and nearby ships, while it can also launch drones on its own closer towards the target, gaining over-the-horizon target acquisition in a way. By overcoming its limits in such way, the Retributor-Class is a core part of delivering over-the-horizon firepower on sea or against inland targets and is able to fully use the capacity of its guided weapons.

The Retributor-Class primarily comes with 64 ballistic missile launcher cells and 576 standard VLS cells, although the former is interchangeable with up to 576 standard VLS cells and the latter which can be swapped with up to 64 additional ballistic missile launcher cells. The 576 standard VLS cells can be packed with an array of missiles chosen by the operator, including anti-ballistic missile missiles (ABM), long-range surface-to-air missiles (SAM) and cruise missiles. The Retributor-Class only surfaces around 20 seconds prior to launch (if surfacing is needed), receiving target acquisition data from nearby friendly assets prior to surfacing. Some weapons, however, including cruise missiles and the ballistic missiles in the launchers, do not require any surfacing prior to launch. With such weapons capacity, the Retributor-Class is capable of delivering "carrier-killer" capacity against conventional fleets with a carrier strike group and obliterating hardened enemy strongholds both on the surface and the mainland with unmatched firepower.


  • Displacement: 146,000 t surfaced, 157,000 t submerged
  • Length: 443.3 m
  • Beam: 44.1 m
  • Draft: 31.2 m
  • Propulsion:
    • 3 x Kronos Motors ER-80G Nuclear Reactors
    • 1 × Shaft & Propeller (Pump-Jet)
  • Speed:
    • Submerged: 45+ km/h
    • Surfaced: 30+ km/h
  • Range: Unlimited (Maintenance of Reactors: Every 4 Years Max.)
  • Maximum Depth: 400+ m
  • Complement: 160 total crew
  • Armament (Standard)
    • 576 x Standard VLS Cells (interchangeable)
    • 64 x Ballistic Missile VLS Cells (interchangeable)
    • 2 x KM1400 Diesel-Electric Submarines
    • 4 x MQ-30 "Rebellion" BMVLS-launched UAVs
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