Praetorian-Class Heavy Destroyer [MT; Catalog; No Posting]

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Praetorian-Class Heavy Destroyer [MT; Catalog; No Posting]

Postby Atlantica » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:13 am

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Kronos Inc. Praetorian-Class Heavy Destroyer
The Answer of Tomorrow's Seas. The Solution to Naval Hegemony.


    - All-Electric Propulsion: $2,800,000,000
    - Nuclear Propulsion: $3,400,000,000
    - DPR (All-Electric Only): $18,000,000,000

The Praetorian-Class Heavy Destroyer, introduced to the Zhenian Navy as the Li Shan-Class Guided Missile Destroyer in 2012, is one of the largest surface combatants currently offered by Kronos Inc., aimed for the replacement of the Zhenian Navy's aging Temujin-Class Cruisers and Beihai-Class Destroyers. Aimed to perform the roles of both a cruiser and a destroyer, the Praetorian-Class is truly the epitome of unchallenged naval superiority, be it a defensive or an offensive mission.

The Praetorian-Class Heavy Destroyer itself was a revolutionary piece in surface warfare, emphasizing superior armament and low observability more than ever before. Its design, meant to minimize IR signature and radar cross-section, has reduced the ship's radar cross-section to be equal to a naval RHIB, while its IR signatures are less than a quarter of legacy ships with the same size. Boasting a whopping 160 VLS cells - most of them aligned in a peripheral way around the ship - as well as two electromagnetic railguns, the Praetorian-Class Heavy Destroyer is capable of operating for an array of missions, ranging from ballistic missile defense, anti-submarine warfare, inland fire support to naval superiority missions.

Upon its introduction, the Praetorian-Class was originally fitted with two 155 mm Next-Generation Naval Gun System (NG2S) guns, each capable of firing guided rounds up to 200 kilometers away. However, since November 2018, all newly-built versions of the Praetorian-Class have been fitted with electromagnetic railguns instead, now capable of firing its own guided rounds, each with speeds up to Mach 6, to distances over 640 kilometers. The addition of electromagnetic railguns gives the ship an additional long-range strike weapon, be it anti-ship or fire support against land targets.

Defense-wise, the Praetorian-Class is equipped with the ICARUS-V Integrated Naval Combat System, with its target acquisition range spanning up to 800 kilometers in distance. The multi-layer defense systems, consisting of long-range anti-air missiles, anti-ballistic missiles, laser-powered close-in weapons systems and everything in between, are capable of intercepting multiple aerial targets simultaneously, thereby minimizing the threat of anti-ship missiles. Even in cases the ship is hit, its fully-automated fire suppression systems and blast-hardened bulkheads minimize the damage done by the attack, thereby maximizing the survivability of its crew. Against submarine threats, while also operating an array of towed and fixed sonars as well as anti-submarine helicopters, it also uses advanced water jets for propulsion, not only increasing its maximum velocity but also significantly lowering its acoustic signals and its chances of detection.

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General Characteristics
  • Type: Guided Missile Destroyer/Nuclear (DDG/DDGN)
  • Displacement (Max): 15,000 tons
  • Length: 193.3 m
  • Beam: 24.6 m
  • Draft: 8.7 m
  • Propulsion: 2 x Caesar-N All-Electric Propulsion Systems (40 MW each) + 2 x AE-301 Auxiliary Electric Propulsion Systems (4 MW each)
  • Maximum Speed: In excess of 30 knots (56 km/h)
  • Range: Unlimited (nuclear), 20,000 km at 24 knots (electric)
  • Troop Complement: 150 + 30 (air)

Electronics, Sensors & Countermeasures
    ICARUS-V Integrated Naval Combat System
  • 4-panel AESA multifunction radar
  • L-band /UHF-band surveillance radar
  • Bow-mounted medium frequency active/passive sonar
  • Variable depth sonar and towed array sonar
  • Integrated Data Link System(IDLS)
  • Surface Ship Torpedo Defense
  • Automated Fire Suppression System

Armament & Aircraft
  • Main Gun: 2 x Electromagnetic Railguns
  • 160 VLS cells (80 Peripheral VLS, 80 at Aft Periphery)
  • 16 x Anti-Ship Missile Launchers (dedicated VLS: can be swapped for more VLS cells)
  • 2 x Free-electron Laser-powered CIWS (can be swapped with alternate weapons)
  • 4 x 25 mm autocannons
  • 2 x Triple torpedo launchers
  • Aircraft: 2 x Medium Helicopters and 1 x Unmanned Helicopter OR 3 x Unmanned Helicopters
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Postby Atlantica » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:15 am

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