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The Drawbridge Group | Open, Arms Manufacturing & Research

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:38 pm
by Shackley

Who we are:
The Drawbridge Group is a semi-covert organisation governed by the Royal Shackleyan Navy. We produce high-end technical solutions to all manner of social, economic, strategic, and geopolitical problems. We pride ourselves on our quality of service and end-to-end security. Your problem is our problem.

How we operate:
Being run by a branch of our national military means that we have the best access to first-hand advice and feedback from countless veterans. Our experts work closely with His Majesty's Armed Forces so that we can better meet the demands of the modern battlefield and our serving colleagues can have the best possible equipment. We are limited, however, in that we cannot condone or partake in trade with any groups or individuals deemed unsuitable by His Majesty's government. If you want the best, you have to be approved by the best.

What we offer:

Cutaway diagram illustrating the unique features of the AGGMER system.

The Advanced Gunnery Guided Munition, Extended Range or "AGGMER" is a next-generation force multiplier for your last-generation weapons systems. Featuring advanced electronics and an independent rocket motor and flight fin system, the AGGMER performs in a similar manner to the guided missile weapons we are all familiar with, but combines the added benefits of first-stage ballistic weapons. The AGGMER can be fired from a regular artillery piece with only minor modifications and is adaptable to all manner of mission parameters including demolition, anti-personnel, area-denial, and long-range anti-air. The weapon is hypersonic, accurate, intelligent, and modular. We produce AGGMERs in a wide range of calibres and specifications so that no unit, from the humblest of heavy cannon to the biggest of battleships will be left lacking in competitive firepower.
The AGGMERâ„¢ is an experimental project consisting of many varying products. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Photograph of a Royal Shackleyan Air Force Typhoon deploying a prototype ABDU during testing

The ABDU is the latest innovation currently in service with the Royal Shackleyan Air Force. Developed during the Great Survival War to combat the Soviet blockade it makes for an effective yet affordable solution to the most severe of geopolitical problems. With economical climate-control systems capable of sustaining up to 10 litres of biological matter for up to 48 hours on battery power alone, the ABDU is the first stop for your last line of defence. Making use of guidance packages from a range of payload delivery systems we believe we have found the optimal cost-effective method to ruin your enemies' day with extreme precision.
Extensive field-testing has shown that ABDU is capable of hitting slow-moving 100 metre targets from distances of over 10 miles at supercruise velocities. Reports have demonstrated that optimal payload distribution can be achieved under these conditions and long-term health effects on said target are devastating.
The ABDU is classified by several international treaties as a weapon of mass destruction. Neither the Drawbridge Group nor the Imperial Fiefdom of Shackley will take responsibility for any legal, political, strategic or ethical repercussions of using the ABDU system.

How to order:
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