Viktor's Fusion Depot [OPEN]

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Viktor's Fusion Depot [OPEN]

Postby Gregenia » Sun Jul 22, 2018 7:43 pm

Viktor's Fusion Depot
"Providing WMD's and Power Since 1992"


Viktor's Fusion Depot is an local cornerstore that is known to sell bombs that can blow up the neighboorhood but if your not the violent type, Viktor also just sells reactors. Viktor doesnt only sell his items to his town he sells them to any nation that can afford nuclear capabillites! Viktor does live in the basement of the store and oddly enough the police dont care. There is some chance of something new everyday.


Ant-92 (50 Tons) $1,000,000
The first bomb produced by Viktor.This bomb may look big but it has the power of a M-27(Davy Crockett) making it more of a dirty bomb then a nuke has a radius of 107yrds (98m)
5,000 in stock

Wasp-94 (15KT) $10,000,000
This bomb is longer but slimmer and is alot more powerfull then the Ant-92. This bomb has the power of the Little Boy bomb and will destroy anything within a quarter mile (.4 km).
10,000 in stock

Nova-02(20MT) $20,000,000
This bomb is connected to a old V1 Rocket but just because it is old doesnt mean it can't do damage.This bomb has the power of Castle Bravo and it can destroy anything in a 2.8 Mile Radius (4.47km).
2,000 in stock

Peacemaker-15(40MT) $65,000,000
This Thermonuclear bomb is the most destrutive bomb in the store and might even make you look bad but to aquire this you must be a good friend of Viktor or really trustworty.seriously this can wipe a large island off the map.This bomb has the power of Tzar Bomba and will destroy anything in a 620 mile radius (998km).
200 in stock


Porta (Plutonium) $30,000,000
The first Reactor produced by Viktor.This looks smll but it has the power to light up a city block making it more of a genarator then a power plant.
30,000 in stock

Riddelium (Plutonium) $35,000,000
This rector is bigger but it's alot more powerfull then the Porta. This reactor has the power to light up a small town.
25,000 in stock

Novak (Uranium) $40,000,000
This reactor was found in Chernobyl and replicated by the courtesy of Viktor.This reactor has the power to light up a small city.
15,000 in stock

Stormer (Uranium) $50,000,000
This reactor is the largest reactor made in the store.This reactor has the power to light up a city the size of New York.
1,000 in stock



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