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Magna-Virzion Corporation (MVC) is a multifaceted conglomerate, with subsidiaries in Auto, Defense Contracts, Science, Arms Manufacturing, Health, and many more. We also are divided into different arms to allow easier business. It was founded by James Dillon.
51%, Dillon Family
35%, Public trading
8%, Marcus Hyde
4%, Ellion Ciirus
49% of AGS, Banash Group

Arms Manufacturing
Military/Defense Contracting
Franchise businesses
Scientific Research/ Space Research
We also own the following companies: Pantheon Health Group, Ares Auto, West Eagle Contracting, NOTA Labs, Public Sector Enterprises Inc., Regalia Armaments, Paragon Industrial, Horizon Industrial, Rome Interactive, Magnus Energy, Virzion Telecommunications, Hyde Holdings, Alternative Genetic Solutions, Preston Wealth Management, Golden Chain Burgers, Pale Pizza, Black Eagle Covert, and Reach Interstellar.
This is the current hub for all of those companies, but keep with us as this is a WIP.


CEO of Virzion Telecom, Nathan Tolima

CEO of Banash Group, Ivan Banash

CEO of Black Eagle Covert, James Hall

CEO of Paragon Industrial, Phillip Flanders


CEO of Xencovian Arms Corporation, Terrence Lim

CEO of Reach Interstellar, Margaret Hughes




CEO of MVC: Marcus Hyde, Founder of Hyde Holdings
CFO of MVC: Harold Sweeney
CTO of MVC: Jack Reagan
CIO of MVC: Brian Clark
COO of MVC: Marcus Stiles
VP of Automobiles: William Gustav, CEO of Ares Auto
VP of Hospitality: Leonard Stupa, CEO of PSE Inc.
VP of Arms Manufacturing: Arnold Hoffmann, CEO of Regalia Armaments
VP of Military/Defense Contracting: Timothy Mole, CEO of West Eagle Contracting
VP of Franchise Businesses: Fabio Hernandez, CEO of Golden Chain Burgers
VP of Health: Chelsea Key, CEO of Pantheon Health Group
VP of Scientific Research: Kevin Dell, CEO of NOTA Labs
VP of Industrial: Peyton Trotsky, CEO of Magnus Energy

Pantheon Health Group

Pantheon Health Group is a world class healthcare company, specializing in national healthcare coverage plans, and also Pharmaceuticals. It was founded in 295.1 AST( Alirian Standard Time), and was the result of an union between Miles Key and Dr. Quill Briar. Miles Key hails from New Yallia, and received his education in business at Parkland University. Dr. Briar Received his education at Kardmiam's Blust Medical Institute. After meeting for a few times to discuss ideas for Pantheon, until they came across an old research file of the Dr.'s. It showed a chemical sample, which if slightly altered, could be a better painkiller than morphine. They decided to call it Zodak(TM). Zodak sold like wildfire, and they knew they were on to something.

Products Offered

Zodak: The strongest available painkiller, it was the original product of Pantheon. 79 N$D.
Rolakis: A cure for migraines, it is available over the counter. 15 N$D.
Pretezen: A cure for allergies, one pill lasts 72 hours. 30 N$D.
Hafnius: A Arterial Opener, it unclogs clogged arteries. 40 N$D.
Cerbgon: The most successful of all of Pantheon's drugs, it can cure cancer 1-3 if taken with MWDMT. 100 N$D.

All regular hospital services.
MWDMT: If used while on Cerbgon, it can cure cancer stages 1-3. This product stands for Micro Wave Disperse Mechanism Trigger. 15000 N$D.
Advanced Virtual Reality Therapy: Virtual Reality therapy, to allow you to relieve anger by doing whatever activities you choose. 100 N$D per Hour.

COVERAGE PLANS: All prices are different based on circumstances, so PM me your offer with your application. NOTE: These plans are customizable.
XX-Small(1000-10000 population): 1 clinic. 1 retail location.
X-Small( 10001-20000): 2 clinics. 2 retail locations.
Small( 20001-50000): 3 clinics. 4 retail locations
Medium( 50001- 100000): 1 local hospital, 4 clinics, 6 retail locations.
Large(100001- 300000): 2 local hospitals, 8 clinics, 8 retail locations.
X-Large(300001-600000): 1 central hospital, 2 local hospital, 10 clinics, 8 retail locations.
XX-Large( 600001-1,000,000): 1 central hospital, 4 local hospitals. 20 clinics, 10 retail locations.
City Plan:(1M-3M): 2 central hospitals, 8 local hospitals, 40 clinics, 25 retail locations.
Megaopilis:( 3M- 6M): 3 central hospitals, 14 local hospitals, 50 clinics, 40 retail locations.
Gargantuan:(6M+): 6+ central hospitals,25+ local hospitals, 100+ clinics, 80+ retail locations.
National: just notify us of your request for Central Hospitals, local Hospitals, Clinics, and retail locations.

Nation Name:
City Name If Applicable:
Coverage Plan:
Customization Requests:
National Coverage Specifications( If Applicable):
Rep. we can reach:

ORDER FORM( C/P the below):
Nation Name:
Company Name if Applicable:
Products requested, with amounts:
Rep. we can reach:
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