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USP Gen 2.0

Postby Nachmere » Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:39 am



Specifications (USP 2.0/USP 2.0C)
Type: Duty Pistol | Compact Duty Pistol
Action: Semi Automatic, Striker Fired, Double Action
Caliber: 9mm
Length, overall: 212mm | 185mm
Length, barrel: 114mm |102mm
Height: 135mm | 125mm
Weight, unloaded: 730g | 700g
Weight, loaded: 930g | 900g
Magazine capacity: 17/33 rds | 15/17/33 rds
Cost per unit: 519 USD
DPR cost: 10,000,000 USD

Following a decade and a half of using the USP10, various Nachmerian military and LE agencies wished to return to using the 9mm parabellum round. The .40S&W was found to in fact offer no real benefits, especially with the advancements in 9mm high pressure ammunition. The advantages of 9mm, in price, recoil, ammo capacity, and maintenance again swayed the debate in it’s favor.

Schwerpunkt decided to capitalize on this trend and re-engineer the USP to it’s Gen 2.0 version. Now chambered in 9mm, it is also finally a true stiker fired pistol, unlike it’s internal hammer predecessor. Another change is the return to the slide in frame design historically favored in Nachmere. This set up allows for a lower bore axis, tight slide to frame fit and effecient barrel lock. All of these contribute to accuracy making the Gen 2.0 more accurate than the USP10. Combined with the return to 9mm, users of the older gun are sure to also feel a reduction in felt recoil.

As before, the USP Gen. 2.0 has a glass fiber reinforced polymer frame and a Tenifer finish steel slide. The frame allows for 3 different sizes of replaceable backstraps. The slide is serrated both front and rear to allow easy operation of the pistol even with wet hands or in the cold. The trigger guard is large enough to allow shooting with gloves. The Gen 2.0 does away with the grip safety of the USP10, and now has a safe action trigger to prevent unintentional firing, as well as the usual firing pin block. The barrel remains (as on all Schwerpunkt firearms) an excellent cold hammer forged steel barrel.

The fully ambidextrous Gen 2.0 has both a magazine release and a slide release button on each side of the frame, and is fed with either 17 round magazines in the Duty version or 15 round magazines in the Compact Duty version. 33 round extended capacity magazines are also available. The pistol comes standard with tritium 3 dot night sights.

Each pistol is delivered with 2 magazines and three sizes of backstraps, prices for other modifications and accesories are:
Extra 15/17 rnd magazine: 20$
33 rnd magazine: 30$
Suppressor ready barrel and suppressor height sights: +70$
Supressor: +200$
1200Lm tactical light/Green laser combo: +230$
Red dot sight with co-witnessed back up irons: +300$

All purchases are to be made via our main storefront.

ImageThe USP Gen 2.0 fitted with a red dot sight, silencer and laser/flashlight.
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