Looking for plane designs

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The Empire Of The Rising Cross
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Looking for plane designs

Postby The Empire Of The Rising Cross » Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:24 pm

Hello I am currently looking for several designs of planes to use in my air force. Specifications below. Any design that meets these standards will be considered for purchase.

1. Ground strike Jet
Needed, Manuverible and well armed jet designed for fighting in mountains and jungles terrain. Mainly combating rebels, cartels or terrorists so needs air to air and air to ground capabilities.

Basic stats

Min Max Speed: 400 kph
Max speed: 1300 kph
Crew: 2+
Range: 850 ks


1 Nose mounted auto cannon
4 interchangeable bomb mounts
2 LRAA Missiles
2 SRAA Missiles
4 72 Rocket rocket pods

Other Info

Under 17 Million NSD per unit

Must be able to be tested by our military with several prototypes

Design purchased will be manufactured by our factories

2.Propeller driven recon/small paratrooper deployer
Needed, a small propeller driven air craft capable of carrying 15 paratroopers or surveillance, radar and radio equipment. Primary used against insurgents and cartels in mountains and jungle areas. Needs slow speed so precise surveillance and para-dropping are feasible.
Basic stats

Min Max Speed: 180 kph
Max speed: 520 kph
Crew: 3+
Seats for troops: 15
Range: 600 ks


2 Inter changeable hardpoints

Other Info

Under 2 Million NSD per unit

Must be able to be tested by our military with several prototypes

Design purchased will be manufactured by our factories

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F-30D "Kingfisher" option

Postby Sergen » Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:43 pm


Greetings The Empire of the rising cross ,

After reading carefully your requests for a ground attack aircraft, the S.A.I team would like your consideration for our F-30D "Kingfisher" multi-role aircraft, which is also able for ground attack. The F-30D (Double seater) matches many of your requests, such as crew and weapon capacity. The maximum speed is exceeded by only 70 mph, and about the price, we can deal for NSD $18.500.000,00 per unit if at least 20 units are ordered.

All other specification info, including negotiation and prices, can be found on our storefront.

F-30 S/D "Kingfisher" Storefront

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Postby Lisianski » Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:44 pm

Max speed 1000 kpm
crew 4
range 850 ks
weapons 1 Nose mounted auto cannon 4 interchangeable bomb mounts 2 LRAA Missiles
2 SRAA Missiles 4 72 Rocket rocket pods
can use up to 100 weapons
cost 100,000 NSD per unit
Other features
1000 hp
power windows locks and seats
auto pilot
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Postby Athretvari » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:06 pm

AiTec Heavy Defense Industries Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AiCorp Industries of Athretvari is proud to propose to the Government of the Empire of the Rising Cross for its consideration, the Huba-300 Bobcat and the Hujino-C3 Tigress, two aircraft custom designed and developed to meet your nation’s current and future air defense requirements.


The Huba-300 Bobcat is an affordable, fast, highly manuverable, multirole light attack fighter designed for domestic air-space patrol and control, counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics law enforcement, EW and ISR, close-in combat air support with air to air and air to ground capabilities. The Huba-300 Bobact sports an advanced “close terrain AI autopilot assistance system” for slow-and-low flying.

Basic stats

Min Max Speed: 600 kph
Max speed: 1800 kph
Crew: 1-2
Range: 1200 ks

20 Million NSD per unit

The Hujino-C3 Tigress is a small, highly manuverable, air transport and (optional) bomber system designed for rapid troop (or ordinance) deployment. Perfect for domestic and near-abroad counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics law enforcement, ISR, and even limited close-in combat air support with air to air and air to ground capabilities. The Hujino-C3 Tigress also sports an advanced “close terrain AI autopilot assistance system” for slow-and-low flying.

Basic stats

Max Min Speed: 160 kph
Max Max speed: 600 kph
Crew: 2-3
Seats for troops: 24
Range: 1200 ks

Air Transport: 3 Million NSD per unit
Bomber: 30 Million NSD per unit

6 base-model prototypes of each aircraft type are available for testing by your military.

Domestic production for domestic use only is permitted.

AiTec will include free training for pilots, maintenance & repair technicians, manufacturers, and trainers in these areas to facilitate the development of domestic training programs in these areas specific to these craft.

Please contact our sales offices in Athretvari for more information.

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Postby Corindia » Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:45 am

The C7 Vireo Cargo Aircraft

Side view of the Vireo

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia
Crew: 2 (1 pilots, 1 loadmaster)
Unit cost: 21M Corins (2M NSD)
Capacity: 51 passengers, 35 paratroops, 18 stretchers, four pallets, a suite of AEW&C equipment with modification
Payload: 6,000kg
Length: 21.40m
Wingspan: 25.81m
Height: 8.18m
Empty weight: 9,800kg
Max. takeoff weight: 15,100kg
Powerplant: 2 Aeromada CT7-9C3 turboprops, 1,305kW each
Cruise speed: 450km/h
Stall speed: 156km/h
Range: 4,355km
Service ceiling: 7,620m
Rate of climb: 7.8m/s

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The Selkie
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Postby The Selkie » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:10 am

To: The Armed Forces of The Empire Of The Rising Cross, Office for Procurement of Equipment (or equivalent).

Return Adress: Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan, Cathéide House, Office 65-C, Traverse, Farpoint Island, Free Lands of the Selkie.
Monday, 27th of March, 2017.

Dear Sirs and Ma'ams,
the request for procurement of the Armed Forces of the Empire of the Rising Cross, asking for a design for a ground strike jet, has reached the shores of Farpoint Island and with it the desks of Gabha Blacksmiths Limited, the company I represent.
In lieu with this, Gabha Blacksmiths would like to offer you the Veilbhit-II Light Attack Aircraft, everything your armed forces need and more. The catalogue entry is attached below and a demonstration of several production line aircraft can be arranged, either in the Free Lands or in the Empire of the Rising Cross.
One matter, though, remains: As we would usually not agree to selling the Domestic Production Right for any aircraft design to a foreign military, we would be willing to offer you the following agreement: We produce the Veilbhit-II in your country, hiring from the domestic workforce and paying the appropriate taxes there. We, in general, hope, that we can come to an agreement both parties find favourable.

I eagerly await your reply.
With kind regards,
Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan
Representing Gabha Blacksmiths Ltd.

Technical Data
Crew: 1-2, depending on version
Length: 12.75 metres
Wingspan: 9.75 metres
Wing Area: 19.05 m²
Height: 4.97 m
Empty Weight: 4.4 tons
Max. Takeoff Weight: 8.1 tons
Powerplant: Luas L-26 Mark II, 30 kN dry thrust
Maximum Speed: 950 km/h at sea level
Stall Speed: 180 km/h
Range: 1600 km at maximum internal fuel
Service Ceiling: 13,000 metres
Rate of Climb: 65 m/s
The Veilbhit-II Light Attack Aircraft is a light attack aircraft designed and produced by Gabha Blacksmiths Limited, filling the SDF's need for a replacement of the Veilbhit Light Attack Aircraft, as well as to provide a trainer for new pilots. It is a lightweight attack aircraft, which can also be used as a fighter-aircraft, if need should arise, and has a two-seat version as a trainer.

The term veilbhit means velvet.

The Veilbhit-II Light Attack Aircraft is a lightweight, small aircraft, 12.75 metres long, spanning 9.75 metres and being 4.97 metres high. It weights 4.4 tons empty.
A long and pointed nose, which houses the radar amongst other things, leads to the cockpit, a single-seat cockpit for the main Light Attack Version and a tandem cockpit with the instructor sitting slightly elevated in case of the trainer. The canopy is opened manually and hinged on the right, leading into the rest of the fuselage.
The low-set, straight wings are of a double-taper planform, providing, in addition to the 2.5 degrees diheral from their roots, a low aspect ration, which in turn provides manoeuvrability and lower fuel consumption. The wings have both flaps and ailerons, also including an automatic trimming system, providing stability and to counteract large pitch changes, which would be generated by sudden movement of the flaps. The Veilbhit-II is build of a reinforced titanium-alloy, the cockpit being armoured with a light composite ballistic armour.
The tail assembly features a tall, swept vertical tail with inset rudder and two horizontal stabilizers, one on each side, with inset elevators, mounted at the rudder's base and over the exhaust nozzle. Airbrakes are located underneath the fuselage ahead of the wing's leading edge.
Flaps, landing gear and brakes are hydraulically powered, while ailerons and rudder have pushrod-actuated and electrically powered servo tabs.

The engine is a proven and capable Luas L-26 Mark II engine, providing 30 Kilonewton of dry thrust, which also has an afterburner. It is the same engine as onboard the SDY-Sciathan 18 Stuama, a turbofan engine, relatively cheap and easy to maintain engine, achieving high pressure and therefore high power with axial and centrifugal compressors. As a low-bypass two-spool engine, it provides high power at relatively small fuel consumption, 88.6 kilograms of fuel per Kilonewton and hour. The Veilbhit-II can carry up to 2000 litres of fuel internally, including in the wingtip-tanks and has the option to carry up to 1700 externally on hardpoints.
Of particular note is the arrangement of the engine, which is located in the back of the aircraft, air being fed to it through shoulder-mounted semi-circular air intakes.
The Veilbhit-II can operate from unprepared airstrips or even austere locations such as frozen lakebeds (we tested it) with ease, thanks to a retractable, hydraulically actuated and quite rugged tricycle undercarriage, which is designed to handle such rough handling. Adding in the low landing speeds and easy handling and one has an aircraft made for both attack and training.
All in all, the Veilbhit-II can easily be operated due to the design philosophy of ease of maintenance and handling in all aspects.

The Veilbhit-II has a wide array of armament possibilities, having six harpoints, all of them under the wings, and a 30 millimetre auto-cannon in the nose. The external hardpoints can carry a load up to 2.4 tons of ammunition and stores, including up to four external fuel tanks.
Ammunition in use can include, but is definitely not limited to, unguided bombs, air-to-air and air-to-ground guided missiles, rockets, rocket pods and fire-and-forget ammunition. The Veilbhit-II can carry the Type 40 Mark IV Anti-Ship Missile, produced by Silverport Dockyards Limited, as well as other missiles and rockets.
Additionally, the Veilbhit-II can carry special devices for special purposes, for example pods for aerial reconnaissance, electronic warfare or targeting.

Many of the avionic systems aboard the Veilbhit-II are simplified to allow for easy handling even by inexperienced pilots, including the throttle responding rapidly, and to be easier to maintain.
Triple-redundant, modular fly-by-wire controls steer the aircraft, dual-redundant digital databuses transfer data easily. Data about speed, course and position is provided by a gyro-based inertial guidance system and GPS, which are fed to the cockpit displays and a head-up-display. A gyro-based gunsight is placed in front of the pilot to allow him to aim his aircraft's unguided weapons even without assistance of his avionics.
A Radar Warning Receiver ensures, that the Veilbhit-II can detect, when there is a radar aiming at it, for example for searching, tracking or aiming, dispensers for chaff and flares allowing for the defence against such threats.
The Veilbhit-II is equipped with a multi-mode pulse Doppler radar, operating on the X-band, giving the Veilbhit-II capabilities to operate in all weather conditions, at day and by night, as well as the the capability to engage targets beyond its visual range.
Communications are handled via one transceiver for radio-communication, including ECM-resistance via frequency-hopping and encryption, which both make it considerably harder to disrupt communications between aircraft and control.

The Veilbhit-II Light Attack Aircraft can be delivered in two major variants: The Light Attack Aircraft and the Advanced Jet Trainer.
The Advanced Jet Trainer features backseat controls where the WSO would sit, it is just as capable in combat, if need should arise, is however incapable of aerial refuelling and has less options for armament as the instructor seat is no WSO-seat.
The Light Attack Aircraft is the main combat version, capable of using a wide array of weaponry and actually the thing, which was described this whole entry. Powerful electronics and systems where the flight instructor would sit allows for a WSO to be absent and the pilot to be alone in his plane.
A version fit for carrier-operations is planned as well.

One Veilbhit-II Light Attack Aircraft: 9.6 million NSD
One Veilbhit-II Trainer: 7.5 million NSD

One Squadron of twelve Veilbhit-II Light Attack Aircraft:
    Including training and spare parts for half a year of combat service: 115 million NSD.
    Without training and spare parts for half a year of combat service: 110 million NSD.
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Silverport Dockyards Ltd.: Storefront - Catalogue

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Postby Valkiir » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:11 am

Greetings from the Armed Republic of Valkiir It is my great pleasure to offer for sale the pride of our National Arms Agency. The F/A-7 Black Swan. It is an advanced aircraft with impressive air to air, and low altitude combat capability.
Art and design by would be me)

We designed and built the aircraft to be an easy fit into any air force with an eye toward not only capabilities in the air, but ease of repair, service life, and adaptability. Making it affordable to any small to medium sized air force as well as larger air forces. We believe it is one of the best all around combat aircraft available today, and Our pilots would be more than happy to demonstrate its abilities to you at our testing grounds.

Feel free to invite any other competing aircraft manufacturer to bring along their best aircraft. My boys love to show off. And if they can beat our FA-7 drinks are on me.

John Rhictor Valkirri: President Of Valkiir.

The FA-7 Black Swan is a high agility two seat multi-role aircraft. designed for reliability, ease of maintenance and modular systems integration. It can carry a wide variety of weapons and is equally suited to strike and air space denial, battlespace superiority missions. The F-7 can serve as a fighter, attack aircraft, and trainer allowing for simplification of organization and no need for specialized trainer aircraft.

it features advanced cockpit controls allowing either pilot or system operators to pilot the aircraft in emergencies and can be reconfigured for air to air combat or ground strike roles by simply reconfiguring the control systems as needed.

Thrust deflectors and wing tip reaction jets allow for extreme agility and complex air to air combat maneuvers as well as an unusually low take off and stall speed, the addition of extra thrust units to redirect thrust from rear exhaust to under body downward facing louvers allows for extremely short take off and low speed landings for naval operations from smaller non catapult equipped aircraft carriers and assault ships.

All models feature reinforced landing gear, tail hooks and air brakes for naval and short runway operations as a standard feature. Allowing it to serve with both Ground based units and naval units without modification.

Export version lacks the integrated electronic warfare and ECM/ECCM systems of the standard Valkiir Air Self Defense Force models but have identical flight characteristics and combat capabilities. Nations which sign nonaggression pacts, and guarantee that technology will not be transferred to third parties without the approval of the Valkiir President, Department of State, and Senate may purchase standard models, or be granted production rights for export variant.

Length 18 meters
Wingspan: 9 Meters
Crew: 2
Top Speed: Mach 1.2( at sea Level) 14,000 Kph
Empty Weight: 11,339kg, 25,000 lbs
Max take off weight: 15875 kg, 35,000 lbs
Power plant: twin Turbo Fans, with afterburner and thrust vectoring

Combat Radius: 700Km ( air to air mission) extended by in flight refueling
Ferry Range: 3000 Km
Service Ceiling 15,240m
Rate of climb 250m/s

Guns: Single 25mm 6 barrel Rotary cannon
1 centerline
2 Wingtip
4 Under wing

Unit Cost:22-29 million per unit for export variant
30 million for STOL version

Additional systems:
  • Basic thrust vectoring by means of thrust deflectors
  • Fly by wire controls
  • Laser,Radar detection and warning system.
  • Flare/chaff launchers
  • Multifunction pilot, systems operator displays
  • dual flight controls
  • dual ejections seats, rated for zero altitude/zero airspeed use
  • Mid air refueling system
  • Encrypted voice and data communication system.
  • GPS and inertial guidance system
  • Low level ground evasion radar and pilot low lite enhancement system
  • Helmet mounted display and interface
  • Naval Landing gear and tail hook assembly standard
  • Drag chute

Can be easily configured as training aircraft with no modifications.
All systems designed for maximum reliability and modular installation
Plug and play modular electronics
Available in STOL variant.

Rapid field repair times due to modular electronics and quick change motor mounts on both engines.

Signal Intelligence
Electronic warfare

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X-10 Hell Bird from Imperial Arms Corporation

Postby The Williams Empire » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:10 pm

1x Nose GAU-19 Cannon
6x AIM-7 Sparrow Air-to-Air Semi-active radar homing
4x Mk 77 Bomb
2x AGM-65E Maverick Air-to-Surface Semi-active laser homing
Maximum speed: 500 kn (575.3897 mph)
Service Ceiling: Exosphere 700 to 10,000 km (440 to 6,200 miles)
Power plant: Twin J58-1 continuous-bleed afterburning turbojets
Mid air refueling
GPS and inertial guidance systems
Low level ground stealth coating
Encrypted data communications
Helmet interface
Ultrasound mapping capabilities
Blast resistant cockpit
IR Flares
Fire countermeasures
Engine coolant

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