M400 Area Defense Device

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M400 Area Defense Device

Postby Allanea » Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:38 am

M400 Area Defense Device
Cutoff model of M225, the M400’s predecessor

Type: Anti-Personnel / Anti-Transprt fragmentation, HEAP, controlled, bounding, area-effect mine.
Hull: Metal
Mass: 100 kg
Diameter: 60 cm
Height: 100 cm
Sensor range: 50-200 m
Total disablement radius: 90-100 m
Submunitions: 60
Submunition penetration: 80mm RHAe
Submunition blast radius: 15m
Activity period: 60 days
Wait time: Battery
Temperature range: -40 - +50 degrees
Price: $10,000
DPR: $10 billion

The M400 Area Defense Device is a successor to the M225 Landmine originally proposed by a Russian landmine manufacturer in the year 2001. Advances in battery technology and grenade technology allowed the Allanean Arms industry to fit in more, smaller submunitions (based on the M430A1 grenade), as well as to allow for an improved service period for the grenade.

M400 ADD Principle of Operations

The M400 Area Defense Device is sealed entirely to avoid scent-based detection of the landmine itself. It is equipped with a vibration sensor similar to what is used in other advanced vibration-triggered mines, capable of detecting the approach of individuals or vehicles. When a group of several individuals or a group accompanied by a vehicle approaches within 50 meters of the landmine, the landmine’s fuze detonates, first causing a small explosive to remove the protective cover on the top of the landmine, blowing away the cover and the layer of soil masking the mine, and then causing the M400 to bounce in the air, powered by a rocket booster. When the landmine is in the air at last, the mine detonates, sowing sixty 40mm streamer-delayed submunitions around itself, blanketing everything within a 100-meter radius in explosions. Should one of the munitions impact on a vehicle’s roof, the vehicle is likely to be penetrated. (The effect radius is practically the same as used by previous-generation heavy landmines like the M225, however use of more modern submunitions allows more adequate coverage of the attack area).

However, what makes the device truly lethal is the array of onboard electronics. A section of the landmine - segregated from the rest of the body by a layer of sealant and plastic, to avoid the smell of explosives being detected - carries an elaborate, EMP-shielded system of electronics. This allows it to both communicate via encrypted radio link with separate sensors, including vibration sensors, infra-red sensors, and other landmines, as well as enable encrypted radio communications with a Minefield Management Computer or a controller. The mine’s onboard Minefield Network Node Card can also figure as an element of a Minefield Management System of its own, both as a communication node and as command module. In this mode it can control other landmines, such as issuing orders to radio-command detonators for smaller landmines when ground personnel approach in quantities insufficient to justify the use of an M400 mine on them. In addition, the system can use a wire uplink to communicate with other landmines or a Minefield Management Computer. This can be used to disarm the mine if the counterdemining sensors are not in place.

Behind the lines, the mine can be controlled either from a Minefield Management Computer, a tactical laptop, or an application installed on a Commander’s Hardened Tablet. A variant of the software is being developed for the Imerian Warforce Joint Electronic Book [The "Kreigsmaktens sammanslutna elektroniska ook"]

M400 in deployment container.

A small pin is attached to the side of the mine casing, shielded under a small latch. Opening the latch and pulling out the pin activates several counterdemining charges - a vibration sensor (active on any attempts to move the mine more than five centimeters) and two light sensors (active on a removal of the fuze or the mine’s top cover). Sometimes an additional booby-trap device can be placed under the mine to avoid its removal by come covert manner. The mine self-destructs by detonation when the battery runs out. Once the counterdemining charges are activated, they cannot be disabled.

Special Note on Planting the M400: The M400 is a heavy device. Planting it requires the use of a crew of three men, who can either plant it by hand (after, of course, delivering it by truck, and digging a hole by hand, which would take a man with a full-sized shovel about half an hour). However, a better way to do so is to equip a mine deployment kit on an existing truck (DPR is included with the DPR for M400). The kit includes a light crane to lift the mines, a drill capable in working in I-IV category soils, as well as electronic testing and control equipment.



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[b]Purchasing entity:[/b]
[b]Number of devices:[/b]
[b]Would you like to purchase DPR for the M400:[/b]
[b]Total payment:[/b]
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Postby Bashriyya » Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:41 pm

Purchasing entity: Bashriyyan Army
Number of devices: 4
Would you like to purchase DPR for the M400: Yes
Total payment: 10.00004 billion US$
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Postby McNernia » Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:05 pm

Purchasing entity:Mcnernian Ministry of Defense
Number of devices: 100 For Testing
Would you like to purchase DPR for the M400: Yes
Total payment:
11,000,000,000 USD
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