C-10AL Dracotaur Heavy Strategic Airlifter

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C-10AL Dracotaur Heavy Strategic Airlifter

Postby Allanea » Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:13 pm

C-10AL Dracotaur - Allanean Arms
(reworking of Lamonian design)


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Crew: 6 (a special cabin is available to carry a replacement crew)
Payload: 255,000 kg
Door Dimensions: 440x640 cm
Length: 90 m
Wingspan: 88.40 m
Height: 18.1 m
[b]Wing area:
905 m²
Empty Weight: 185,000 kg
MTOW: 605,000kg
Powerplant: 6x Allanean Arms Nightingale AA-18 High Bypass Turbofans, 235 kN each
Takeoff run: 3,500 m
Maximum Speed: 850 kph
[b]Cruise Speed:
800 kph
Primary Cargo Compartment Dimensions: Length - 43.5meters (48 meters with ramp), Width - 6.4 meters, height - 4.4 meters
Troop Capacity: 450 paratroopers in main deck + 88 paratroopers on Second Deck., or in case paradrop is not necessary, 900 fully-armed soldiers on main deck + 88 soldiers on second deck.

Range (Max Fue)l: 17,000 km
Max Payload: 7,000 km
Service Ceiling: 11,000 m
Thrust/Weight: .234
Countermeasures: Flare/Chaff Pods; EW suite; LA-22 Radar Warning Receiver
Radar: AN/APG-63(V)3

Background, conceptualisation and design

[align=justify]When the Allanean military received its first news of the C-10 Minotaur (in itself, a slight lengthening of the legendary Antonov AN-225 Strategic Transport aircraft), the general view was that this aircraft would serve as a great boon to the Allanean Armed Forces. It was believed, quite reasonably, that its ability to fit and carry as many as four main battle tanks (or five BMP-3 armored vehicles) would fit well with Allanean doctrine and use. However it soon became clear that the C-10 Minotaur shared one drawback of An-225 - it was incapable of airdropping heavy cargoes, as, like the An-225, it could only unload by flippinng up its majestic nose.

It was decided then that it would be possible to give up on some of the weight capacity of the aircraft (as, at any rate, an aircraft like this only very rarely lifts its full 250 tons of cargo, and it’s plain impossible to stuff 250 tons of tanks into the beast - they would not fit into it scargo compartment anyway). For this reason it was decided to fit the Allanean-produced aircraft with a ramp, which shortened the cargo compartment slightly - about to the size of the An-225 cargo compartment.

However, the mission of the C-10AL, like that of its forebear-aircraft is not entirely military; a single aircraft can deliver significant quantities of commercial produce or disaster relief supplies, and the C-10 is also capable of conventional heavy lifting tasks. For instance, the completed fuselage of a 737 jet can fit inside the cavernous interior of the Minotaur. Moreover, the vast size of the aircraft has allowed the creation of a second deck - where as many as 88 soldiers or technical personnel can ride in comfort alongside whatever the cargo happens to be. These men can be engineers accompanying a spacecraft, doctors accompanying a humanitarian aid shipment, and so forth. In addition to this, the belly of the aircraft can be filled with soldiers too - while the pressurization is limited and oxygen masks recommended, and the ride rather uncomfortable, this is still done in emergency situations.

Another upgrade from the previous generation aircraft is refitting the wings of the C-10AL Dracotaur with bomb pylons, similar to those on the IL-96, enabling the aircraft to carry standard munitions, and even guided missiles. The pylons are capable of holding up to 2.5 tons of bombs or other munitions each, however it’s worth noting that the C-10AL is not a combat aircraft, and Allanean Arms is not responsible for any attempts to use a C-10AL as a fighter or a bomber. Allanean Arms cannot be sued for any injuries arising from improper use of our products!

The aircraft is powered by six Allanean Arms Nightingale AA-18 High Bypass Turbofans, producing a combined thrust of 1,410 kN. However, like its forefather the Minotaur, the Dracotaur is of course a cargo plane, not a fighter jet. Its use is recommended in circumstances where enemy air defense has been at least suppressed if not destroyed, and the threat to the aircraft minimized.

For emergencies, the aircraft is fitted with a self-defense complex, which includes a chaff dispenser (capable of launching both conventional chaff and single-use RADAR jammers), an infra-red flare launchers, a non-coherent light emitter and a laser jammer. These are capable of defending the aircraft from both MANPAD launches, attempts to target the plane with ATGMs, and radar-guided anti-air missiles. This is not a replacement for a coherent SEAD strategy, nor does it render the plane immune to all air defense. Again, Allanean Arms cannot be sued for any injuries caused by misuse of our products!

The aircraft’s main control electronics are quadruple-redundant, and the wing mechanization gear is double-redundant. In addition to the above, the aircraft can be used in air-launch programs for heavy spacecraft, ballistic missiles, and other weaponry. Two onboard cranes (with a payload of 5 tons each) and three winches are available on the aircraft for handling loads.

Other tan the obvious tanks, the aircraft can fit up to 16 10-ton aviation containers OR up to 50 personal automobiles OR a single large and heavy object in the 150-200 tons range (while the aircraft’s engines can lift a cargo of up to 245 tons, the bottom of the fuselage can only take that much weight).

Landing Gear

Image courtesy of:

As the image shows, the Dracotaur has two banks of seven double wheeled landing gear down the sides of the aircraft, and two double wheeled landing gears in the front. This allows for the aircraft and payloads combined weight to be distributed evenly amongst the various tires, so that the chance of the landing gear breaking off or otherwise suffering catastrophic failure at a critical moment is vastly reduced.

C-10ALs are available at NS$300m per aircraft.
DPRs for the C-10AL are available for NS $300bn

Please post at Allanean Defense Exports to purchase the C-10AL Dracotaur.
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