Polaris Military Logistics Corporation [OPEN]

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Polaris Military Logistics Corporation [OPEN]

Postby The Nation of Ceneria » Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:58 pm


Welcome to Polaris!

Logistics is one of the most important aspects of a military's ability to function effectively. Whether you are carrying main battle tanks and artillery rounds to the front lines or bringing humanitarian supplies to those in dire need, any military is helpless without a fleet of trucks, cars, transport aircraft, and even ocean-going ships in order to keep troops alive, well-supplied, and happy.

Polaris Military Logistics designs, builds, and sells units made to meet the harshest demands of your military. Our trucks have hauled tanks in some of the harshest conditions imaginable, ranging from the biting cold of the arctic to the tropical heat of the jungles. While the majority of the units we sell are not armed, they have built-in mountings for a huge range of defensive weapons systems, and we are more than happy to help you modify them if required.

In addition to simply selling our units, we also rent and loan units to those nations who do not have the funds readily available to purchase them. And, if you are pressed for time and resources and need rapid logistical assistance, we can also dispatch assets complete with drivers and maintenance crews in order to help you as soon as possible.

So, without any further ado, I would like to welcome you to Polaris Military Logistics. Happy shopping!

Martin Helms
Chief Executive Officer, Polaris Military Logistics Corporation

This storefront has been certified to be digitally secure


Polaris Military Logistics can trace its roots back to 1910, when Spurr Shipping Products Inc. was founded in Spurr, Ceneria. It was formally incorporated on March 23rd, 1910, by Frank R. Watson in Vilonnon, Ceneria

[Work in Progress]

One of the aspects of Polaris that we are most proud of is our international reach. While Polaris is headquartered in Ceneria, where most of the designs are made and prototypes are fabricated and tested, we do have several factories worldwide. These factories serve to no only reduce costs incurred by Cenerian taxes, but also help employ lower class citizens of other nations and promote the global economy. At present, Polaris operates only one factory outside of Ceneria, in Ferrum, Tekeristan, although this is set to change in the very near future.


Polaris, as a joint stock company, is owned collectively by the shareholders who are in possession of its stock. Polaris is currently selling portions of its stock through the Union Stock Exchange, enabling a variety of entities to purchase a share in the company. If you are interested in becoming one of Polaris' satisfied stockholders, we invite to you visit the Union Stock Exchange (UTX) and purchase one or more share of Polaris' stock.

Share Price: $246.91 NSD / share
Shares available through: Union Stock Exchange (UTX)
Stock for sale: 15,816 shares [$3,905,128.56 NSD]
Total Stock: 100,000,000 shares [$24,691,000,000 NSD]

Collectively owned by the Board of Directors: 51%
Other Stockholders: 12.4%
Cenerian Department of the Army: 7.6%
CEO Martin Helms: 5%
Underhösen Investements: 3.5%
AnkorCorp: 3%
Alabaster Corporate Holdings, LLC: 1.6%
Sterling Wealth Management: 1.5%
Craig Frenkel: 1.4%
Dr. John P. Russell: 1.4%
Orion Corporation: 0.001%

Available for Purchase: 12.6%


As the products that Polaris Military Logistics sells are not armed military units, Polaris is legally allowed to sell to most, if not all, potential customers. There are certain restrictions that apply to this, however. Governments who flagrantly violate World Assembly resolutions guaranteeing the rights of their citizens and the rules of warfare or who limit the universal civil rights of their citizens (including but not limited to freedoms to assembly, press, association, speech, religion, and the right to bear arms) may have their applications denied. In addition to this, Polaris Military Logistics Corporation reserves the right to unconditionally deny any applications received, without being required to state a reason.

For logistics contracting and the leasing of Polaris Military Logistics units and personnel, Cenerian law requires that we perform a thorough background check on all potential customers. The restrictions outlined above also apply for the temporary use of Polaris Military Logistics assets.

We do not have any set restriction levels, but please do be aware that all applications are subject to full or partial denial at any time.

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The M467 Logistics Vehicle is Polaris' oldest and most widely-used logistics support system. First introduced to the public market in 1991, the M467 has revolutionized the military logistics field by being one of the most adaptable multi-role vehicles on the market, with an amazing capacity for modularity and a wide range of different variants available for sale. The M467 has been used effectively in a humbling range of environments, serving with distinction in such varied environments as high deserts, tropical rainforests, and cold mountains. The M467 is recognized as the primary medium logistical vehicle for a large number of militaries from around the world, and for good reason.
Prices range from $325,000 NSD and $331,000 NSD between variants. Please see catalog page for more detailed information.


The M488 Medium Equipment Transporter is Polaris' oldest trailer-hauling vehicle, based off of the chassey and cab design of the M467 Logistics Vehicle. In many respects the M488 is identical to the M467, but some notable differences include an increased hauling power, shortened overall length and wheel base, and the addition of a fifth-wheel coupling to the rear bed of the vehicle. The M488 has the ability to haul equipment ranging from ambush-protected vehicles to light tanks, as well as an assortment of configurable trailers. The M488 is a solid go-to for your medium logistics needs, without the expense, maintenance costs, and size restrictions of heavy equipment transporters.
Prices range between $288,000 NSD (A-variant) and $308,000 (standard). Please see catalog page for more detailed information.


In addition to simply selling it's logistics systems, Polaris also offers a variety of services in connection to these systems. Special financing is available for militaries with small budgets, in order to equip even small nations with the best possible logistics systems, and, for nations short on both money and skilled operators and drivers, Polaris offers deployment contracts that include vehicles, highly trained private military personnel, and exceptionally skilled equipment operators for both combat and peacetime situations. (Restrictions apply. See below for details.).
To get the job done without destroying your budget, take advantage of Polaris' unique logistics services.


Logistics are an extremely important aspect of military preparedness, regardless of the size of the military in question. Unfortunately, logistics systems that are reliable and situation-suitable are sometimes prohibitively expensive, keeping those nations with small military budgets from being able to procure them. Polaris' solution to this problem is an ambitious financing program, targeted at nations with small military procurement budgets and a reputation for trust and honor.
If you are interested in Polaris' special financing options, we ask that you refer to the below table to determine your suitability. Polaris maintains rigorous standards for admission into the financing program, so be aware that denial is not unlikely. Also note that nations with populations larger than ten million are not included in these financing options.
National PopulationMilitary Budget [% GDP]Financing Level
0 - 1,000,0000 - 0.5%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to ten years, as well as the addition of additional discounts.
0 - 1,000,0000.5 - 3%Payment may be prolonged by a period of five years, as well as the possibility of additional discounts being applied on a case-by-case basis.
0 - 1,000,0003 - 8%Payment may be prolonged by a period of two years, as well as the possibility of additional discounts being applied on a case-by-case basis.
0 - 1,000,000>8%Financing available via special request.
1,000,001 - 3,000,0000 - 0.5%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to eight years, as well as the addition of additional discounts.
1,000,001 - 3,000,0000.5 - 2%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to four years, as well as the possibility of additional discounts being applied on a case-by-case basis.
1,000,001 - 3,000,0002 - 5%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to one and a half years, as well as the possibility of additional discounts being applied on a case-by-case basis.
1,000,001 - 3,000,000>5%Financing available only in special cases.
3,000,001 - 6,000,0000 - 0.5%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to six years, as well as the addition of additional discounts.
3,000,001 - 6,000,0000.5 - 2%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to three years, as well as the possibility of additional discounts being applied on a case-by-case basis.
3,000,001 - 6,000,0002 - 5%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to one year, as well as the possibility of additional discounts being applied on a case-by-case basis.
3,000,001 - 6,000,000>5%Financing available only in special cases.
6,000,001 - 10,000,0000 - 0.5%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to four years, as well as the addition of additional discounts.
6,000,001 - 10,000,0000.5 - 2%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to two years, as well as the possibility of additional discounts being applied on a case-by-case basis.
6,000,001 - 10,000,0002 - 5%Payment may be prolonged by a period of up to one year, as well as the possibility of additional discounts being applied on a case-by-case basis.
6,000,001 - 10,000,000>5%Financing available only in special cases.

**NOTE: Polaris Military Logistics reserves the right to adjust the contents of the above table at any time, and intends it to be used solely as a set of guidelines. Polaris reserves the right to deny any financing at any time for any reason, regardless of information displayed in the above table.


Polaris' Logistics Deployment Program is a program created to help nations, large and small, fulfill their immediate logistics needs without straining their resources or budgets. The program allows governments, humanitarian aid groups, and similar actors to contract the services of Polaris Military Logistics vehicles, operators, and professional military personnel. While the prices for this program are quite expensive, they are considerably less that the amount of money required to procure, maintain, and deploy logistics systems, and are especially suitable for situations in which the logistics requirement is temporary and not a long-term problem.
In the past, the Logistics Deployment Program has been used for several purposes, but it is by no means limited to these. Past deployments have included responses to refugee crises, transportation of disaster relief supplies, and relocation of combat vehicles and personnel from a port facility to a landing beach over a thousand miles away.
In dangerous environments, Polaris operators ride along with each deployed vehicle, ensuring the safety of the vehicle, its crew, and any cargo it happens to be carrying at the time. While these operators are not sufficient to protect the vehicle in a front-line situation, they are sufficient to deter attacks by lightly-armed threats. In heavy combat situations, Polaris does require escort by armored combat vehicles.
If you believe that the Logistics Deployment Program is the right option for you, we suggest that you look over the contract form, pricing, and regulations outlined below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to ask.
In order to be eligible for service under the Logistics Deployment Program, Polaris requires that both a Deployment Application Form and a Deployment Contract Agreement be on file. When applying for a deployment, please supply both in your communication. When completing the Contract Agreement, please use appropriate legal language and replace all [ x ] marks with the applicable
Due to the fact that the LDP involves the active deployment of Polaris-owned logistics units, operators, and private military personnel, we do require that a contract be signed, as well as certain minimum specifications be met. In order to be applicable for this program, you must have favorable relations with both our host nation, Ceneria, and her allies. If you actively at war with any of the aforementioned nations, any application received will be denied. If your government has been accused of supporting terrorism, conducting genocide, or impeding the civil rights of its citizens, you need not apply to this program. Rest assured, that any nation that applies while in knowing violation of the above restrictions will be placed on Polaris Military Logistics' permanent blacklist, and not be eligible for further service by Polaris.


VehicleInitial Deployment PriceDamage/Destruction Fee *Required Operators
M467 A, B, and D variants$20,000 NSD$55,000 NSD / $175,000 NSDOne
M467C variant$18,000 NSD$58,000 NSD / $175,000 NSDTwo
M488 Standard variant$29,000 NSD$61,000 NSD / $164,000 NSDOne
M488 A variant$27,000 NSD$59,000 NSD / $155,000 NSDOne

*: Damage fees may vary based on extent of harm caused to vehicle. If the vehicle is deemed unsalvageable by a Polaris mechanic, the destruction fee will be incurred. Vehicles deemed 'destroyed' in this manner may be purchased for the same amount as the initial deployment fee after the destruction fee has been paid in full.

Polaris requires that all vehicles being used under the Logistics Deployment Program be operated by qualified Polaris Military Logistics Corporation employees. In dangerous situations, Polaris may also require that armed riders be added to ensure the safety of the vehicle. Military personnel may be substituted in this role, so long as one or more rider remains in each vehicle. Please note that double the number of riders is required to ensure the presence of sufficient off-duty personnel.

OperatorSalary (per day)Injury/Death CompensationSituational Requirement
Driver/operator$1,100 NSD$36,000 NSD / $50,000 NSDAll
Security Rider$1,200 NSD$41,000 NSD / $50,000 NSDLevel One and higher
Medical Rider$1,100 NSD$34,000 NSD / $47,000 NSDUpon Request

*: This table does not presently reflect the whole range of situations and personnel encompassed by the Logistic Deployment Program. It will be updated to better reflect reality as soon as possible.

While many parts of a prospective deployment can be determined by the client some factors are set. These are totally non-negotiable, and cannot be changed by client request.

In order to ensure that Polaris' vehicle remain in good working order, each deployment exceeding thirty vehicles must include a headquarters and maintenance outfit. This Headquarters Company consists of two hundred operators, as well as four M467C Recovery Vehicles. The salaries for all two hundred men in this company is set at $1,100 NSD per day, with the entire company requiring an initial fee of $750,000 NSD at the beginning of the deployment.

If a Logistics Deployment Program's duration lasts more than thirty days from the first asset's arrival in-theatre, then an additional fee is incurred. This fee is a flat $600,000 NSD, and payment must be repeated after each ensuing thirty-day period.

Depending on the tactical environment in which Polaris vehicles will operate, armed Polaris operators may be required to ride along with drivers in order to ensure the security of Polaris' assets and cargo. Polaris maintains a strict set of standards governing the protection levels required in certain situations, and these guidelines are not subject to negotiation. Armed military or PMC personnel may be substituted for Polaris Military Logistics contractors in level one circumstances. Requirements are compounding.

Situational Requirement LevelDescriptionRequirements
Level 0Relative Safety - little to no danger is expected against Polaris assets. This usually applies to humanitarian deployments or logistics work well behind the lines.No requirements.
Level 1Frontline Logistics - danger is likely to be present in some form. This usually applies to supplying frontline units or operating in areas prone to insurgency.Security riders are required in all vehicles.
Level 2+Combat Support - danger is expected for any Polaris units. This usually applies to actively supplying advancing combat units in the field.All Polaris assets are required to be escorted by a comparable number of armored units (either IFVs or tanks) from the client organization.

20 k per M467A (one-time)
10 k per operator killed (one-time)
half list price per unit destroyed
750 k Headquarters company (flat) (one time)
Salaries: $1,100 per day

HQ - 300 people
Drivers - 2 times required - off-duty personnel

~400 k M467A list price

.6 million every 30 days spent deployed

Tekeri deployment:

60 M467A
1 HQ
3 riders per vehicle

$24,730,000 per month (no fee)
$726,000/day salaries

Negotiated price for initial month: 22.3 million
Rate for ensuing months: 21.78 million salaries, plus .45 million monthly fee (negotiated)
Code: Select all
[quote][b]Logistics Deployment Contract between Polaris Military Logistics Corporation and [ x ][/b]

This Contract Agreement is made this [ x ]th day of [ x ], 20[ xx ] between:

Polaris Military Logistics Corporation, a joint-stock company organized and existing under the laws of Ceneria (hereinafter called "Polaris") and;

[ x ], a national agency organized and existing under the laws of [ x ] (hereinafter called "[ x ]").

[i]Article I:Services To Be Rendered[/i]

Polaris hereby agrees to provide the number of units, operators, and additional material assets to the contractee as specified in the Logistics Deployment Form accompanying this document, for a period of time not exceeding two [2] years;

Polaris agrees to be held legally accountable for the damage, destruction, or loss of any cargo placed on Polaris assets as the result of negligence or mishandling by Polaris personnel.

[i]Article II: Payment[/i]

In exchange for the use of the agreed-upon number of units and personnel employed by Polaris, the contractee agrees to transfer the agreed-upon initial sum of money within two days (twenty-four hours) of the returning of this contract;

With every thirty successive of deployment, the contractee agrees to pay a lump sum of $600,000 NSD [Six Hundred Thousand Nation-States Dollars], in addition to a sum covering the salaries of contractors and predetermined amounts of additional pay depending on the circumstances of the deployment in question.

[i]Article III: Terms and Conditions[/i]

The contractee agrees to pay a lump sum as specified in the Logistics Deployment Program Pricing tables in the event of damage or destruction to a Polaris-owned vehicle or in the event of injury to or the death of a Polaris operator;

Should the contractee fail to transfer the appropriate sum of money to Polaris on a monthly basis, Polaris reserves the right to terminate any and all services;

The contractee agrees to provide military protection to Polaris personnel, on or off duty, as required by the tactical situation of the deployment, and as agreed upon by Polaris and the contractee;

The contractee agrees to abide by the Situational Requirement Levels outlines by the contractor, and to provide sufficient protection to Polaris assets in the field to prevent them from reasonable threat of harm.

[i]Article IV: Signatories[/i]

This Contract is effective as of the latest date of signing below and is by and between:

Contractor: Polaris Military Logistics Corp.

[u]Mr. Martin Helms, Chief Executive Officer, Polaris Military Logistics Corporation[/u]

Licensee: [ x ]

[ name and title of signatory ][/quote]

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If you would like to purchase products from Polaris Military Logistics, we ask that you first review the restrictions on purchases, available here. If you have any questions about these restrictions and whether or not they apply to you, please contact us directly. Once you have ensured your compliance with Polaris' purchasing restrictions, we ask that you fill out one of the forms enclosed below. Entities who submit their form along with a suitably formal letter will also receive a discount.
We do ask that you calculate the total price of your orders prior to submitting an application. In order to calculate your final order cost, add up the total cost of the units being ordered, and then apply the sum (percentage) of any discounts that you believe are applicable. All current discounts are listed below. Please do no apply the 'formal letter' discount. This is applied after submission by Polaris' Customer Service team.
Finally, before submitting an application, we ask that you review Polaris' blacklist. While suspension of services is unlikely, exceptional circumstanced may merit an entity or a region's placement upon this list. If you believe it to be in error in any way, we ask that you contact us via telegram immediately.
Thank you for your time! We look forward to processing you order!


At present, no entities are blacklisted by Polaris Military Logistics.


NOTE: Discounts may not be added up to more that 30%.
  • Realism and RP: Members of the region of Realism and RP are automatically granted a 7.5% discount on all orders, unless they are on Polaris' blacklist or in violation of our purchasing regulations.
  • Atlas: Members of the region of Atlas are automatically granted a 5% discount on all orders, unless they are a on Polaris' backlist of in violation of our purchasing regulations.
  • Large Order: Entities who place an order worth more than $1,000,000,000 NSD [One Billion Nation-States Dollars] prior to discounts receive a 5% discount.
  • Massive Order: Entities who place an order worth more than $10,000,000,000 NSD [Ten Billion Nation-States Dollars] prior to discounts receive a 10% discount. Note that the 'Large Order' discount is not applicable in conjunction with this discount.
  • Exceptional Storefront: Nations hosting corporations who are listed on the GE&TAA Exceptional Storefronts List receive a 20% discount on all orders.

Code: Select all
[b]Name of Purchasing Entity (country, company, etc.)[/b]:
[b]Name of Representative[/b]:
[b]Country of Origin (if applicable)[/b]:
[b]Requested Products[/b]:

[b]Discounts Applicable[/b]:
[b]Grand Total[/b]:

Purchase financing is unavailable at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Logistics Deployment Program is currently available to select entities only, most notably member-states of Realism and RP. Please inquire via telegram if you wish to contract us privately prior to submitting a form.

When submitting a form, please remove all items in [brackets]. Please ensure that you also submit a contract agreement as well, which is available immediately below the Deployment Program pricing information.
Code: Select all
[b]Name of Contracting Entity (country, company, etc.)[/b]:
[b]Name of Representative[/b]:
[b]Country of Origin (if applicable)[/b]:
[b]Requested Vehicles[/b]:

[b]Requested Operators[/b]: [ please include required operators in this section as well as any additional riders ]

[u][b]Non-Negotiable Fees[/b][/u]:
[i]Headquarters Company[/i]: [ one company per 30 vehicles, at a price of $750,000 NSD ]
[i]Deployment Fee[/i]: [ $600,000 NSD per month, first installment due with contract ]

[b]Discounts Applicable[/b]:
[b]Grand Total[/b]:

[b]Transportation[/b]: [ please list the requested method of transportation for Polaris' equipment and operators ]
[b]Situational Analysis[/b]: [ please describe the situation for the deployment. This will influence the need for security riders and hazardous duty pay for personnel ]
[b]Additional Notes[/b]:
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Orion Corporation would like to notify Polaris Military Logistics Corporation that their stock shares have been purchased. See here. We hope great new additions will soon come to this store.
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Postby Tekeristan » Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:50 pm

Official Statement of the Republic of Tekeristan

To: Polaris Military Logistics
From: Republic of Tekeristan, Ministry of Defense
Subject: Contracting Service

Encryption: High

To whom it may concern,

The Republic of Tekeristan and its national sovereignty is under increasingly dangerous foreign threat by the nations of Cardulan and Balagan. This is a war that threatens to overthrow the Republic and all of which it stands for.

In order to increase the effectiveness of our military forces in the trials ahead - we seek to contract a large service from your organization in order to further supplement our logistical supply chain in order to ensure our military can fight effectively against these dangerous enemies that threaten to overthrow our nation.

Name of Purchasing Entity (country, company, etc.): Republic of Tekeristan, Ministry of Defense
Name of Representative: Victor Dinescu
Country of Origin (if applicable): Tekeristan
Requested Products:
x60 M467 Logistics Vehicle(s) - 1,200,000
x30 M488 Standard Variant - 870,000
x800 Operators - 880,000
Sub-total: 5,800,000
Discounts Applicable: Realism and RP (7.5%)
Grand Total:5,365,000

We urge that your organization makes its entrance through northern Europe by ship or plane before descending to Tekeristan by railway - preferably through the nation of Elektrograd. The Black and Mediterranean Sea are hostile places and we fully suggest against a naval approach from those areas.

Situational Analysis:
The nation of Tekeristan is under threat of invasion from foreign hostile powers, namely the nations of Cardulan & Balagan. These 2 nations will be making their approach through the black sea - likely assaulting the coast of Tekeristan.

Polaris is expected to work behind combat lines in cooperation with the Tekeristan Armed Forces to assist in logistical operations, which includes the transportation of materials (such as pre-fabricated pieces), munitions, vehicles, personnel, artillery, and other various materials, for a full 24 hours a day. Polaris will receive active protection from the Tekeristan Armed Forces during their operations, as well as various supplies such as nutrition, fuel, and parts.

We are confident in the ability of your organization to assist in the defense of our Republic against the tyrannical nations that threaten our borders.

Tekeristan, Ministry of Defense

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Official Correspondence - Polaris Military Logistics Corporation

TO: Tekeristan Ministry of Defense
FROM: Polaris Military Logistics Corp., Logistics Deployment Program
SUBJECT: Re: Contracting Service

Mr. Dinescu--

Firstly, allow me to reassure you as to your choice of logistics contractors. Of the few companies around the world with services such as the Logistics Deployment Program, none have as unblemished a record as Polaris Military Logistics. None are as thorough and careful as our operators. When you purchase a deployment contract, you are not just renting vehicles to help you in a pinch; you are purchasing over one hundred years worth of care and quality.

Regarding your application for a deployment, we are thrilled to inform you that your request has been [APPROVED]. As per your application, the requested units will be routed to the port facilities of Whytecliff, from which they will be shipped to Tekeristan via rail through Elektrograd. We will contact you as soon as possible regarding the estimated deployment timetable.

As per the contract agreement, we expect the payment of the initial deposit of $4,962,625 NSD [ Four Million Nine Hundred and Sixty-Two Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty Five Nation-States Dollars ] in full no later than 12:00 AM GMT, November 13th. Also in accordance with the contract agreement, you will be billed on a monthly basis for the duration of the deployment to cover operator salaries, duration fees, and in the event of extraordinary circumstances.

As a result of the relatively danger-free nature of the mission, as it will be conducted almost entirely behind the lines, no additional security riders will be required at this time. If the situation merits the addition of riders for any reason, you will be consulted prior to deployment. Hazardous Service bonuses will similarly be afforded to only certain Polaris operators, and will be included in monthly billings.

Thank you for your application. We look forwards to working with the Tekeristan Armed Forces.

Martin Helms
Chief Executive Officer, Polaris Military Logistics Corporation

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