Anti-Oslean Games activists shot by Government troops

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Anti-Oslean Games activists shot by Government troops

Postby Oslea » Mon Feb 08, 2010 7:51 pm

Oslean States Army soldiers open fire on activists

February 8, 2010
by Garrett Fischer

Oslean States M2A2 Bradley opens fire on activists trying to escape into Central Park

Anticipating the 54th Oslean Games, taking place in Eastwood, Jacinto State, 8,000 activists gathered at the Oslean Games Committee Headquarters to protest the use of funds in the Games. All in all, each level of government contributed a combined total of $7 billion to make these games a success.

"No more Games!" an activist shouted. "Money for the homeless! No more for the rich! Feed our poor!"

All of a sudden, the activists began rushing the headquarters, trampling security staff and police who were unable to control the crowd. Protesters swarmed the halls of the building, disregarding the lives of anyone who stood in their way.

As soon as it was apparent that the situation was out of the control of the police, permission was given to call in the Oslean States Army to neutralize the protesters.

UH-60 helicopters descended from the sky, and heavily-armed Oslean States soldiers rappelled down onto the ground, clad in gas masks with heavy bullet-resistant vests, and M416 rifles. Without hesitation, they opened fire on the protesters.

Screams echoed through the city as activists fell to the ground, dead or dying. One activist crawling on the ground, bleeding profusely, was stomped on and kicked over by a soldier. The soldier shouted, "Die, you hippie piece of shit!" before shooting the activist in the head several times with his rifle.

The surviving activists tried to escape to nearby Central Park, where M2A2 Bradley IFVs with 30mm autocannons and TOW missiles were waiting for them. The IFVs opened fire with their chainguns, some bullets tearing entire limbs off of the activists and even making some explode in a burst of pink mist.

The death toll is 7,403 anti-Games activists, 63 policemen, 3 bystanders and no Oslean soldiers. The police action is seen as a turning point in the "War against the poor", in which (in a recent poll) 84% of Oslean citizens said they despised that their tax money was going to assist homeless persons instead of funding public service and infrastructure projects.
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