AG-36 Arcturus Wheeled Self-Propelled Howitzer [MT: ZDI]

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AG-36 Arcturus Wheeled Self-Propelled Howitzer [MT: ZDI]

Postby Atlantica » Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:18 pm

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Z.D.I. AG-36 Arcturus Wheeled Self-Propelled Howitzer
A Mobile Artillery System in handy. Artillery Support any time, any day.

A FEUMC AG-36 Arcturus during live-fire exercises in Formosa Island.

UNIT COST: $4,000,000 (Gun Vehicle and Reloader)
DPR (Chassis not included): $40,000,000,000

The AG-36 Arcturus is a wheeled self-propelled howitzer built by Zeus Defense Industries, aimed for service within the Federal Eastern Union Army and Marine Corps. It is meant to replace aging self-propelled howitzers and some towed howitzers, while supplementing tracked self-propelled guns. Integrating mobility into artillery, the AG-36 Arcturus is meant to be an answer to modern artillery warfare - in a battlefield where counter-artillery radars, air strikes and guided rounds are abundant.

With its systems placed upon a modified Volvo articulated hauler, the AG-36 Arcturus is meant to be show better mobility compared to its tracked and towed counterparts. While it may not be able to go through just about everywhere like its tracked counterparts, it is capable of going through most terrain in the modern world, with its maximum road speed at about 75 km/h. According to recent experiments, the Arcturus was proven to go through a maximum of 1 meter of snow, while capable of crossing through 60 centimeters of water without assistance. In addition, it can be transported via tactical/strategic airlifters, including the Airbus A400M.

The AG-36 Arcturus' systems are placed on a modified Volvo articulated hauler, although other platforms of similar caliber may be tried. Modifications in the hauler platform include the addition of armor in the personnel and the engine compartment, the usage of bulletproof glass windows in the personnel compartment, and a remote-controlled weapons system (RWS) atop the personnel compartment, meant to defend the vehicle from infantry attacks. Such modifications, which are considered simple compared to the Arcturus' tracked counterparts, provide those aboard it with ample protection needed in modern warfare.

As it is a self-propelled howitzer, the Arcturus is primarily armed with a 155/52 mm howitzer. It is capable of firing not just conventional 155 mm rounds but newer anti-tank rounds, guided rounds such as the M982 Excalibur, extended-range rounds and so on. The gun has a sustained fire rate of about 72 rounds per hour, while its TOT (time-on-target) fire rate is three rounds per fifteen seconds. The howitzer turret itself stores 25 155 mm rounds, all of which are reloaded automatically upon the howitzer's firing. Once the 25 rounds are up, the turret will need reloading: the reloading process, done by an accompanying munition carrier (included in the package), is done within 8 minutes, thanks to automation.


  • Length: 14.14 m
  • Width: 3.0 m
  • Height: 3.3 m (no RWS), 3.8 m (with RWS)
  • Weight: 29.8 metric tons
  • Speed: 70 km/h (75 km/h max.)
  • Range: 510 kilometers
  • Crew: 3 (Commander, Driver, Operator)
  • Armament: 1 x 155/L52 mm howitzer turret, 1 x RWS
  • Rate of fire: 12 rounds/min at TOT fire, 72 rounds/hour for sustained fire
  • Weapon range (155 mm): 30 km (standard), 40 km (Excalibur, Extended-Range Rounds)
  • Emergency Driving: Usage of run-flat tires in case the tires are attacked.
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