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GPL-40 Repeating 40mm Grenade Launcher

PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:36 am
by Nachmere
GPL-40 with NUO-40PI sight. Click for full resolution.

Type: Repeating Grenade Launcher
Caliber: 40mm
Action: Drum feeding pump action cycling.
Overall length (Stock extended): 863mm
Barrel Length: 334mm
Weight, empty: 4.92kg
Rate of Fire: ~6 grenades in 4 seconds
Magazine capacity: 6
Price per unit: 1,100 USD | 1,900 with sight.
DPR price: 16,000,000 USD (Sight DPR included)


Since the 1970s, Nachmerian forces have operated both under barrel and standalone single shot 40mm grenade launchers. The need for a repeating, hand held 40mm grenade launcher came from both infantry units in combat and police units using tear gas grenades.

Several types of such weapons were considered. Magazine feeding automatic launchers were found too heavy, pump action launchers with under barrel magazines had too small of an ammunition capacity, and drum fed designs required the drum spring be wind up wound up in each reloading. Having failed several times in securing a contract with drum fed designs, Schwerpunkt opted to combine the drum feeding with a pump action for cycling the weapon.

The GPL-40 "Metofef" (Drummer) was adopted by all Nachmerian services. The GPL-40 uses a 6 round drum magazine, which is rotated by power of a pump action mechanism located under the barrel. As such it requires no winding up of the drum spring with each reloading, and still allows a high rate of fire. The Metofef is lite and relatively compact, and can serve either as a support weapon for infantry with various 40mm lethal ammunition, or as less than lethal launcher for law enforcement agencies. The weapon is available with a sight specifically designed for it. The NUO-40PI is a dual illumination sight allowing accurate fire up to 400 meters with 40mm grenade launchers.


The GPL-40 combines the best features of both drum fed and pump action grenade launchers. The large drum allows for 6 rounds to be carried, and the top break frame opens by pushing a lever on the right side of the weapon and pulling the pump handle down. This also engages an extraction mechanism which pushes spent rounds out. Once rounds have been loaded, the operator simply locks the weapon back up and is ready to fire.

As the Nachmerian Army was displeased with the wind-up spring action used in previous Schwerpunkt proposals, the GPL-40 is cycled using a pump action. The vertical front grip is pulled back and forth, and rotates the drum via a set of gear wheels.
The GPL-40 is constructed of light metal alloys and milspec polymers. The barrel and drum themselves are made of steel. The barrel is rifled with 6 grooves and 1/47 twist. A manual trigger safety is located near the trigger, and can be opened and closed from either side, making the weapon as easy to operate for left hand shooters as possible.
The GPL-40 is capable of firing any low-velocity or medium velocity rimmed 40mm grenade. The padded buttstock and forward vertical grip make recoil very manageable. The buttstock itself is similar to AR-15 type telescopic stocks and can be extended or retracted as needed.

The GPL-40 has a top mounted rail system with basic iron sights, which included a rear ring sight and front post. The two side rails are located on the pump mechanism, and are meant for flashlights or other accessories. Both the front and pistol grip are shaped for comfort, and the trigger guard is large enough to allow gloved usage.

NUO-40PI sight

The NUO-40PI was developed especially for use with the GPL-40, but can also be mounted on any other 40mm launcher with a rail system.
The sight uses light culmination at day to project a red dot, and at night a tritium insert to allow sight visibility. The sight can be adjusted for ranges of up to 400m, and makes target acquisition far easier than with previous grenade launchers sights. To aim, the user simply adjusts to the correct range, and "puts" the red dot on the target.
While inferior to electronic fire control systems fitted to some grenade launchers, the NUO-40PI is extremely lite and compact, and relatively cheap.
The GPL-40 can be acquired with or without the NUO-40PL.

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