PRI-72 Mark 2 Designated Marksman Rifle

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PRI-72 Mark 2 Designated Marksman Rifle

Postby Nachmere » Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:37 am


Type: Designated Marksman Rifle / Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
Caliber: 7.62X51mm NATO
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt.
Overall length (Stock unfolded): 1,102mm stock extended
Barrel Length: 508mm
Weight, empty: 4.1kg
Accuracy: 1 MOA
Rate of Fire: 30 rounds per minute (theoretical)
Magazine capacity: 10/20
Price per unit: 2,000 USD
DPR price: 15,000,000 USD

Historical Background

In the mid-1970s, as the Royal Army was adopting the ARI-72 attempts began to use it in the sniper rifle role. Due to the designs limitations these attempts yielded very limited results. Accurized ARI-72 rifles did appear on the private market and in some units as local initiatives, but mostly the sniper rifle role continued to fall to older bolt-action designs and SLR-58 rifles that were kept in service specifically for this role.

As time passed, and the role of snipers and sharpshooters in lower level Nachmerian units grew, a need arose for a semi-automatic rifle to replace both bolt-action and SLR-58 rifles in the company level and below. Specialized sniper formations in battalions started putting new and modern bolt actions rifle to use, but the marksmen in Nachmerian infantry platoons and companies continued relying on old weapons, that were slowly becoming worn and out of date. At the time, with the ARI-72 now firmly entrenched as the primary rifle used by all Nachmerian forces, it seemed extremely logical to develop a DMR version of this design.

The Precision Rifle Indigenous 72, known as "Pintzetta" (Tweezers) is the result of just such a development. The PRI-72 is a semi-automatic designated marksman or sniper rifle, combining high accuracy with utmost reliability, and great ease of maintenance and training for forces already using the ARI-72 or other systems based on the Kalashnikov. The PRI-72 received various minor upgrades throughout the production life, and with new foreign contracts is now produced in the Mark 2 standard, which is lighter, shorter and more adapted to modern DMR roles.

Like the service rifle it is based on, the PRI-72 is heavily based on the AK-47 in terms of action and mechanics. Nearly identical to the Kalashnikov, the PRI-72 features a massive bolt carrier with a permanently attached gas piston. The long stroke gas system in which this piston operates is located above the barrel. The Mk.2 standard now includes a manual gas regulator added specifically to assist in the use of a suppressor. Two massive lugs are used for locking, with the rotation of the bolt also used for primary extraction.

The PRI-72 features generally far tighter tolerances and better fitting parts than the ARI-72 and the Kalashnikov, but it still maintains larger tolerances than typical in high accuracy rifles. To make the rifle more accurate and longer ranged several design measures were taken. The rifle is chambered for the 7.62X51mm round, which is far superior to the 5.56X45 round in terms of long range energy and accuracy. While current ARI-72 models are chambered in 6.5 Grendel somewhat negating this advantage, the 7.62X51mm is still far superior in ranges of up to 500 meters, and identical in performance from 500 to 1,000 meters. For this reason, the PRI-72 continues to be chambered in this caliber. It was considered to chamber new production PRI-72 rifles in a more powerful cartridge, but it was felt that the current chambering is a good compromise and larger heavier rounds will only make the rifle bulkier and logistics more stressed. Even with the 7.672X51, parts had to be made longer and heavier to keep the system working and recoil manageable.

In addition to the better preforming chambering, the PRI-72 sports a heavier and longer barrel than its ancestor, and outmost care is taken in the production of the cold hammer forged chrome lined barrels. The new Mk.2 features a 508mm long barrel, a reduction compared to previous versions. This was done to better fit the rifle to marksman operations in urban terrains and general comfort of use, but the rifle maintains and even improves in accuracy due to advances in barrel production and ammunition manufacture. A specially designed muzzle break is integrated into the design, to reduce both the visible flash and felt recoil of the rifle.

The Mk.2 features an improved rail system, allowing for mounting of scopes and accessories. This includes a full length rail on the top of the dust cover and gas tube. Due to the difference in design from the AK, and a new interlocking design on the top rail, top mounted scopes are very stable - unlike on some other AK variants.
Flip up back up sights can be easily installed on the rifle.

The forward polymer furniture is textured for grip and features rails for mounting various devices on both the sides and bottom. The pistol grip has a hand stop rest, and the length adjustable-folding buttstock features both an adjustable padded cheek rest and adjustable padded butt plate. In comparison to older PRI-72s, the furniture on the Mk.2 is more in line with DMR missions than sniper missions, but in any case the pistol grip and stock can be easily changed for other styles.

Like the ARI-72 the PRI-72 has some ambidextrous features in mind. The AK type selector switch is complemented by smaller, AR style controls on the left. The magazine well and magazine catch are more similar to the AR-15 as well. The magazine can be released from either side. 

For the Mk.2, new polymer magazines have been developed, and are available in both 10 and 20 round versions.


All purchases or questions should be directed to our main storefront.
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Purchasing these for Lynx Pack members

Postby Fidelis Umbra » Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:53 pm

I will take 15 of these for my Elite soldiers.

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Postby Common Territories » Fri Jan 29, 2016 7:02 pm

Fidelis Umbra wrote:I will take 15 of these for my Elite soldiers.

Nachmere wrote:All purchases or questions should be directed to our main storefront.

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