Constantine-Class Amphibious Assault Ship [MT: ZMI]

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Constantine-Class Amphibious Assault Ship [MT: ZMI]

Postby Atlantica » Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:46 am

Present all orders to the Corporate Home and do not post in this thread. Failure to do such will result in negligence of the order. Thank You.

Z.M.I. Constantine-Class Amphibious Assault Ship
Amphibious Landing in larger scales. AIr Cover coming as bonus.


UNIT PRICE: $700,000,000 (standard), $1,200,000,000 (nuclear)
DPR (Combined): $36,000,000,000

The Constantine-Class is a multi-purpose amphibious assault ship constructed by Zeus Maritime Industries, a subsidiary of Zeus Defense Industries. Although primarily a ship designed for amphibious assault, the ship can also double as a light aircraft carrier for those who cannot afford larger aircraft carriers, evident through its ski jump design for STOVL operations.

As an amphibious assault ship, the Constantine-Class can accommodate up to 1,200 soldiers (maximum accommodation capability) or up to 50 main battle tanks (assuming that each tank weighs about 55-60 tons). As a light aircraft carrier to provide air cover, the Constantine-Class is capable of holding a maximum of 20 STOVL fighters (namely the F-35B and on-par aircraft), a mix of 11 or 12 STOVL fighters and 12 helicopters, or 25 helicopters. It has a total of eight landing spots for both STOVL fighters and helicopters, while having a flight deck that is 210 meters in length, including a ski-jump ramp. Furthermore, its well deck is capable of holding a combination of landing craft, LCAC's and amphibious assault vehicles (AAV's).

Above: he Amphibious Assault Transport Capability of the Constantine-Class.


  • Displacement: 28,000 tons at full load
  • Length: 235.4 m
  • Flight Deck: 210 m
  • Beam: 32.0 m
  • Draft: 7.12 m
  • Propulsion: Combined Diesel and Gas (CODAG) or Nuclear Reactors - depends on variant
  • Speed: 38+ km/h at max
  • Range: 18,000 km at 28 km/h (CODAG), Unlimited (Nuclear)
  • Capacity: Up to 1,200 soldiers (max.) or 50 Main Battle Tanks (55-60 tons/tank)
  • Complement: 380 personnel
  • Sensors & Processing Systems:
    • Giraffe AMB radar
    • Saab 9LV combat system
  • Electronic warfare and decoys:
    • AN/SLQ-25 Nixie towed torpedo decoys
    • Nulka missile decoys
  • Armament:
    • 4 x 25 mm Defensive RCWS
    • 8 × 12.7 mm machine guns
  • Aircraft carried:
    • 20 x STOVL fighters or
    • 11-12 x STOVL fighters + 12 x Helicopters or
    • 25 x Helicopters
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