SCP9 sub compact pistol

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SCP9 sub compact pistol

Postby Nachmere » Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:47 am



Type: Double Action Only Sub Compact Pistol
Cartridge: 9X17mm
Weight Unloaded: 350g
Width: 1.95cm
Length: 130mm
Height: 10.3cm | 14.6cm with extended magazine
Barrel Length: 69mm
Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds or 7 rounds (extended grip magazine)
Cost per unit: 325 USD
DPR: 5,000,000 USD
For civilian markets, please ask for rights to import and sell, retail price is around 390 USD

The SCP9 is a sub-compact pocket pistol developed by Schwerpunkt for the civilian concealed carry market as well as the law enforcement and military back up gun niche. The pistol is extremely short, thin, and lite, making it ideal for these uses.
To allow for a very small pistol and retain at least adequate lethality, Schwerpunkt elected tochamber the pistol in 9X17mm(.380mm), a cartridge which is making a comeback in popularity as a personal defense caliber. The pistol is capable of firing +P ammunition.

Unlike many other pistols of this caliber, the SCP is a hammer fired, short recoil operated design. While making the system work in such a small frame was a challenge, Schwerpunkt engineers found it useful to reduce the significant felt recoil in such a light pistol.

The trigger is a double action only mechanism, and the pistol should be carried with a round chambered. Pressing the trigger both cocks the hammer and drops it, as needed in a weapon used mostly for point black self defense situations where manipulating the slide may waste critical time. As the pistol is extremely short and narrow, it is fitted only with a manual slide hold open device, which does not automatically engage with the last round of the magazine. A loaded chamber indicator pops up when a round is chambered and is clearly visible, to make sure the user needs only look to know if the pistol is "hot".

To make the gun as easy to carry concealed and quickly draw and fire, there is no safety lever. As a DAO pistol, the SCP is quite safe, and will not fire unless the trigger is pulled. The magazine release button is located near the base of the trigger guard, and can quite easily be adjusted for left-handed shooters. Other than the magazine release and slide-hold-open, there are not protrusions or other obstructions on the pistol, which is shaped to be as snag free as possible. The hammer is completely bobbed to be fluch with the rear of the slide. An exception to this are the nearly full size sights, which offer very good target acquisition for such a small pistol.

The glass fiber frame, reinforced in some places by titanium alloy, is extremely durable, and can be ordered in various colors and texturing patterns. It has a rather large trigger guard which allows firing even with gloves, despite the guns diminutive features. The slide is made of tennife finished or chromed steel, and has grip serrations textured on its rear and front to allow easy racking of the slide.

The pistol is fed from two types of propriety single stack magazines. The first holds 6 rounds and does not change the overall size of the gun. The second holds 7 rounds and has a polymer grip extender fitted to the magazine heel. This magazine is recommended for shooters with large hands or those who find the two finger grip of pocket pistols difficult to use.

All purchases are to be made via the our main storefront.
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