Mk.10 Field Knife

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Mk.10 Field Knife

Postby Nachmere » Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:03 am


Type: Field Knife
Manufacturer: Schwerpunkt Arms, Nachmere
Blade material: AUS-8 Steel (Parkerized)
Handle Material: G10
Length: 30.5cm
Blade Length: 17.5cm
Blade Width: 3.1cm.
Blade Thickness: 4.85mm
Weight: 370 grams.
Price: 90 USD
DPR: 1,000,000 USD


From the 1960s to the early 2010s, Royal Army, Royal Marines, and Royal Navy units were issued the Mk.8 Combat Knife (essentially a copy of the Ka-Bar). While troops were fond of the Mk.8, as stocks of the knives depleted, the three services set out to investigate the possibility of issuing a new design. As part of the inquiry, polls were made among combat troops to find out what they used their knives for, and what improvements they would seek over the current model.

Unsurprisingly, out of 10,000 troops polled, less than a dozen have ever used their knife as a hand-to-hand weapon. Most have only used their knife in routine camp chores. The most prominent in-combat use of knives was cutting various materials (webbing, chords). Several cases of pilots have to use the knife to skin animals in post ejection survival situations were also recorded.
Troops were quite pleased with the size of the Mk.8, and with its durability. They requested some serrations to be added, to make cutting ropes and chords easier. They also asked for an all-around more robust blade and knife, to ease various small chores often conducted with the knife (such as chopping, opening tin and plastic containers, etc.).

The results of the inquiry lead the three services to ask for a new design, a general purpose field knife. This was to be focused less on fighting and more on day-to-day routine work. Schwerpunkt responded with the Mk.10. It has since than been issued to most Nachmerian units, with the exception of some special forces units which preferred to keep their Mk.8 or carry civilian blades of various types.


The Mk.10 is a large knife, with a somewhat unusual blade design.

The blade is made of AUS-8, chosen for its combination of resistance to corrosion, toughness, decent edge retention and ease of field sharpening. The steel was heat treated and hardened to 58 HRC. The blade has a partially serrated, saber grinded edge which curves up from roughly it's middle towards the point.

This "belly" makes the knife very competent at slicing, and especially at gentle precise slicing need for food preparation in the field. To further help in these tasks and allow comfort for various grip position, the blade has a finger groove under the ricasso, as well as grip serrations on the rear spine. The upper tip is sharply angled and edged, to assist penetration both in stabbing during hand to hand combat, and in routine use of the knife(opening packages for instance). The entire blade, aside from the edges, is parkerized in order to both reduce reflectivity and resist corrosion.

The Mk.10 is a full tang knife, with the handle made of G10 . G10 was chosen as a combination of high durability, grip, low weight and low production cost. The tang is perforated to reduce weight, and the handle its self has 3 perforations for the pins, as well as a 4th acting as a lanyard hole. A Steel guard is featured to protect the users hand, and the tang protrudes slightly rearwards from the handle. This pommel/butt makes a useful glass breaker.

The Mk.10 comes with a plastic and polyester sheath, which has a belt loop as well as MOLLE compatible rigging on both front and back. The sheath securely hold the knife, allowing it to be unsheathed only upwards by the operator.

All questions and purchases should be made via our main storefront
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