AG-16 Iskandar Heavy Tank [MT: ZDI]

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AG-16 Iskandar Heavy Tank [MT: ZDI]

Postby Atlantica » Thu May 21, 2015 6:17 am

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Z.D.I. AG-16 Iskandar Heavy Tank
Hegemony upon the battlefield. The True Emperor of ground warfare.


UNIT PRICE: $12,500,000 (AG-16A1 - see below for details)
DPR: $32,000,000,000

The Zeus Defense Industries AG-16 Iskandar is a heavy tank aimed to defeat large, heavy tanks (such as the famed M1A2 Abrams) and contribute to the destruction of most ground vehicles, establishing dominance on the battlefield. More heavily armed than any other ground vehicle offered from Zeus Defense Industries, the AG-16 Iskandar is a technological masterpiece of ground warfare: incorporating technology from the AG-15 Strategos with a larger platform, the Iskandar is made to win battles. However, this does not mean that the AG-16 is a fortress with wheels: instead, it is a tank on a heavier platform, showing a number of similarities with the AG-15 Strategos.



The AG-16 Iskandar utilizes a new 120 mm/L55 or 125 mm smoothbore gun as its primary weapon, which is an evolved version of the gun with the same caliber on the AG-15 Strategos. Simplified automatic loading systems enable faster loading, while the gun is able to bring in slightly more energy than the AG-15's gun does. Guns of both caliber are capable of launching new laser-guided anti-tank guided missiles used from that of the AG-15 Strategos: the guided missiles reinforce its anti-vehicle capabilities, while allowing it to stand a chance against attack helicopters.

In addition to the main gun, the AG-16 has a left side-mounted 25 mm gun turret that can be used for both anti-vehicle and anti-air roles. As a part of its reinforcement in strike capability, the 25 mm gun gives the AG-16 a better ability to challenge incoming attack helicopters, vehicles and even infantry. On its right side, the Iskandar holds a 7.62 mm Gatling gun turret made for anti-infantry roles.

Armor and Countermeasures

Like the AG-15, the AG-16 Iskandar uses a composite armor directly manufactured from Zeus Defense Industries, while it can employ a selection of NERA and ERA from Zaphod Industries. Like the AG-20 and the AG-15, the (N)ERA systems are designed to be modular and retractable, meaning that they can be interchanged quickly when the time comes. Slat armor can also be added on the AG-15, at an effort to answer the threat of RPG's.

The AG-16 is equipped with the 'Ares-X' Active Protection System - the same system used on the AG-15 Strategos - as its primary soft-kill and hard-kill system, though some changes in position and size were made to accommodate the AG-16. Its millimeter-wave radar, having four modular panels, enables a 360-degree detection capability, along with the Advanced Projectile Detector (APD), which has incorporated a bit of technology used on fighter sensors to enhance IR detection capability. Once a projectile is detected, the on-board computer analyzes and calculated the vectors almost instantly, while classifying the projectile. Then, soft-kill countermeasures are launched - smoke grenades that can blind the enemy from visual, IR and, to some extent, radar detection are fired. If the soft-kill countermeasures fail, it's time for the hard-kill system to swing into motion: as it calculates the trajectory almost instantly, the neutralizers are fired, destroying the enemy attack.


  • AG-16: Initial prototype variant. Only 16 units were manufactured for various testing and demonstration purposes.
  • AG-16A1: Standard Heavy Tank Variant.
  • AG-16A1 UCP (Urban Combat Package): AG-16A1 upgraded for urban combat. Enhanced armor, thermal sensors and such added.
  • AG-16P Percival: Variant developed from the AG-16A1 made for assault breaching, mine clearing and so on.
  • AG-16R Savior: A variant for recovery of AG-16 units.


  • Type: Heavy Main Battle Tank
  • Weight: 70.1 tons (AG-16A1)
  • Gun Forward Length: 10.78 m
  • Hull length: 8.1 m
  • Width: 3.69 m
  • Height: 2.22 m
  • Crew: 3 (Gunner, Driver, Commander)
  • Armor: Advanced Composite Armor (same armor from AG-15) or reinforced depleted uranium armor, (N)ERA package
  • Main Armament: 120 mm/L55 or 125 mm smoothbore gun or 140 mm gun (planned)
  • Secondary Armament:
    • 1 × 25 mm automatic gun, with 700 rounds
      1 x 7.62 mm Gatling gun, with 8,400 rounds
  • Engine: ZeusTech SBT-23A, delivering 2,000 hp
  • Transmission: Automatic 8 gear
  • Ground clearance: 0.46 m
  • Fuel capacity : 2,100 l
  • Operational range: 500 km (internal fuel)
  • Speed: 65 km/h on roads, 42 km/h off-road

Purchasing Price

  • AG-16A1: $12,500,000
  • AG-16A1 UCP: $16,000,000
  • AG-16P Percival: $15,000,000
  • AG-16R Savior: $14,500,000
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Postby Atlantica » Thu May 21, 2015 6:17 am

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