AG-15 Strategos Main Battle Tank [MT: ZDI]

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AG-15 Strategos Main Battle Tank [MT: ZDI]

Postby Atlantica » Sat May 16, 2015 7:30 pm

Present all orders to the Corporate Home and do not post in this thread. Failure to do such will result in negligence of the order. Thank You.

Z.D.I. AG-15 Strategos Main Battle Tank
The Victor of Ground Combat. The Victor of Ground Warfare.


UNIT PRICE: $8,000,000 (AG-15A1 - see below for more information)
DPR: $50,000,000,000

The Zeus Defense Industries AG-15 Strategos is a main battle tank constructed to form the new bulk of main battle tanks in the Greater Eastern Imperium Army and the high edge of ground warfare internationally. A congregation of revolutionary technology that is to change the course of ground warfare, the AG-15 Strategos was made to survive in all battle conditions and achieve victory.

Though its design philosophy is similar to the Russian Armata Universal Combat Platform, the AG-15 Strategos is distinguished from the Armata Universal Combat Platform, as its commonality ends in its design philosophy, objectives and general layout. As of now, a fire support variant similar to the Russian-made BMPT Terminator is planned to be introduced individually. Nevertheless, the AG-15 Strategos remains a very capable main battle tank to lead the future of ground warfare.

Development History

Commencing development in 2000 to replace the upgraded, but aging Leopard 1's (fully replaced by 2014) and many Leopard 2's of the Greater Eastern Imperium Army, the AG-15 Strategos was to meet requirements for modern ground warfare: some requirements included robust capability against tanks and other vehicles, capability to at least stand up against attack helicopters, robust capability against incoming anti-tank guided missiles or tank rounds and survivability in the modern battlefield. The first prototypes were spotted in GEIA testing grounds in late 2010, while they first made their public appearance in May 1st, 2011, during the parades of the Greater Eastern Imperium Defense Forces.

Mass delivery of the AG-15 commenced in June 2011, while an order for at least 2,400 units were placed by the Greater Eastern Imperium Army, and 800 more from the Greater Eastern Imperium Marine Corps in late 2013. They are to form a new and future bulk of the Greater Eastern Imperium Army's armored forces, along with the now-modified Leopard 2E's.



The weapons of the AG-15 Strategos are the first things that signify the AG-15's revolutionary system - as one of the first among main battle tanks, the AG-15 Strategos employs a fully-unmanned turret, bringing down the required crew number to 3. The unmanned turret features the AL-20 autoloader, an automated fire control system (also controllable by the crew aboard) and so on. There are currently two options for the gun on the AG-15 Strategos: a brand-new 125 mm gun holding 40 rounds and with ATGM launch capability, or a Zaphod Industries 120 mm/L55 gun holding the same number of rounds, while it can also launch laser-guided anti-tank guided missiles developed for the AG-14 Ares. For its secondary armament, the turret has a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun (can be switched with 25 mm or 30 mm guns, at a very large expense of ammo), while a 12.7 mm RCWS is mounted atop the turret.

Armor and Countermeasures

The vehicle uses a composite armor directly manufactured from Zeus Defense Industries, while it can employ a selection of NERA and ERA from Zaphod Industries. Like the AG-20, the (N)ERA systems are designed to be modular and retractable, meaning that they can be interchanged quickly when the time comes. Slat armor can also be added on the AG-15, at an effort to answer the threat of RPG's.

The AG-15 is equipped with the 'Ares-X' Active Protection System - an evolution from the 'Ares-U' on the AG-20 White Tiger - as its primary soft-kill and hard-kill system. Its millimeter-wave radar, having four modular panels, enables a 360-degree detection capability, along with the Advanced Projectile Detector (APD), which has incorporated a bit of technology used on fighter sensors to enhance IR detection capability. Once a projectile is detected, the on-board computer analyzes and calculated the vectors almost instantly, while classifying the projectile. Then, soft-kill countermeasures are launched - smoke grenades that can blind the enemy from visual, IR and, to some extent, radar detection are fired. If the soft-kill countermeasures fail, it's time for the hard-kill system to swing into motion: as it calculates the trajectory almost instantly, the neutralizers are fired, destroying the enemy attack. However, unlike the 'Ares-U' on the AG-20, the 'Ares-X', though unconfirmed, is said to have some capability against APFSDS rounds and top-attack munitions.


  • AG-15: Designation given to the first 15 prototypes. Not for sale.
  • AG-15A1: Standard main battle tank variant.
  • AG-15C Commander: Command & Control Tank.
  • AG-15R 'Recover Man': A tank designed for vehicle recovery, namely for the AG-15 line.

  • Type: Main Battle Tank
  • Weight: 57 metric tons
  • Crew 3 (Commander, gunner, driver)
  • Armor: Composite Armor (ZDI), (N)ERA (Zaphod)
  • Armament:
    • 125 mm smoothbore gun/120mm/L55 gun (both 45 rounds) with ZDI AL-20 Autoloader
    • Coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun
    • 12.7 mm MG RCWS
  • Engine: ZeusTech SBT-20, delivering 1,600 hp
  • Transmission: Automatic 8 gear
  • Ground clearance: 0.53 m
  • Fuel capacity : 1,500 l
  • Operational range: 500 km (internal fuel)
  • Speed: 70 km/h on roads, 45 km/h off-road

Purchase Costs

  • AG-15A1: $8,800,000
  • AG-15C Commander: $9,200,000
  • AG-15R 'Recover Man': $9,400,000
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