Orvani Lightweight Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher

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Orvani Lightweight Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher

Postby Nachmere » Tue May 05, 2015 2:55 pm


LAAB-Mini "Orvani"

Type: Disposable Lightweight Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher
Caliber: 66mm
Length, unarmed: 780mm
Length, armed: 1.03m
Weight: 4.95kg
Warhead: HEAT with secondary fragmentation effect.
Range: 300 meters(direct engagement), 800 meters(airburst)
Projectile velocity: 145 Meters per second
Guidance: Unguided (with FCS)
Penetration: 400mm RHA
Cost per unit: 5,500USD per unit
DPR cost: 50,500,000 USD..


The LAAB-Mini "Orvani" (Jay) is a lightweight, disposable anti-armor rocket launcher meant to be carried by individual soldiers and provide the infantry with credible ability to engage light armored vehicles and fortifications, as well as enemy infantry behind cover.

Although externally Similar in launcher design to the M72 LAW and RPG-22(the first of which it replaced in Nachmerian service), the LAAB-Mini is in fact a rather advanced system. It not only differs from its predecessor in its ability to be fired from enclosed areas, but also has an electronic fire control system allowing for very high accuracy. It is also capable of airburst detonation against semi-covered enemy infantry.

Design and Operation:

The Orvani is a single shot disposable system. Like the LAW-72 it is a telescopic design, the launcher is made of two concentric tubes, with the rocket housed in the inner one. When closed the unit is water tight.

The outer tube includes a trigger unit on the top, a sighting system on the left hand sight, and a small laser range finder system on the bottom. The inner tube as mentioned contains the rocket and the electric firing/data transfer mechanism. It also contains a shredded plastic countermass which allows the rocket to be fired from within confined spaces. When the rocket is fired the plastic is propelled out of the rear of the weapon and quickly decelerates due to air resistance.

To fire the rocket, the operator releases a pin on the rear cover, and pulls out the inner tube until it is locked open. This arms the rocket and turns on the LRF and sighting system. It also opens the rear cover. The front cover must be removed manually.

The Sighting system consists of a front metal sight and a rear digital red dot sight. When aiming, the operator ranges the target with the laser range finder, giving the fire control system a range reading. The system than adjusts the digital red dot to correct for the distance. To fire at a moving target, the operator holds the range button. Digital motion sensors now allow the system to calculate a new aim-point giving lead to the target.

To fire the rocket in airburst mode, the operator must press a button on the trigger assembly. This, using the electric fire/data mechanism, switches the rocket to airburst mode(using a digital timer in the war head) and causes the sight to give intentionally high fire solutions.
Both modes account for propellant temperature adjustments, with the data collected from the rocket and relayed to the FCS.

The LAAB-Mini allows for 80%-90% accuracy against small vehicle targets at its maximum range.

In normal operations the LAAB-Mini attacks the target directly with its HEAT warhead. This allows penetration of 400mm of armor, or dual brick walls. In airburst mode the rocket explodes about 5 meters above the target raining shrapnel with a lethal radius of 5.5 meters.

Purchase or any other inqueries should be done through our main storefront.
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