Berserker-Class Corvette [MT: ZMI]

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Berserker-Class Corvette [MT: ZMI]

Postby Atlantica » Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:20 pm

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Z.M.I. Berserker-Class Corvette
A sharp edge asymmetrically. Proving size means nothing.


UNIT PRICE: $180,000,000
DPR: $4,000,000,000

The Zeus Maritime Industries Berserker-Class Corvette is a line of corvettes that continues the philosophy of 'small but powerful' from the Legionnaire-Class Fast Missile Craft, named after the Norse warriors that fought with great morale and fury. Emphasizing stealth, armament and sensors, it is made to function as an asymmetrical counterweight to larger ships of greater navies in wartime.

To become a powerful ship in terms of asymmetric warfare, the Berserker-Class Corvettes give emphasis on four main characteristics: detection, stealth, armament and speed. The first factor is detection - a critical factor that initiates its fight against larger surface combatants. The Berserker-Class is equipped with several sensors that enable it to detect enemy vessels, identify and track them, and even share targets with friendly ships via datalink. However, due to the fact that it is relatively small (at a displacement of about 760 tons), the sensors it can carry would be limited. To find an answer to this, Zeus Maritime Industries looked towards unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which required less space and which endurance was longer than manned aircraft. For such reasons, the Berserker-Class carries a total of four UAV's designated for long-range reconnaissance, compensating for the limited range of sensors.

The second characteristic comes from stealth - a critical component of what makes the Berserker-Class asymmetric. The Berserker-Class, as seen on its design, greatly emphasizes radar and IR stealth: this is to keep the ship highly elusive against those that attack the Berserker-Class. On one of the most recent tests, the RCS of the Berserker-Class was measured as something 'comparable to a rowboat', hinting on its stealth capabilities. Using the stealth to its advantage, the Berserker-Class can penetrate through the enemy's early warning/detection systems and speed into the range of its weapons, which signals its third component.

The third characteristic, as said before, is its armament. Like on several other ships of Zeus Maritime Industries, the Berserker-Class is also equipped with RGM-501 'Thor' supersonic cruise missiles (though this can be changed with other missiles of its class, such as the Naval Strike Missile or the BrahMos-M). Capable of being equipped with up to 16 of them, the Berserker-Class has an edge in terms of striking the larger enemy combatants. Coupling the devastative power of the RGM-501 'Thor' (see above), the Berserker-Class employs a tactic of using stealth get within range of the RGM-501 and firing them towards enemy vessels, while a potential tactic of ripple-firing them can also be employed.

And then comes the final characteristic - speed, a cherry-on-top for the Berserker-Class's asymmetric capability. The problem after all the attacks is that the position of attack is revealed - though such would be difficult if one is using RGM-501 'Thor' missiles, being spotted is a dangerous situation for any ship. To ensure survivability even in these situations, the Berserker-Class has emphasized speed: its speed, which is comparable to the Legionnaire-Class Fast Missile Craft, enables it to employ 'hit n' run' tactics against the enemy: following the firing of missiles, it would turn around and quickly escape back into its safety zone, before the enemy can strike it. Even if the enemy, employing fighters and the like, attempts to strike it, the Berserker-Class is capable of defending itself, as it is armed with aerial defensive weapons.

With those four characteristics, the Berserker-Class Corvette remains potent and capable of naval warfare against larger ships and fleets.


General Characteristics & Performance
  • Displacement: 760 tons
  • Length: 72.02 m
  • Beam: 14.7 m
  • Draught: 2.4 m
  • Installed power: 3 × ZDI Engineering DEP-101C, 36.3 MW
  • Propulsion: 3 x Water Jet Engines
  • Speed: 41.5 knots
  • Range: 2,800 nmi at 15 knots
  • Complement: 52

Electronics & Countermeasures
  • Ericsson Sea_GIRAFFE AMB 3D PESA surveillance radar
  • Ceros 200 fire control radar system
  • Condor CS-3701 tactical radar surveillance system
  • Hull-mounted sonar
  • Towed array sonar system
  • Variable depth sonar

  • 1 x OTO Melara 76 mm/62 Super Rapid DP Gun
  • Up to 16 x RGM-501 'Thor' Anti-Ship/Surface Missile
  • 8 x VLS cells for XM501 NLOS or VL MICA
  • 1 x Phalanx 20 mm CIWS
  • 2 x Deck-Mounted 12.7 mm Machine Guns
  • 4 x RQ-21 Blackjack UAV's
  • 1-2 x Unmanned Helicopter/1 x AW159 Wildcat
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Postby Atlantica » Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:37 pm

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