Hegemony-Class Guided Missile Destroyer [MT: ZDI]

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Hegemony-Class Guided Missile Destroyer [MT: ZDI]

Postby Atlantica » Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:07 pm

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Z.M.I. Hegemony-Class Guided Missile Destroyer
The Answer to Naval Superiority. The Answer to Sea Control.


UNIT COST: $1,720,000,000 (all-electric), $1,800,000,000 (Nuclear - standard)
DPR: $70,000,000,000

The Zeus Maritime Industries Hegemony-Class Guided Missile Destroyer is a primarily nuclear-powered guided missile destroyer aimed for service within both the Greater Eastern Imperium Navy and navies around the world. The goal of the Hegemony-Class is to provide a powerful surface combatant capable of ensuring naval superiority, while bringing it versatility and capability to engage larger ships, such as cruisers, aircraft carriers and dreadnoughts. To fulfill this, it is designed for surface warfare, anti-aircraft warfare, anti-sub warfare and naval fire support to some degree.

Though designed to counter surface ships equipped with Aegis Combat Systems, the Hegemony-Class goes one step further: equipped with more vertical launcher system cells, better propulsion capabilities and space for more capable expansions in the future, the Hegemony-Class is designed with the future in mind. Though employing a traditional hull, it has characteristics that will considerably reduce the radar cross-section of the ship, while retaining the attack capability. Its propulsion system comes in two options - nuclear (primary) and all-electric. The Hegemony-Class, using either methods of propulsion, can bring enough power to power up weapons critical for future naval warfare, such as electromagnetic railguns and laser weapons. With expansions being available, it is a true ship for those that pursue continued naval superiority and power against larger ships.


The development of the Hegemony-Class started up during the 1990's, following the dawn of new battlefields: supersonic anti-ship missiles started to appear, while new combat systems and sensors made naval superiority harder. To answer to those threats, the Greater Eastern Imperium Navy, also foreseeing the future of naval warfare, began the Advanced Surface Combatant (ASC) program. Seawalker Shipyards and Zeus Defense Industries entered the bid for the ASC program: the prior proposed a radical stealth destroyer that featured smaller RCS and greater strike capabilities (which later became the Salazar Akulov-Class), while Zeus Defense Industries proposed a less radical, but still capable destroyer that was centered on anti-surface and anti-air capabilities. Following these bids, Zeus Defense Industries was selected to build its proposed destroyer concept into something that later became known as the Hegemony-Class.

The Hegemony-Class began construction in 2005, while the first of its line, the E.I.S. Adrian Steele, was launched in 2008. The first of the Hegemony-Class saw service since 2009 following a year of sea trials, followed by a subsequent order of several ships by the Greater Eastern Imperium Navy from the point and beyond. To this day, the Hegemony-Class has established a clear base as a mid-class guided missile destroyer within service of the Greater Eastern Imperium Navy, along with Seawalker Shipyards' Salazar Akulov-Class, which forms the higher edge.



The Hegemony-Class considers stealth an important design priority: seeing the flow of modern naval combat, the Hegemony-Class reflects Zeus Maritime Industries' view that reduced RCS, reduced IR signature and other stealth capabilities would be critical in terms of survival in naval combat. Stealth characteristics have been seen at its integrated masts, angular alignment, partial employment of carbon fiber in necessary components, faceted appearance, and so on. As a result of such stealth characteristics, the Hegemony-Class has an RCS similar to that of fast attack craft, despite having a displacement of over 12,000 tons.


The Hegemony-Class is armed with a 155 mm Advanced Gun System (AGS). The 155 mm AGS is an upgrade to previous naval guns in terms of range and devastation: originally designed for greater fire support in amphibious landing operations, the 155 mm AGS can fire guided projectiles that can strike on enemy targets with greater precision. The 155 mm AGS provides the Hegemony-Class with greater firepower than conventional destroyers.

The maximum 144-cell (standard 128-cell) Vertical Launching System of the Hegemony-Class has been brought together to form a multi-layer air defense network. The first, outermost layer comes with long-range anti-air missiles and strike missiles, which are able to strike aerial targets over the horizon or destroy the bases even before aerial threats arise. The second layer comes with short-range anti-air missiles, which can either be stored in the VLS at quad-packed form or be launched from designated launchers such as the RIM-116. Though they vary from missile to missile, their range can vary between 9 and 20 kilometers. Finally, the innermost layer consists of the last line of defense - the close-in weapon systems. The various types of CIWS can offer adequate last-minute protection against incoming aerial threats, while some 25 mm guns can also take out the job well enough. With such, the Hegemony-Class provides a multi-layer air defense system that can effectively protect the ship from aerial threats.

Operational History


General Characteristics
  • Type: Guided Missile Destroyer/Nuclear (DDGN)
  • Displacement: 12,400 tons
  • Length: 178.2 m
  • Beam: 22.1 m
  • Draught: 9 m
  • Propulsion: 1 x 300 MW Nuclear Reactor (standard) OR 4 x Poseidon-M Gas Turbines (all-electric)
  • Speed: In excess of 30 knots (56 km/h)
  • Range: Unlimited (nuclear), 16,000 km at 18 knots (electric)
  • Compliment: 135

Electronics, Sensors & Countermeasures
  • 4-panel AESA multifunction radar
  • L-band /UHF-band surveillance radar
  • Bow-mounted medium frequency active/passive sonar
  • Variable depth sonar and towed array sonar
  • Joint Integrated Data Link (JIDL), primary datalink on ZDI products
    Surface Ship Torpedo Defense

Armament & Aircraft
  • Gun: 1 x 155 mm Advanced Gun System
  • 2 x 64 Cell Vertical Launch Systems (Strike Length) (area for 2 x 8-Cell Additional VLS)
  • 16 x RGM-501 'Thor' Missile VLS / BrahMos Missile VLS (can be converted to other VLS launchers)
  • 2 x RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile turrets OR VLS launchers dedicated to MICA-VL/IRIS-T missiles
  • 2 x Palma CIWS / Mk. 46 30 mm CIWS/ Thales Goalkeeper CIWS
  • 4 x 25 mm autocannons
  • 2 x Triple torpedo launchers
  • Aircraft: 2 x Medium Helicopters, 1 x Unmanned Helicopter - Hangar enough for one UF-05 Sniper

Current Operators

  • Primary Operators
    • The Greater Eastern Imperium Navy: 68 in service, 14 more planned.
    • UCON-JCF (Joint Combat Force): 12 in service.
  • International Operators
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