LAAB 100 Egrofan Infantry Anti-Tank Weapon

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LAAB 100 Egrofan Infantry Anti-Tank Weapon

Postby Nachmere » Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:55 am

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Type: Squad level anti-tank weapon
Caliber: 100mm
Length, empty: 760mm
Length, loaded: 1.3-1.6m
Weight, empty: 6.5kg
Weight, loaded: 12-13.8kg
Warheads: Tandem HEAT, Thermobaric, HEDP, Airburst Anti-Personnel
Range: 500-1000 Meters(effective), 2000m (maximum)
Projectile velocity: 300 Meters per second
Time to maximum range: 1.66/3.3 seconds
Guidance: Inertial (with FCS)
Penetration: See text.
Cost per unit: 13,500USD per launcher, 500-800USD per projectile
DPR cost: 200,000,000 USD for launcher and all projectile types.


The Launcher Anti-Tank Anti-Bunker "Egrofan" (Brass Knuckles) is a squad level light rocket launcher. It is meant to give infantry the ability to engage medium armored vehicles, fortifications, and enemy infantry behind cover.
Unlike many similar weapons, the LAAB is equipped with an advanced fire control system that allows for extreme accuracy against distant and moving targets.


The LAAB Launcher itself is a 100mm caliber weapon with a trigger unit, combined fire-control and sighting system, and bipod mount.
The trigger assembly resembles that of the ARI-72 rifle, but is in fact an electro-mechanical trigger. The trigger guard is wide enough to allow use with gloves, and a fore grip allows for stable aiming of the weapon. A rifle style safety switch is installed above the pistol grip. The launch tube is made of highly resistant mil-spec polymers, and has a barrel life of 500 rounds.

The fire control and sighting system includes an electro-optic unit thermal Imaging Infra-Red technology, with a range of detection of 1,500 meters for vehicles. It allows for X1,X2 and X6 magnification. Human detection range is ~1200 meters, while vehicle detection range is ~4000 meters.

In addition to the highly advanced optics, the unit includes a laser range finder, digital compass, digital motion sensing accelerometers, and a micro-processor. In addition to a propellant temperature sensor found in the projectile canister, these components allow the LAAB to calculate an accurate fire solution, and the re-position the crosshairs and allow a hit chance of 90% at short ranges(up to 300 meters) and 70% at long ranges(up to maximum range).

The projectiles for the LAAB are pre-packed in disposable tubes which are loaded into the weapon from the rear, locking into position by rotation. Each tube consists of the projectile itself, a temperature sensor for the propellant, and a soft launch counter-weight system. The counter mass consists of shredded plastic which is projected out of the rear of the weapon when it is fired. This plastic is rapidly slowed by air resistance allowing the weapon to be fired safely within an enclosed space. In addition, the positioning of the counter mass takes into consideration the center of gravity of the weapon to ensure good balance for greater accuracy.

Ammunition types:

Tandem-HEAT- This projectile has a small precursor charge and primary charge capable of penetrating 800mm of RHA after reactive armor. The Tandem HEAT projectile has a range of 1000 meters. Weight: 7.3Kg. Price: 650USD

Thermo-Baric- This projectile is used against internal spaces of buildings. It can affect a 300 cubic meters space and has a range of 500 meters. Weight: 5.5Kg. Price: 500USD

HEDP: Effective against bunkers, masonry and concrete walls and light armor. Initiated by a crush switch in its nose the HEDP rocket is able to distinguish between hard and soft targets resulting in greater penetration into soft targets for increased damage potential. The HEDP round is capable of penetrating 20 centimeters (7.9 in) of concrete. The HEDP round has a range of 1000 meters. Weight: 6.9Kg. Price: 650USD.

Airburst Anti-Personnel: Used to attack infantry behind cover, the APP round explodes above the enemy using a timing fuse. The APP projects tungsten shrapnel over a radius of 20 meters. The APP round has a range of 1000 meters. Weight: 6.5Kg. Price: 800USD.


When a target is chosen, the user loads a projectile to the rear of the launch tube. Using a small microchip on each projectile tube, the FCS automatically identifies the projectile type.The user disengages the trigger safety. The user aims at the target via the digital sight, and presses the range finder button. When firing at a moving target the user keeps the range button pushed and tracks the targets motion. This engages digital accelerometers which allow the FCS to calculate the speed and vector of the target. The FCS then adjusts the aim point. The crosshairs appear on target but the weapon is actually aimed with adjustment for angle and target movement. Now the shooter fires the weapon. The rocket is propelled through the launch tube and towards the target at 300 meters per second, and at the same time the counter mass of shredded plastic is ejected out the rear dispersing a few feet from the launcher.

All purchases and questions are to be conducted in on our main store
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Postby Allanea » Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:13 pm

Official Message from the Capitalist Internationale

It is within the interest of the Capitalist Internationale to purchase the following items:

10,000,000 LAAB-100 Egorfan Anti-Tank Infantry Weapons
100,000,000 HEDP projectiles
100,000,000 Airburst anti-personnel projectiles
100,000,000 Thermobaric projectiles.

However before we finalize the sale we would like to be made aware of the following information:

1. What is the price of each projectile type?
2. What is the mass of each projectile type?

Sometimes, there really is money on the sidewalk.

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Postby Nachmere » Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:15 am

ooc: Thanks for mentioning it, I neglected to specify the weights and prices. NOW ADDED(also launcher price slightly hiked). Also, as mentioned in the OP, please post your purchase through the main storefront.
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