ARI-72/6.5 Assault Rifle/Carbine

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ARI-72/6.5 Assault Rifle/Carbine

Postby Nachmere » Sat Dec 20, 2014 10:41 am

Click to view the legacy ARI versions

Variants: ARI-72/6.5A | ARI-72/6.5B |ARI-72/6.5C |ARI-72/6.5M | ARI-72/6.5MC
Type: Assault rifle(A,B,M) | Carbine(C, MC)
Caliber: 6.5X39mm Grendel (Also available in 5.56X45mm and 7.62X39)
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt.
Overall length(Stock unfolded): 990mm(A, M) | 960mm(B) | 860mm(C, MC)
Barrel Length: 460mm(A, B, M)|330mm(C, MC)
Weight, empty: 4.2 kg(B)|3.95kg(A) | 3.95kg(M) | 3.7kg(C) | 3.65kg(MC)
Rate of Fire: 720-910 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 30/60
Price per unit: 730 USD(M, MC). 550USD for legacy models.
DPR price: 10,000,000 USD

The ARI-72 was the result of a Royal Army request in the late 1960s. The Army, impressed by both the AR-15 and the AK-47, wanted a rifle combining the qualities of both. Schwerpunkt (Nachmere Precision Systems at the time) designed a rifle using the Kalashnikov's reliable and forgiving action and the AR-15s 5.56X45mm cartridge and ergonomics.

In the early 2000s, Schwerpunkt produced the ARI-72/6.5, a re-chambered version using the 6.5X39mm round. This was done as a stopgap measure before the introduction of the AFS-6.5 modular bullpup system.

As many units within the Royal Army and other branches opted to keep their ARI-72s for various reasons, Schwerpunkt also produced a modernized version with integral rails, polymer furniture and other slight modifications. As the rifle persisted in service, Schwerpunkt supplied the royal forces with the definitive iteration, the ARI-72M Mk.2, and the ARI-72MC Mk.2.

All variants of the ARI-72 are reliable, comfortable to shoot and affordable infantry weapons. They can serve as general issue rifles or as carbines depending on the variants.


As mentioned, the ARI-72 draws heavily on the AK-47 in terms of its action and mechanics. The action is near identical to the Kalashnikov's- the massive bolt carrier has a permanently attached long stroke gas piston moving in a gas chamber above the barrel. The regulator can not be set by the user. The bolt has two massive lugs for locking, and the unlocking rotation also makes a primary extraction motion. Like in the AK, the system is built with wide tolerances and is extremely reliable in both chambering and extracting rounds when the rifle is fouled or in other harsh conditions.

Unlike the AK, the ARI-72 was designed with some ambidextrous features in mind. The cocking handle is curved up and can be easily operated from either side. The AK type selector switch is complemented by smaller, more AR style controls on the left. The magazine well and magazine catch are more similar to the AR-15 as well, as this feature was favored by Royal Army troops at the time. The magazine can be released from either side.

The ARI-72 was originally fitted with wood furniture, steel back and front sights, and either a folding or fixed stock. The carbine model(ARI-72C) had a shorter barrel. The current Mk.2 versions have a full length rail system on the top of the rifle, as well as rails on the sides and bottom of the new polymer handguard. In addition they have an AR style buttstock, but retain the folding capability. They also feature an improved gas block, enlarged takedown pins for better durability, and various small changes.

All variants are fed from 20, 30 magazines or a 60 round drum.
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Postby Nachmere » Sat Dec 20, 2014 10:42 am

All purchases and questions are to be conducted in on our main store

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Postby The Royal Empire of the Lemons » Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:00 am

ANTOMAQNTA wrote:i want 100000000 of them

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Nachmere wrote:All purchases and questions are to be conducted in on our main store
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