Menatetz MLRS

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Menatetz MLRS

Postby Nachmere » Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:37 am


Click here for an image of Menatetz with different rocket pods loaded

WUAP-MLRS Menatetz
Type: Self Propelled Multiple Launch Rocket System
Crew: 3
Weight: 22-27 metric tons combat ready.
Length: 8.3 meters (with longest pod)
Width: 3 meters
Height: 3.51 meters(launcher top with tallest pod)
Armor: Spaced Titanium –Aluminum Alloy, Composite Ceramic, NERA, Kevlar spall liner
Primary armament: 40X122mm Accugrad rockets/12X Toref ATGM/ 8X300mm Snunit rockets / 8XSnunit ER rockets / 2XPatish TBM
Commanders armament:7.62mm FN-MAG
Engine:600hp (447kw), Turbocharged 8 cylinder water cooled diesel.
Power to weight ratio: >22hp/ton
Suspension: Horstman In-Arm pneumatic suspension
Operational range: 650 kilometers
Speed: 80km/h on road, 55km/h off-road, 10km/h on water
Price: 2,500,000 USD
DPR: 700,000,000USD (including rocket DPR)

The WUAP-MLRS "Menatetz" (Shattering) is a self propelled rocket artillery system based on the WUAP chassis and sharing automotive and other features. The system was designed to provide rocket artillery fire at both tactical operational and strategic levels, using various munition types as needed. The hull shape was modified to resemble a flat bed truck with a small arms and artillery shrapnel protected armored cabin at the front, seating the crew of 3. Using the WUAP as a basis provides high mobility and good protection, allowing Menatetz to provide rocket artillery fire on time and in any location.

Menatetz uses a fully computerized fire control system, networked to BASTION II to quickly receive targeting information, program guidance systems on the rockets, and launch them at targets. Setting up for a launch takes roughly three minutes, as does folding down the hydraulically operated, 270 degrees rotating launch platform. This makes the system well suited for "shoot and scoot" operations, responding quickly to calls for fire and withdrawing before being hit by enemy counter battery efforts. An integral crane is fitted to the vehicle, allowing it to unload and reload pods independently within 10 minutes.

As mentioned Menatetz was designed as a jack-of-all-trades of rocket artillery, and because it can mix munition types and carry a wide variety of munitions, it can hit targets with great precision and cost effectively at ranges of up to 500km. Menatetz can be loaded with up to 40 122mm Grad rockets of all types and lengths, due to the 3.7m long 122mm pod. The 122mm rocket was and is produced by countries around the world, and thus this caliber was chosen as the base option. But despite being able to fire even simple unguided 122mm rockets, Menatetz becomes much more formidable when used with Schwerpunkt's range of light, medium and heavy rocket artillery options:

*2X20 tube 122mm AccuGrad rockets:
The AccuGrad is an INS and GPS guided version of the venerable 122mm Grad, developed by Schwerpunkt. It corrects mid-flight using the aforementioned guidance systems, and directing its rocket thrust to adjust accordingly. Despite being significantly more expensive than a "dumb" 122mm rocket, it's small CEP makes it possibly more cost effective.

Range: 35km
Diameter:122mm without fins
Length: 3.6m
Weight: 67kg
Warhead: 20kg High Explosive Fragmentation
Guidance: GPS/INS
CEP(Circular Error Probable): >5m
Cost per unit: 30,000 USD

*2X6 "Toref" NLOS-ATGM:

Toref is in truth not a rocket, but a None Line of Sight anti-tank missile. It allows artillery units to directly and precisely attack armor as well as specific buildings and fortifications. The system comprises of a booster rocket and the missile itself, giving it an extremely long range. In the initial flight the missile is guided very much like the AccuGrad, using INS and GPS to arrive at the general area of the target. In terminal guidance Toref is available in three variants. The laser guided version will home in on a target designated by ground forces or air assets. This is particularly effective when used in combination with a laser designating drone. The other two variants are fully autonomous in terminal guidance, one relying on radar and the other on an infra red seeker. Both use advanced autonomous targeting AI to scan the target area, find likely enemy vehicles and attack them. The missiles can be fired in volleys, as they are capable of dividing a target area between up to 4 missiles in a volley.

Range: 100km
Diameter:220mm without fins
Length: 3.6m
Weight: 67kg
Warhead: 28kg tandem HEAT with Fragmentation sleeve.
Penetration: 1,000mm after ERA.
Guidance: GPS/INS+ IIR Seeker or Radar seeker or Laser designation.
Cost per unit: 500,000USD

*2X4 300mm Snunit (Swallow) guided rockets:

Snunit is a long range heavy hitting and precise artillery rocket meant to attack high priority point targets such as enemy headquarters, bridges, and logistic dumps. Its simple yet advanced design utilizes both maneuvering surfaces and rocket nozzles to correct its course according to INS and GPS data.

Range: 135km
Diameter:300mm without fins
Length: 4m
Weight: 450kg
Warhead: 125kg HE-fragmentation
Guidance: GPS/INS
CEP(Circular Error Probable): >5m
Cost per unit: 35,000 USD

*2X4 370mm Snunit ER (Swallow) guided rockets:

Based on the Snunit, the ER version is quite simply a longer, heavier rocket. The Snunit ER has a slightly larger warhead, but more importantly a substantially larger sustainer which allows the engagement and destruction of targets well into and beyond the operational depth of enemy formations.

Range: 300km
Diameter:370mm without fins
Length: 5.4m
Weight: 880kg
Warhead: 135kg HE-fragmentation
Guidance: GPS/INS
CEP(Circular Error Probable): >5m
Cost per unit: 35,000 USD

*2X1 Patish ("Hammer") Tactical Ballistic Missile:

The Patish TBM is a long range rocket artillery weapon meant to strike high priority targets at ranges of up to 500km. The long range combined with the high level of precision allow Patish to engage targets such as bridges, infrastructure, high level command posts, marshalling yards, air bases etc. Patish uses a shaped trajectory and is corrected in terminal flight using thrust nozzles and maneuvering fins. The missile is equipped with radar/IR decoys deploying from the rear during terminal phase to increase its chance of penetrating dense air defense systems.

Range: 500km
Diameter:620mm without fins
Length: 5.2m
Weight: 1600kg
Warhead: 570kg HE-fragmentation / 570kg Bunker busting warhead
Guidance: GPS/INS
CEP(Circular Error Probable): >10m
Cost per unit: 1,450,000 USD
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Postby Nachmere » Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:33 pm


To whom it may concern,

All future purchases are to be made via the our main storefront.

Thank you for your time,
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