Hamasaka Class Missile Destroyer

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Hamasaka Class Missile Destroyer

Postby Empire of Symphonia » Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:47 am

Hamasaka Class Missile Destroyer (MDS - 192)

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Short History
Commissioned by the Asian Federation Navy in 2012, the Hamasaka class is the replacement for the Hiroki/Atago class destroyers currently being phased out of service. The role of this ship is specifically designed to provide anti-ship and anti-air support for naval battlegroups, though it may also carry out normal naval support activites when in littoral combat missions. The main mission of the AFN navy is to provide the bulwark of Symphonian defensive capabilities through the denial of air and sea superiority to enemy combatants. Hence, the Hamasaka class is designed towards eliminating inbound aircraft and naval units headed towards the Symphonian Home Islands or any key defensive target, for example allied aircraft carriers. Additional upgrades included increasing the number of CIWS gun turrets as to provide greater and denser area coverage against incoming missiles.

The ship and its class are named after the Hamasaka Ward of the Metropolis of Symphony, the government district of the city and where the Imperial Palace of Relum is located.

Detailed Description

Builders: Sho-Kunieda Heavy Industries
Operators: Asian Federation Navy, Imperial Symphonian Navy
Proceeded by: Atago class destroyer
Cost: I$1.7 billion (Imperial Koku); A$1.826 billion (United Kingdom Aero); NSD$3.040 billion (NationStates Dollars)
Built: 2012 - Present
Commissioned: 2012 - Present

Type: Guided Missile Destroyer
Displacement: 8,000 tons standard; 10,000+ tons fully loaded
Length: 170 meters
Beam: 25 meters
Draft: 7.3 meters
Propulsion: 4 Ishikawajima Harima/General Electric LM2500-30 gas turbines; Two shafts 5-bladed CP props; 100,000 shaft horsepower (75 MW)
Speed: 30 knots (56 km/h)
Boats and Landing Craft carried: 8x Rigid hull inflatable boats
Complement: 325 crew and officers
Sensors and Processing Systems: AN/SPY-1D(V) passive electronically scanned array radar; OPS-28E surface search radar; AN/SQS-53C sonar; 3 × AN/SPG-62 FCS; AN/SQQ-89; Mk 46 Optronic director; Mk 160 FCS; Mk 116 FCS
Electronic Warfare, Decoy, and Countermeasure: ESM/ECM:NOLQ-2; 4 × Mark 36 SRBOC, 3 x Moravia AMD Flare
Range: 25,000 km

  • 2x 127mm/62 Mark 45 mod 4 lightweight gun turrets
  • 4x Melonna 30mm cannon
  • 6x Phalanx G-III CIWS
  • 2x Atago 40mm CIWS
  • 36x VLS aft cell 31T Exocet (MM40 Block 3)
  • 4x midship VLS cell 9HE-Patriot AA, HK7 "Viking" Hypersonic cruise missiles
  • 10x 330mm torpedo tube
  • 64x aft VLS cell MM40 Block 3 Exocet, 9HE Patriot AA

Uses and Capabilities:
The Hamasaka class has been designed towards providing heavy defense against enemy ships and aircraft. Sho-Kuneda Heavy Industries and other Symphonian defense companies put together a design that is specifically targeted at preventing enemy ships from approaching defense targets, such as the Symphonian Home Islands. The ship's missile complement consists heavily of anti-aircraft and anti-ship weaponry, and installation of VLS cells allows for the use of anti-missile missiles needed for point-defense.

While the Hamasaka class is designed for defensive purposes, it can also be used for littoral combat missions and providing naval support in tandem with marine or army units. Additional cannon and gun turrets can provide adequate cover fire for amphibious landings, and inland targets too far away for conventional gun ranges or out of reach of land forces can be attacked using cruise missiles.
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